Climate Change


(RepublicanWire.org) – President Joe Biden is sending a message to Canadians that he takes global warming very, very seriously, by taking a 75-car motorcade through the capital city of Ottawa.

 “Biden will be taken—in his infamous armoured limousine known as ‘The Beast’—to Rideau Cottage to meet with Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau,” CTV noted. “Rideau Cottage is the prime minister’s current residence, located on the grounds at Rideau Hall, approximately seven kilometres northeast of Parliament Hill.”

During their visit to Canada, the Biden’s claimed that it has been ‘a tough year’ for the United States, blaming ‘global warming’ for everything from forest fires to excessive rain.

Jill can be quoted as saying “It’s been really warm ’cause of global warming in the United States”.

Joe then adds, “On the West Coast — a great deal of rain and a lot of forest fires — we’ve had a tough year due to global warming”.

How ridiculous is this? To have a President who has brought our economy to its knees, saying it has been a tough year because of ‘global warming.’

Biden claims global warming is the number one threat to society, as areas of California experience record snowfall.

It is just hard to believe that Biden actually thinks global warming is an actually threat, when he is flying all over the world on a regular basis, and when he arrives at his destination, he has a ridiculous motorcade.

(RepublicanWire.org) – An activist shareholder has reached his limit with former Vice President Al Gore and is seeking to have him removed from his lucrative position on Apple Inc.’s board of directors. Gore is Apple’s longest-serving director. He was first elected to the board in 2003. 

The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs when Gore was picked for the board, “Al brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Apple from having helped run the largest organization in the world – the United States government – as a Congressman, Senator and our 45th Vice President.?

But ethics watchdog National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) says it is time for Gore to get the boot. The group filed an exempt solicitation with the Securities and Exchange Commission urging fellow Apple shareholders to vote against Gore as a director nominee at the tech giant’s annual meeting on March 10.

NLPC’s Corporate Integrity Project Director Paul Chesser said:

“Al Gore was never qualified to serve on Apple’s board in the first place, so for him to last for over 20 years is absurd.

“The only credentials he had, or has ever had, that meet any of Apple’s questionable criteria was that he’s been a Chicken Little for global warming. 

“That term was so discredited that it’s now called ‘climate change.’ 

“And so many of his other prophecies of doom have been proven untrue that he should be considered a false prophet.”

“Time has proven that whatever credibility Al Gore might have had is totally shot, and he belongs nowhere near any company’s board of directors.

“Apple shareholders should oppose his renomination,” he said.

According to The New York Post:

The “green-friendly” investment firm co-founded and run by former Vice President Al Gore, 74, owns a portfolio of more than $26 billion worth of shares in nearly two dozen companies that were found to have increased greenhouse gas emissions in recent years, according to a report.

Gore, whose Oscar-winning film “An Inconvenient Truth” cemented his status as the most prominent doomsayer on climate change, chairs the London-based Generation Investment Management, which touts a “stated emphasis on sustainable investment options.”

But a recent analysis by Bloomberg News found that Generation’s Global Equity fund, which numbers a total of 42 companies, includes 18 firms which emitted increasingly more greenhouse gases annually between 2015 and 2021.

Bloomberg ranked Generation, which has $40.4 billion worth of assets under its management, as among the companies that owned the greatest share of greenhouse gas-emitting firms when compared to other funds that placed a priority on so-called ESG — environmental, social and governance — investing.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Climate activist and former Vice President Al Gore (D) was mocked by Twitter users for going on an animated, “unhinged” tirade this week at the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, where he talked about the dangers of climate change, Fox News Digital reported.

Gore participated on a panel with other climate activists to present a discussion on “Leading the Charge through Earth’s New Normal,” according to the World Economic Forum website.

Gore went on an absolutely unhinged tirade about boiling seas and “rain bombs,” claiming once again that climate change will soon kill us all.

“We’re still putting 162 million tons [of greenhouse gas] into it every single day and the accumulated amount is now trapping as much extra heat as would be released by 600,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every single day on the earth,” he rambled.

“That’s what’s boiling the oceans, creating these atmospheric rivers, and the rain bombs, and sucking the moisture out of the land, and creating the droughts, and melting the ice and raising the sea level, and causing these waves of climate refugees!” he screamed.

Gore then claimed, still yelling, that “climate refugees” are “predicted to reach 1 billion in this century” – which, if that’s anything like his other predicted apocalyptic deadlines that have already come and gone, isn’t really anything to worry about, but which Gore predicts will cause us to “lose our ability for self-governance in this world.”

Thankfully, Gore’s gloom-and-doom prophecies haven’t been right yet, and there’s no reason to expect them to start coming true any time soon. Critics on twitter pointed out just how wrong Gore has been.

Critics also pointed out Gore’s real agenda, money!

(RepublicanWire.org) – While it may be difficult to keep track of all the examples of hypocrisy coming from Washington, D.C. lawmakers these days, particular in relation to the pandemic, where there appears to be a clear double standard in place, when the insincerity involves the single most powerful Democrat on Capital Hill it still warrants attention.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who has a history of calling climate change an “existential” threat the U.S. has a “moral” obligation to address, has spent over $500,000 on private jets since 2020, according to Fox News.

“According to campaign filings with the Federal Election Commission, Pelosi’s campaign paid a Virginia-based private aviation provider, Advanced Aviation Team, over $437,000 between October 2020 and December 2021 and over $65,000 to Clay Lacy Aviation, a California-based private jet provider,” the network reported.

The carbon footprint of using private jets compared to commercial flights is certainly not consistent with that “moral” obligation.

The article noted that Pelosi’s campaign spent $67,605 on private air travel just months before she led a 21-member congressional delegation to the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, and spoke about combatting the alleged climate crisis as a “religious thing.”

“For me, it’s a religious thing,” Pelosi said in November. “I believe this is God’s creation, and we have a moral obligation to be good stewards.”

Of course, Pelosi is not the only hypocrite in DC — more from Fox News:

The campaign for President Biden, who promised to make climate change a key priority of his presidency, spent over $15 million on private air travel over the course of his 2020 campaign. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has also been vocal about climate change and being “committed to curbing the effects of climate change,” but they have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to Advanced Aviation Team in recent years.

Biden’s climate czar, John Kerry, took a private jet to Iceland in 2019 to receive the Arctic Circle award for climate leadership.

Which is not to say that Pelosi’s media allies aren’t quick to paint a different picture, as seen in a 2019 tweet from CNN chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny noting that the soon to be 82-year-old speaker was flying coach:

The Washington Post even did a full write up of Pelosi’s flying habits, based on the flight above, as seen here:

  • She flies coach (at least sometimes, at least this one time) — and not the semi-decent, extra-perks coach: Seat 23D, which is not shown in this photo but which was later confirmed as hers, is boring old back-of-the-plane coach. Not even an exit row!
  • She lives that aisle life. The fight over which is better in the aisle-vs.-window fight will never end, but no one will disagree that Pelosi made the right choice by avoiding the middle in this scenario.
  • No athleisure here: The speaker is wearing a bright pink dress and what appears to be a scarf draped over her shoulders (the sensible approach to layering for cold plane temperatures in summer). Photos show her in the same pink dress at the NAACP’s national convention in Detroit, along with a pair of pink pumps. We assume you don’t become speaker by taking part in barefoot antics on planes.
  • Just like the rest of us, she has to hold onto her plane trash for longer than she would probably like, judging from the plastic cup tucked into the back of the seat in front of her.
  • We don’t know about cross-country flights, but at least in this situation, Pelosi is not a recliner. Her right arm isn’t fully visible, but from the position of her hand, she does not appear to be hogging the middle armrest.
  • Discretion is key: She’s not taking notes, there’s no paperwork that hints at the conversations she’s having and her phone is obscured by virtue of being pressed to her ear.

The President was quick to attribute this week’s extreme weather event as evidence that climate change is real and must be addressed by policy makers. Biden made remarks Saturday following the deadly storms and tornadoes which swept across Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri overnight. 

Biden said, “all I know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impacts as a consequence of the warming of the planet and climate change.” He went on to say, “I’m going to be asking the EPA and others to take a look at that. The fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming. Everything. And obviously it has some impact here, but I can’t give you a quantitative read on that.”

The recent storm was devastating, resulting in at least 70 deaths in Mayfield Kentucky. Three people confirmed dead in Tennessee. At least 2 dead, and dozens trapped as Amazon warehouse collapses in Illinois. In Bowling Green, Kentucky there were 11 reported dead. One person in a nursing home was reported dead in Arkansas. In St. Charles County, Missouri there was one killed and two injured. The pressure from the natural disasters caused significant damage to homes throughout this region. 

When  Biden should have been talking about the devastation and loss we had as a country, he instead talked about climate change. It didn’t go unnoticed. Many took to twitter to criticize his remarks.