CNN continues to prove Trump right. It turns out that lies, conspiracy theories, and hatred directed at President Trump was all they had. CNN has been experiencing major viewership losses ever since the election (just like Trump said they would), But May was absolutely devastating.

Breitbart reports that the fake news corporation lost 45 percent of its viewers over this time last year:

In the 25-54 age demo, when compared to last year, CNNLOL lost 53 percent of that crowd during its failed primetime lineup and 50 percent during the total day.

In worse news, CNNLOL fell out of the top five primetime cable networks, losing to Fox News, MSNBC, TNT, ESPN, and HGTV, in that order.

In worser (don’t tell me that’s not a word) news, CNNLOL’s primetime hours could not even average a measly million viewers. Throughout the whole month, CNNLOL averaged just 913,000 total primetime viewers and 610,000 total day viewers.

Fox News, on the other hand, drew 2.166 million total average viewers in primetime ad 1.187 million daily viewers. MSNBC isn’t doing much better than CNN. It drew 1.494 million average primetime viewers and 835,000 daily viewers.

Unfortunately for MCNBC and CNN, Americans are rejecting liberal fake news. Of the top ten news shows, seven air on Fox News. The rest are on MSNBC. As far as Americans are concerned, CNN barely exists.

It’s going to be a long four years for Democrats as their pet news stations fail. Meanwhile, Americans are turning to Fox, where they know they can trust the information that is provided to them. If things continue to go like this, no one will ever believe a word leftists say again.

CNN is a leftist propaganda outlet. It always has been. But typically, the network denies it. Unfortunately for CNN, organizations like Project Veritas exist to ferret out the truth when few will admit it. Journalist James O’Keefe and his team managed to accomplish a lot in the way of ripping the mask off the leftist fake news channel.

“Our Focus Was to get Trump out of office,” says CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester. “I Came to CNN Because I Wanted to Be a Part of That,“ He continued, “Look what we did! We got Trump out!”

He also says Biden looks like a “young geriatric” when he wears his aviator sunglasses. These are both things you will never hear this man admit in public, but Project Veritas — as it always does — got him to sing like a canary in an a capella group.

It is absolutely true that CNN and other news networks teamed up with the likes of Facebook and Twitter to smear President Trump’s name. It’s also true that all of them pushed propaganda intended to create a falsely negative image of the President. And it’s also true that all of the above pushed Joe Biden, who is suffering clear cognitive decline issues and isn’t fit to be President. It’s further true that this was the plan all along — get rid of Trump and install someone who can be more easily controlled by the Swamp.

Americans are supposed to be able to trust their news stations. CNN has grossly violated the commitment they are supposed to have to the people of this great nation. It’s time to defund CNN and any other news orgs that function as political propaganda machines — period.