cecilia rouse


Easter was April 4. But if you ask Biden economic advisor Cecilia Rouse, it wasn’t. It was in April, conveniently placed to explain away April’s terrifying jobs report.

CNBC reports that April job numbers fell well short of estimates. One million new jobs were estimates to be created in April. But unfortunately, only 266,000 actually happened. Unemployment, which was estimated to be at around 5.8 percent, actually rose to 6.1 percent. And worse, March numbers were revised down from 916,000 new jobs to 770,000. Biden’s America is a jobless, destitute America. But none of that is his fault, you see, because of Easter.

Rouse explained that Americans had not been eligible for vaccination yet, and “getting into the details, um, it was, I think Easter happened in March this year.” According to Rouse, the “seasonal adjustments are a little funny.” Something’s funny, but not the “seasonal adjustment” — it’s that someone in her position doesn’t know when one of the most well-known holidays in the world happened. Easter was not in March. It was, as we mentioned, in April. This means that her excuse simply doesn’t work.

The Biden administration hires nothing but incompetents to do jobs that actual, educated, qualified people should be doing. Rouse needs to be fired immediately and replaced with someone who has at least something resembling an inkling of a clue what she’s talking about.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with Biden in office for the time being. So we can probably get used to seeing dismal numbers like we have so far this year for the next four as he endeavors to kill Americans’ income to the point that he and his socialist friends’ Marxist utopia can become a reality. Watch a report on the jobs report below: