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(RepublicanWire.org) – NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci was the man who was always front and center during the pandemic, guiding and directing our government’s response to the COVID-19 virus. It was Fauci who would constantly tell us that the pandemic was only going to get worse if we didn’t do exactly what he told us, and made it seem like it was never going to end.

Of course, cooler heads prevailed in red states, and while Democrat-controlled areas continued to lockdown, destroying their economy and their citizens’ lives, states like Florida and Texas moved on, much to the dismay of Fauci. An odd response, given the fact that it was clear that the lockdown measures and precautions like vaccine masks, weren’t working.

Then Kentucky Senator Rand Paul locked his eyes on Fauci and began digging into his connections to the virus. Lo and behold, Paul found that the NIH directly funded gain-of-function research and specifically on the Coronavirus no less. One thing is for certain, Fauci certainly doesn’t seem to like Paul digging into things.

One reason might be because Fauci became very wealthy off of the pandemic. According to the New York Post, Fauci and his wife have increased their fortunes by millions.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife’s net worth grew by $5 million during the COVID-19 pandemic as thousands of US residents struggled financially, according to a government spending watchdog group.

The combined wealth of the 81-year-old retiring director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and his bioethicist wife, Christine Grady, soared from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million at the end of 2021, according to a report from the non-profit OpenTheBooks.

“Despite becoming a figure of controversy, the system has rewarded Dr. Fauci handsomely,” the group’s CEO, Adam Andrzejewski, told Fox News Digital. “While Dr. Fauci has been a government bureaucrat for more than 55 years, his household net worth skyrocketed during the pandemic.”

This man locked down the nation and destroyed lives unnecessarily. His proclamations that he should be unquestionable because he represents “the science” always struck many as hubristic and, ironically, unscientific.

Now, his massive increase in wealth also looks a little odd. While it may very well have come legitimately, one has to wonder if he knew he would get that money by pushing the bad decisions that he did.

Those who make fun of people who have not gotten the COVID vaccination rarely consider that many choose not to get vaccinated because of the health risks associated with the COVID vaccine, its lightly-studied nature, or because of valid religious, philosophical, or health-related objections. They choose to dehumanize, villainize. Perhaps now that a cardiologist who said he “won’t cry” for dead unvaccinated people died in his sleep after his COVID booster, they may consider that some objections to the vaccine may just be valid after all.

Earlier this year, 52-year-old cardiologist Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial called those who choose not to get jabbed in the arm “selfish” and said he won’t cry at their funerals:

Lutchmedial promoted vaccines heavily, calling them “undeniably safe” for children. But on October 24, he got his COVID booster — which is now widely available for adults. And three weeks later, he was dead. CBC reports:

A prominent New Brunswick cardiologist has died, leaving behind a large gap in the system and the community, colleagues say.

Dr. Sohrab Lutchmedial dedicated more than 20 years to the New Brunswick Heart Centre and the care of patients suffering from heart disease, said a statement from the staff of the New Brunswick Heart Centre.

“It is with profound sadness that we report the sudden and unexpected death of a colleague, friend, father, partner and inspiring spirit,” the statement says.

“It was sudden, unexpected for all of us. He was actually on call yesterday morning,” says Jean-François Légaré, the head of cardiac surgery at the New Brunswick Heart Centre. “I think all of us are having a hard time just sort of grasping at the size of the loss … We chatted with him on the weekend about plans and things we were going to do, you know, in the next few weeks, few months for the heart centre.”

The close proximity of his doctor’s demise and his vaccination will, of course, need to be studied before we can definitively say the booster shot was responsible. But we can’t rule it out — and that’s the problem. We currently face vaccine mandates and dehumanization of those who don’t have the vaccine. But people simply want to make sure they are safe before taking the leap.

Lutchmedial’s death, despite the hatred he showed toward the unvaccinated, was tragic. But perhaps liberals will look at it as a reason some of us may be cautious about getting the jab.

A Colorado woman may have just received a death sentence because she hasn’t been vaccinated against COVID-19. Leilani Lutali had finally found a donor, but she was told that her status on the wait list for a kidney transplant was “inactivated” for “non-compliance.” The reason? She had not gotten the COVID jab — a requirement she was not informed of until after she had found a donor.

Lutali is in stage 5 of renal failure. She was told in August that she would not need to get the jab in order to receive a kidney. But the hospital has since adopted a new policy requiring vaccinations. Lutali did not learn of this until after she found a donor. Lutali says there are too many unknowns, so she is being cautious with the vaccine.

“At the end of August, they confirmed that there was no COVID shot needed at that time,” Lutali told her local CBS affiliate. “Fast forward to Sept. 28. That’s when I found out. Jamie learned they have this policy around the COVID shot for both for the donor and the recipient.”

Yes, you read that correctly. A woman is being handed a death sentence and denied the life-saving transplant she needs to continue existing because she has not taken a shot that has yet to receive full approval from the FDA — because she has chosen not to risk the deleterious side effects of that shot.

“I said I’ll sign a medical waiver. I have to sign a waiver anyway for the transplant itself, releasing them from anything that could possibly go wrong,” Lutali says. “It’s surgery, it’s invasive. I sign a waiver for my life. I’m not sure why I can’t sign a waiver for the COVID shot.”

“Here I am, willing to be a direct donor to her. It does not affect any other patient on the transplant list,” her potential donor, Jaimee Fougner, says of the decision. “How can I sit here and allow them to murder my friend when I’ve got a perfectly good kidney and can save her life?” The pair met in Bible study 10 months ago.

“It’s your choice on what treatment you have. In Leilani’s case, the choice has been taken from her. Her life has now been held hostage because of this mandate,” Fougner says. Fougner is also unvaccinated for religious reasons.

Why is this woman with a willing donor, both of whom are willing to sign waivers for the vaccine, unable to convince people who pledge to “Do No Harm” to save a life? Vaccine tyranny is sweeping the nation. It started as a nuisance, but is quickly becoming deadly — a perverted form of eugenics that decides that those who will not inject a specific vaccine into their bodies are not worthy to live.

Leilani now has a choice: get the jab within 30 days and risk side effects, or die. Welcome to Biden’s America.