(RepublicanWire.org) – Climate activist and former Vice President Al Gore (D) was mocked by Twitter users for going on an animated, “unhinged” tirade this week at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, where he talked about the dangers of climate change, Fox News Digital reported.

Gore participated on a panel with other climate activists to present a discussion on “Leading the Charge through Earth’s New Normal,” according to the World Economic Forum website.

Gore went on an absolutely unhinged tirade about boiling seas and “rain bombs,” claiming once again that climate change will soon kill us all.

“We’re still putting 162 million tons [of greenhouse gas] into it every single day and the accumulated amount is now trapping as much extra heat as would be released by 600,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every single day on the earth,” he rambled.

“That’s what’s boiling the oceans, creating these atmospheric rivers, and the rain bombs, and sucking the moisture out of the land, and creating the droughts, and melting the ice and raising the sea level, and causing these waves of climate refugees!” he screamed.

Gore then claimed, still yelling, that “climate refugees” are “predicted to reach 1 billion in this century” – which, if that’s anything like his other predicted apocalyptic deadlines that have already come and gone, isn’t really anything to worry about, but which Gore predicts will cause us to “lose our ability for self-governance in this world.”

Thankfully, Gore’s gloom-and-doom prophecies haven’t been right yet, and there’s no reason to expect them to start coming true any time soon. Critics on twitter pointed out just how wrong Gore has been.

Critics also pointed out Gore’s real agenda, money!

(RepublicanWire.org) – Former vice president and global warming activist Al Gore compared climate change deniers to Uvalde law enforcement officers in an interview with NBC News airing Sunday. 

Gore told NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that “climate deniers are really in some ways similar to all of those almost 400 law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred. They heard the screams, they heard the gunshots and nobody stepped forward.”

Uvalde police have come under intense scrutiny after how they reacted to a mass shooting on May 24, where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

Gore’s comments come in light of numerous climate change-related disasters unfolding in the UK, Portugal, and Spain. On Tuesday, the UK broke a heat record with temperatures of 102.4°F (40.2°C).

He added that the US’s response to climate change is not rational.

Gore said, “We do have the solutions, and I think these extreme events that are getting steadily worse and more severe are really beginning to change minds. We have to have unity as a nation, to come together and stop making this a political football. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

Gore was vice president in the Clinton administration from 1993 to 2001. 

(RepublicanWire.org) – On Thursday, House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) appeared on Fox & Friends. He said President Joe Biden’s policies are increasing prices in the name of combatting climate change while he “jets all around on Air Force One.” He also said that Biden promotes energy production in other countries that has a bigger carbon footprint than American energy production, “So, it’s Biden’s policies that are increasing carbon emissions and his answer is to try to wreck the economy even more and raise prices on families even more.”

Scalise stated, “The code red emergency is American families who are struggling already, paying way too much at the pump, when they go to the grocery store, anywhere else for all of the high prices that are caused by what Joe Biden’s already done, all under the name of global warming and climate change and the Green New Deal. They are wrecking the economy and raising costs on everybody while the president jets all around on Air Force One. He just came back from Saudi Arabia begging them to produce oil. We actually produce it cleaner in America, less carbon footprint to get it in America than anywhere in the world. If there is going to be oil produced anywhere, it should be right here. And yet, Joe Biden’s shutting it down. That’s increasing carbon emissions globally. So, it’s Biden’s policies that are increasing carbon emissions and his answer is to try to wreck the economy even more and raise prices on families even more.”

He added, “China’s building a coal plant every single week while he’s shutting things down in America.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan penned the dissent in the EPA case after the administration of President Joe Biden was defeated on Thursday, and she gave an ominous warning that the East Coast could be “swallowed by the ocean.”

“Whatever else this Court may know about, it does not have a clue about how to address climate change,” the Justice said. “And let’s say the obvious: The stakes here are high. Yet the Court today prevents congressionally authorized agency action to curb power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions.”

“If the current rate of emissions continues, children born this year could live to see parts of the Eastern seaboard swallowed by the ocean,” she said in the dissent, signed onto by the Justice Stephen Breyer, who retired on Thursday, and Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in the 6-3 case.

“Today, the Court strips the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the power Congress gave it to respond to ‘the most pressing environmental challenge of our time,’” she said.

“The Court appoints itself — instead of Congress or the expert agency — the decision maker on climate policy. I cannot think of many things more frightening,” she said.

Justice Neil Gorsuch hit back at her claims in his concurring decision in which he said, “the Court hardly professes to ‘appoint itself’ ‘the decision-maker on climate policy.’”

“The Court acknowledges only that, under our Constitution, the people’s elected representatives in Congress are the decisionmakers here — and they have not clearly granted the agency the authority it claims for itself,” he said.

In the case of West Virginia v. the Environmental Protection Agency, the Court ruled 6-3 to curb the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gasses.

Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion. The Court’s three liberal justices dissented.

“Republican attorneys general will argue the EPA has no authority to regulate planet-warming emissions from the power sector. Instead, they will say that authority should be given to Congress,” CNN reported. The case also has enormous implications for Biden’s climate agenda. With legislative action on climate looking uncertain at best, a Supreme Court decision siding with coal companies could undercut an important way the administration planned to slash emissions at a moment when scientists are sounding alarms about the accelerating pace of global warming.”

“The power sector is the country’s second-largest emitter of greenhouse gas. Power emissions rose last year, mainly driven by coal. Experts say West Virginia v. EPA is a highly unusual case, because there is no current EPA rule on power plant emissions. Plaintiffs are asking the court to block the EPA from implementing future rules,” the outlet added.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, the main plaintiff in the case, was joined by Republican attorneys general from more than a dozen other states.

The plaintiffs challenged the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions coming from power plants.

They also argued that this power should be taken away from the agency and given to Congress.

“I think this is really about a fundamental question of who decides the major issues of the day,” Morrisey said at a media event. “Should it be unelected bureaucrats, or should it be the people’s representatives in Congress? That’s what this case is all about.”

“These federal agencies don’t have the ability to act on their own without getting a clear statement from Congress,” Morrisey added. “If you have something that’s major, you have to make sure Congress steps in, and Congress gets to make these major decisions of the day.”

Do you love red meat? Even if you don’t, Readers Digest notes that 16 percent of Americans say steak is their favorite food. An impressive 13 percent say hamburgers are their favorite. Tacos, which often include steak and hamburger, come in at 11 percent. Pasta, which often includes meat, is listed at 11 percent. In short, America runs on red meat — but Joe Biden wants to take that away.

Joe Biden intends to destroy the American economy and way of life in one fell swoop with his agenda. The Daily Mail reports that Biden’s climate plan intends to slash greenhouse emissions by up to 52 percent by 2030 with zero emissions by 2050. That sounds great, you might say. But what is the cost? As you might expect, it’s high. The Daily Mail reports that Biden’s plan will force every American to buy a $55,000 electric car, install a new $5,700 electric heat pump in their homes, and get ready to survive on 4 pounds of red meat a year:

Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal based foods in half. 

Gradually making those changes by 2030 could see diet-related greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50 percent, according to a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems.

To do that, it would require Americans to only consume about four pounds of red meat per year, or 0.18 ounces per day.   

It equates to consuming roughly one average sized burger per month. 

All in all, Biden’s plan is estimated to cost American taxpayers around $3,500 per year — each. David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, calls the Biden plan a “multi-trillion dollar corporate welfare giveaway.”

“Strict climate mandates/targets will disproportionately hurt lower and middle income citizens who will be forced to pay higher electricity bills,” he says.

Despite the cost to Americans, Biden says, “Time is short, but I believe we can do this. And I believe that we will do.” Biden may have his plans, but the American people will not stand for this.