(RepublicanWire.org) – A former US intelligence officer has raised questions about the latest reports from Ukraine, labeling them “just a little too convenient.” With 8,500 US troops committed to Eastern Europe, is the Biden administration looking for an excuse for war?

On February 4, former CIA officer and National Security Council Chief of Staff Fred Fleitz told journalists he was doubtful about the accuracy of recently declassified reports claiming Russia is planning a “false flag” operation to justify an invasion of Ukraine. Fleitz said the information, and the way it was released, made “alarm bells go off for me.”

Fleitz warned intelligence reports are “sometimes wrong, sometimes politicized” and said CIA sources – especially paid ones – often tell the agency what it wants to hear. He said for such important information, the administration can’t just say it has the report; now that it’s declassified, it needs to release the actual document. If it doesn’t happen, he said, we need to be wary.

State Department spokesman Ned Price and AP journalist Matt Lee had an angry exchange over why the report hasn’t been released. Fleitz said if the report has been declassified there’s no reason not to release it; he suggested something was being hidden from the public or the information is weaker than Price suggested. “They’re just saying, ‘Take our word on it,’” he said. “That’s not good enough.”