(TheConservativeNews.org) – When Glenn Youngkin won Virginia’s gubernatorial election on November 2, his opposition to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools was one factor that helped him win the vote. Now, attention is focusing on CRT across the country.

CRT grew out of the work of obscure postmodernist academics in French and US universities, but over the last few years has gone mainstream. While it poses as a field of academic research, it’s actually a political movement trying to make radical changes in society. It’s built around a few core ideas:

  • Race isn’t real; it’s a social construct used to oppress racial minorities. Racial minorities exist even though race isn’t real.
  • Only white people are racist, and racism exists to benefit white people.
  • American society is fundamentally racist.

No one paid much attention to CRT as long as it was just something a handful of professors wrote unreadable books about, but now it’s being taught in many schools. White students are being told they’re racist simply because they’re white. Many parents have now had enough.

Groups like Fight For Schools have now formed to fight against CRT, and they helped push Youngkin over the finish line in November. Now, they’re fanning out across the US – and left-wing lawmakers are getting worried. Increasingly, they fear CRT will become a major issue in the 2022 midterm elections and they know it isn’t a vote winner, but they don’t seem able to let go of it.

It looks like the Democratic Party is getting ready to shoot itself in the foot.