chaz neal


Chaz Neal has regularly been featured as the face of the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly in one iconic photograph depicting him with his fist raised while holding a “Justice for George Floyd” sign. But this man who has been portrayed as a peaceful community activist fighting oppression is also a.) a convicted child molester, b.) a convicted domestic abuser and c.) a convicted fraudster. These are not attempts to smear the man. These are facts — and another fact is that he was just arrested for something related to item “a.”

The National File reports that the 44-year-old Black Lives Matter activist was arrested on April 9 for failing to register as a sex offender when he moved to his current address. He has been convicted three times for the exact same offense — a sign that this was not an error, but a willful attempt to hide his propensity for molesting children.

In a weird, unhinged Facebook rant, Neal says that “yes, [he’s] a convicted sex offender” but he maintains that he’s “not a child molester or a pedophile.” He says that his latest arrest for hiding the fact that he is a child molester and a pedophile from his neighbors is because of his “skin color.”

But, as we mentioned, he is indeed a child molester. The National File notes:

According to court records, Neal was convicted in 1998 of one count of “Criminal Sexual Conduct In The Third Degree.” To be found guilty of such a charge, the person accused must have “engaged in sexual penetration,” when one of the listed circumstances, such as when “the complainant is at least 13 but less than 16 years of age and the actor is more than 24 months older than the complainant,” or “the actor uses force or coercion to complete the penetration,” and a number of other offenses.

It really comes down to whether or not a 16-year-old (at most, the person he abused forcefully or through coercion is 16) is a child or not. Legally, they are. End of story. Neal is under order not to have any contact with children under 18, to so much as look at pornography, and to of course register as a sex offender. The publication points out that he has been featured by many left-leaning “news” organizations:

Despite being a registered child sex offender, Neal has received national media attention as a darling of the BLM movement in Minnesota. Neal has received flattering coverage from multiple media outlets, including The Guardian, Vice, Yahoo News, Axios, the Minnesota Post, and USA Today, where he is portrayed as a brave community activist protesting outside the courthouse where Derek Chauvin is currently on trial for the alleged murder of George Floyd.

You can see a video of his arrest below, where a woman calls the police apprehending a dangerous child molester “fu*cking p*ssies” for arresting him: