christopher sign


Christopher Sign performed a great service to America when he broke the Clinton-Lynch Tarmac story that took the country be storm. The story broke in 2016 during the Trump/Clinton race and contributed heavily to President Trump’s victory. Now, Sign has been found dead.

The Wrap reports that Sign’s death, which is being investigated as a suicide, happened on Saturday after a long career was a reporter:

In 2016 while a reporter at Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV-TV, Sign broke the story of the so-called ‘Tarmac’ meeting between Clinton and Lynch on Lynch’s private plane at the Phoenix airport in June, 2016. The meeting happened while Hillary Clinton was still being investigated by the FBI for how she handled certain emails during her time as Secretary of State under Barack Obama. Lynch was heavily criticized and acknowledged that meeting with Clinton was ill advised, but maintained it was “primarily social” and that she did not discuss that investigation.

Nevertheless, it created complications for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, even after the FBI determined that she did not break any laws. And it ultimately played a role in the circumstances leading to her narrow electoral college loss later that year despite winning the popular vote by millions.

Sign would later write a book about the meeting called “Secret on the Tarmac,” in which he claimed the meeting was planned in advance and was not, as Lynch and Clinton said, a chance encounter.

Sign began his career at ABC 33/40 in the late 1990s before moving to Phoenix in 2004. Sign returned to Birmingham to work for ABC 33/40 again in 2017; according to the ABC affiliate, Sign turned down a national network job offer in order to do so.

It’s unclear if it was a suicide or not, but it is well-known that Sign has been receiving death threats since the story first broke:

So what really happened? Did Sign kill himself? Or did someone kill him to shut him up or to get revenge for his revelations that sunk Hillary Clinton? It’s possible we will never know.