critical race theory


President Trump laid into Joe Biden in a recent op-ed written for RealClearPolitics. In it, President Trump rightfully criticizes Joe Biden for dividing the country — specifically by indoctrinating children into crazy Democrat ideals through the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other extremist ideologies in schools.

“There is no clearer example than the Biden administration’s new effort aimed at indoctrinating America’s schoolchildren with some of the most toxic and anti-American theories ever conceived,” Trump says. “It is vital for Americans to understand what this initiative would do, what drives it and, most importantly, how we can stop it.”

Pointing out that Critical Race Theory is “completely antithetical to everything that normal Americans of any color would wish to teach their children,” Trump says that CRT “teaches them that America is systemically evil and that the hearts of our people are full of hatred and malice.” But Trump has ideas on how to stop Biden and his cohorts from brainwashing our children:

First, every state legislature should pass a ban on taxpayer dollars going to any school district or workplace that teaches critical race theory, which inherently violates existing anti-discrimination laws.

Second, each state should create its own 1776 Commission to examine the public school curriculum and ensure that students are receiving a patriotic, pro-American education — not being taught that the United States is an evil nation.

Third, parents have a right to know exactly what is being taught to their children. Last year, many parents had the chance to routinely listen in on classes for the first time because of remote learning.

Fourth, parents need to organize locally — in every school district in America — to eliminate “Action Civics” and other versions of the effort to contort traditional civics education into a vehicle for political indoctrination.

Fifth, any parent who objects to the material being taught to their child in public school should get an automatic voucher, empowering them to pick another school of their choice. The government has no right to brainwash students with controversial ideologies against their parents’ will.

Sixth, states need to take back control of their schools of education and credentialing bodies to ensure they are not churning out radicalized teachers.

Finally, states need to break the tenure monopoly in public K-12 schools. Tenure was originally supposed to protect competent teachers from being subjected to undue political influence; it has turned into a mechanism to protect incompetent teachers who themselves wield undue political influence over our children.

“Make no mistake: The motive behind all of this left-wing lunacy is to discredit and eliminate the greatest obstacles to the fundamental transformation of America,” Trump says. “To succeed with their extreme agenda, radicals know they must abolish our attachment to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and most of all, Americans’ very identity as a free, proud, and self-governing people.”

This is happening all across the country in the classrooms in which our children are supposed to be learning. As Trump says, “a nation is only as strong as its spirit” — and the Left must be stop before our children’s are broken.

With all the talk surrounding Critical Race Theory, it’s good to see some school districts tackling it head-on. The Brunswick County School Board in North Carolina voted unanimously to say “no” to teaching this racist propaganda in its schools — a move that we don’t often see at this point.

The new policy bars teachers and other employees from abusing their positions to push their political beliefs on students. This applies not just to Critical Race Theory, but also to 9/11 conspiracies, Holocaust denial, any any other fringe theory not approved by the School Board. WECT reports:

Critical race theory (CRT) is a hot topic among parents and politicians alike. Some don’t want the theory in schools while others say children should learn about social studies through the eyes of someone with another perspective.

Critical race theory analyzes social, cultural and legal issues in relation to race and racism. It’s an idea that explains systemic racism, but not everyone is happy about it and Brunswick County school board members took notice. As a result, the Board of Education discussed an updated policy on employee political activity at tonight’s meeting.

The core of the policy is the same: employees can participate in political activity as long as it’s on their own time and using their own resources and as long as they don’t use their position to persuade students to support a particular party, candidate or issue. Board members like Gerald Benton don’t want the political beliefs of a particular teacher to be passed down to their students.

“I represent all of you, the whole citizenship of Brunswick County,” said Benton. “I’d like the schools to be a safe place for factual information to be conveyed to your child and you can teach your child what’s right and wrong yourself.”

The policy will take effect immediately because of the unanimous vote. Watch a video of the meeting below: