bundy ranch


Liberals have put the Bundy family through a lot over the years. The Left has attacked the Bundy family since 2014, when patriarch Cliven Bundy was at odds with the Bureau of Land Management. Ammon Bundy became infamous in the media yet beloved by patriots for his decision to stand by his father in a property dispute that became an armed standoff. The Idaho rancher also made headlines when he was involved in another standoff at a wildlife refuge in Oregon. And at his trial for a misdemeanor trespassing offense at the Idaho statehouse, he was denied entry.

“In August, Bundy and two others refused to leave the statehouse after a hearing was switched to another part of the building. When Bundy refused to get up from his swivel chair, state police rolled him out,” NBC reports. He was also charged with resisting arrest. It was pretty simple and should have been an easy trial — but Bundy decided, like he always has, that he wanted to assert his constitutional rights as an American.

Bundy, like many Americans refused to wear a mask to his trial. He, of course, feels that he has the right to make health decisions regarding his own body — but the judhe and courthouse staff decided to complicate matters.

Ammon Bundy was due in a Boise courtroom at 8:15 a.m. for the beginning of his trial on misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest charges stemming from an August incident at the Idaho Statehouse.

For nearly a year now, the Idaho Supreme Court has required masks for entry into any courthouses in the state.

“Mr. Bundy today refused to wear a mask to come into the courthouse and thus was not granted admission,” Steven Hippler, administrative judge for the Fourth Judicial District, told NBC News.

And when he didn’t get inside the Ada County Courthouse, Magistrate Judge David Manweile issued a warrant for Bundy’s arrest.

Yes, you read that right. They wouldn’t allow him attend his own trial — which he showed up for — so the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. If he makes bail, a condition will be that he wear a mask inside the courthouse.

This is yet another petty attack on the Bundy family. Though they have suffered greatly over the years, the government does not seem willing to leave them be. All they needed to do was allow him to attend his trial, and this could have been avoided.