Border crisis


Joe Biden’s border crisis has increased crime in border crossing areas, the spread of COVID from infected illegals flooding across the border, and numerous other problems. Cartels are increasing human and drug trafficking operations and operating in broad daylight. The situation is worse than many wish to admit — but one Arizona sheriff has spoken out about the issue, calling Joe Biden’s border crisis “an epidemic.”

During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels explained how much damage Biden is doing to the country.

“It should be a concern to every American. Right now in this country, we had over 200,000 getaways,” Dannels says. “What that means is they’ve been seen on federal cameras but were not captured.”

“And that’s what’s being seen. 200,000 in my sector of the state, my region of the state over 60,000. And then you look at every day on the southwest border, 1,100 getaways are coming into our country every day,” he says. “We have no idea who they are. They’re camouflaged. They’re smuggled by the cartels and released in communities. That is a public safety national security threat.” But he didn’t stop there. He says that Biden’s created an “epidemic” by leaving the border wide open:

I think every elected leader should pay a political price on this issue. The fact is, we take an oath of office and that is to safeguard the quality of life Americans expect and to protect all Americans. And we’re not doing that right now on the southwest border. It’s the largest crime scene, I’ve said that numerous times, that when it comes to public safety, national security, in my county, nobody has walked up to me and said, ‘Sheriff, the border thing’s good.’ Nobody’s said that… I mean, it is an epidemic in my state that we have a border that’s not secure.

The problems at the border won’t be fixed overnight — or by this administration. That’s why it’s important for us to retake Congress in 2022 and to win the White House in 2024.

Our southern border is a mess. How bad is it? Ever since, Joe Biden took office, we know there has been a massive spike in illegals crossing the border. We also know that criminal activity at crossing points has jumped and that illegals credit Biden as being the reason they have taken over. It’s a true crisis down there, with border apprehensions up 800% over this time last year.

American Military News reports that the number of illegals caught crossing the border has spiked — and that’s even with Joe Biden’s lax enforcement:

It was a familiar scene. Newly released data show that migrants were stopped 180,034 times across the southern border last month — nearly eight times the total during May 2020 and among the highest monthly totals in recent years.

That brought total apprehensions for the year to 711,784, nearly five times the total during the same period last year, though direct comparisons are difficult because of a policy implemented early in the COVID-19 pandemic that dramatically increased the number of people who have been caught multiple times.

In the Rio Grande Valley, numbers are even higher:

In the Rio Grande Valley, where there were 50,793 apprehensions last month — up from 3,698 in May  2020 —  Border Patrol agents respond to about one fatality a week.

Biden’s lax enforcement is empowering drug cartels and sex traffickers, as well as increasing the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in communities surrounding common crossing points. It’s unclear why he would do this — but it seems to be simply to spite Donald Trump, whose policies controlled the border.

If Biden keeps doing what he’s doing, we’re not going to have much of a country left when 2024 hits. Be sure to vote in great numbers in the midterm elections. They’re perhaps more important at this point than anything else. If we take Congress, we can block Biden’s evil and irresponsible plans for America.