If you pay attention to leftist media, Black Lives Matter rioters are popular heroes of the people, fighting injustice wherever they find it. But “the people” disagree, according to a new poll. You’ve probably seen videos of police doing their jobs. You’ve probably seen violent and/or drug-addled criminals die in some of those videos. It’s unfortunate, but it happens when people resist arrest or attack police. You’ve also likely seen videos of BLM burning and destroying, looting and pillaging. You may have even had these terrorists attack your community. Naturally, people like the police more.

Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies asked Americans for their opinions on cops versus BLM — and Americans sided with the police. TheBlaze reports:

The poll found that 35% of respondents had a very favorable view of the police, and another 34% had a favorable view of the police, for a combined 69% favorability rating.

Only 21% of respondents said they had a very favorable view of Black Lives Matter, with another 24% having a favorable view, for a combined 45% favorability.

About 21% of respondents said they had an unfavorable or very unfavorable view of the police, while 39% of respondents had an unfavorable or very unfavorable view of Black Lives Matter.

The U.S. military comes out the clear winner. Americans were also asked whether they like our men and women in uniform. An astounding 78 percent love our military. Only 13 percent say they don’t like then. Even the corrupt corporation Amazon received a 71 percent favorability rating — higher than the CDC, which didn’t even crack 60 percent.

All of this is bad news for liberals, but it gets even worse for them. A whopping 61 percent of Americans say that school kids should not be taught that America is a racist country. Only 39 percent support the teaching of Critical Race Theory.

The Left tries hard to push its crazy ideas on the rest of us, but this poll and others show that people don’t accept the craziness.

BLM issued a pretty startling threat to police in Kansas City. While liberals pretend that the “Black Lives Matter” mob is protesting injustice, the rest of us know better. We have watched as BLM and their Antifa allies have ravaged cities across the nation. We’ve seen building burned, businesses looted, reporters and other innocents attacked, and entire parts of cities occupied by these “peaceful protesters.”

BLM has issued threats against police, but not like what happened in Kansas City. “Activists” carried a casket through town with the words “the other white meat” painted on the side along with “abolish the police.” This may seem like standard fare, but the casket was a pretty clear threat.

Inside the casket was a pig dressed in a police uniform. The “protesters” marched the cop-standin to police headquarters and then burned it — a symbol for what they think should happen to police:

These events were, as always, ignored by the leftist media machine. You didn’t hear BLM yelling about it. You didn’t see liberals swarming social media calling these people terrorists — even when they were burning, looting, and terrorizing cities.

The fact is that our police are important. They protect our cities. They ensure that we are safe from harm. If someone harms us, steals from us, or anything else — they’re the ones we call. Despite this, liberals have been demanding that all police departments nationwide be “defunded” so they cannot do their jobs.

On top of that, we see incidents like what happened in Kansas City. Threats leveled. Harassment. Pure evil. Exactly what we can expect from the hateful Left.

It was yet another night of fiery riots in Minneapolis after a criminal who happened to be black died at the hands of police. “Boogie” Smith, a felon who was wanted on a warrant for possession of a firearm, “produced a handgun” during his interaction with police. He fired shots at the officers, but was fortunately stopped by U.S. Marshals. Despite all this, BLM and Antifa are out looting again. Or, if you ask leftists, heroically protesting for justice or something like that.

“Evidence at the scene indicates that the man fired his weapon from inside the vehicle. BCA crime scene personnel recovered a handgun as well as spent cartridge cases from inside the driver’s compartment,” the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement on “Boogie’s” death. He was convicted in 2017 of felony aggravated robbery and was out on probation and had a history of making threatening posts about police.

“We got guns and bullet proof vest too or should be able to get em… why not just rush these f***s and start this war they keep asking for!” Smith wrote in one post following George Floyd’s death. “Protesters” have been burning the city to the ground since law enforcement stopped a dangerous felon who was shooting at them.

“When your precinct burned, America rejoiced! People celebrated seeing your comrades run for their lives!” one rioter said. “No trial for us, no trial for them. MPLS still hates cops. Kill cops.” reads some graffiti sprayed on the sidewalk.

“I’mma shoot your kids before I shoot y’all, and make you watch,” one man yelled at the police. “Y’all better call the National Guard because guess what – y’all gonna need help.”

And, of course, the rioters continued looting and burning into early Saturday morning, screaming hate and destroying property.

Does any of this look like they want justice? The answer is a simple “no.”

One thing that has marked the last couple years is the string of “peaceful” protests in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and more. We have seen BLM and Antifa loot and burn businesses, destroy communities, brutalize reporters, attack police, and more. Despite clear video of what is going on, liberals and the media say that these people are looting and stealing for justice or something. On Thursday night in Minneapolis, we saw BLM once again looting sneakers for reasons that have nothing to do with justice.

After Winston “Boogie” Smith was shot during an altercation with police, BLM and Antifa once again went nuts. Sure, Boogie had a handgun on cops and sure he was wanted on a state warrant for possessing a firearm (felons aren’t allowed to have those – they’re for law-abiding citizens only). But liberals are screeching once again that his death was somehow unjust.

Once again, BLM and Antifa rioted, tearing Minneapolis apart. And once again, the city was on fire. These justice-seekers combed the city, crying out for free stuff. They looted a sneaker shop. Target, CVS and Walgreens, and more as they tore the city apart.

At least one person was assaulted.

They also hit numerous other businesses:

Not to worry, though. They’re doing this for justice. Just ask this guy, who can’t even remember the name of that one dead guy what caused all this:

Liberals are crazy. They will demand “justice” for criminals and commit crimes and hurt people in its name. Now if they can only remember the names of those for whom they are demanding justice.

Black Lives Matter is a movement that has inspired nationwide riots, terrorist attacks, looting, burning, and more. So is anyone really surprised when the New Black Panther Party, major supporters of BLM, gathered with guns in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday?

The “March for Reparations” as the mob called it featured heavily armed men and women parading around screaming violent hate speech.

“The struggle for Reparations must be escalated,” a news release from march says. “We must fight on every front to achieve redress and Reparations for the atrocities committed upon Tulsa Massacre descendants; and we must intensify the fight to achieve Reparations for all 40-million Blacks still grossly affected by racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like. Tulsa will mark a new beginning in the upgraded fight for Reparations for Black people.”

Chanting “Black Power,” the mob threatened whites in a crazed, racist outburst. “Because that time will come when there’s a rat-a-tat-tat… black Americans will kill everything white in sight,” one “activist” said.

Imagine if this was a group of Trump supporters. Or white people in general screaming “white power.” The Left would be in a frenzy — rightfully for the second item there. Why is there such a double standard that liberals are refusing to condemn this hateful display of racism and violence?

If we want to heal as a nation, we need to condemn all racism — not just some. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that the Left will ever come around to that unfortunate bit of reality. Watch it below:

The Left won. The officer who was unfortunate enough to be restraining George Floyd when he died was convicted of “murder.” Sure, it’s nonsense. Sure, Floyd had enough drugs in his body to kill him multiple times, Sure, he was resisting arrest. But none of that matters to BLM and Antifa, who staged multiple nationwide riots. Buildings were burned. People were hurt and killed. And parts of some cities like Portland and Minnesota fell under armed BLM/Antifa occupation as “autonomous zones” where laws don’t exist. At one of these zones, on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, gunshots rang out.

News Nation Now reports that someone in the area surrounding where George Floyd died was “disrupted by gunfire” just before crowds of people were due to show up to show support to Floyd:

Philip Crowther, a reporter working for AP Global Media Services, which provides live video coverage to customers, reported hearing as many as 30 gunshots about a block east of the intersection. Crowther said a storefront window appeared to have been broken by a gunshot.

“Very quickly things got back to normal,” Crowther said. “People here who spend a significant amount of time, the organizers, were running around asking, ‘Does anyone need a medic?’ It seems like there are no injuries.”

Police said in a release that they responded to reports of gunfire at about 10:10 a.m. local time in the 3800 block of Elliot Ave. South. Callers told police that a vehicle was seen speeding away from the area. Elder said no one was in custody by midday Tuesday.

Photos taken after the shots fired show broken windows outside a barbershop as people tried to clean up the shattered glass.

The scene was terrifying. In video, you can see the crowd scatter and duck for cover as people run away from the gunfire. It’s a scene normally seen on the news, happening in a country very far from ours. But thanks to BLM and Antifa’s riots, we get to experience something out of the socialist third world right at home. Watch it below:

The “peaceful and tolerant Left” is at it again! Portland has been home to wanton destruction, burnings, violence, and more ever since BLM and Antifa started “fighting for justice” in the form of riots. Now, leftist mobs have hurt yet another innocent person.

Joseph Hall was headed home from a long work day, he found himself in a standoff with a violent mob that had closed down roads as part of their “protest”:

While he was driving home, Hall says a moped cut him off. A man with a handheld radio told him to stop. Hall says another vehicle blocked his path. “All of a sudden I have three or four people around me,” he claims, adding that some members of the group pointed rifles at him. . Hall told The Oregonian what happened:

Hall said he grabbed hold of a non-lethal handgun that can shoot hard pellets to try to get the people to clear the way and hadn’t realized there was a march until people circled his truck. He said he heard a woman outside on a megaphone yelling at the crowd to let him go, but the people continued to block his truck and call him a “Nazi.”

“They’re screaming and yelling at me, claiming I was out there trying to run people over. That’s when I discovered a march was going on,” he said. “I was trapped. A vehicle in front of me trapped me in. I couldn’t go forward or around.”

Hall is seen on video standing outside the driver’s seat of his red pickup, his door open, holding the firearm, while a man standing in the street points a rifle at him at North Alberta Street and Michigan Avenue. Hall can be heard yelling: “You have about five seconds to lower that weapon,” as others respond that his truck is a weapon.

Hall said he stepped out of his pickup and someone snatched the keys from the truck. When he went around to the back of the truck, he said several people in the crowd remained hostile and pointed handguns and rifles at him. He said he then pulled his .38-caliber pistol from his pants and headed into the fray.

“I’m trained in the military to walk towards the threat and fight your way through the threat,” said Hall. He said he served in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army and has a concealed weapons permit out of Columbia County.

After Hall drew his weapon in self-defense, he was savagely beaten by the mob. You can see him shoved, tackled, kicked, punched, and more by the violent mob. His gun was stolen. Other firearms and tools were stolen from his truck. Here is video of the attack:

The Portland Police Bureau offered additional details on the attack:

“People in the crowd broke out their vehicle windows, damaged tires, and sprayed them with some kind of irritant near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street. Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street,” the Portland Police said, but did not report any arrests stemming from the incidents.”

Hall ended up hospitalized from this unprovoked attack with a collapsed lung, multiple fractured vertebrae, a broken collar bone, numerous broken ribs, and a head injury. Nevertheless, he says, “I stood my ground and I would do it all over again.”

“I’m done, I’m done working in Portland,” Hall says. “I’m shutting my business down and I’m probably not going to be coming back.”

This is the Left in their purest form. After all the beautiful words are spoken, the only thing they fall back on consistently is violence.

Are police racist and out to get black people? If you ask BML and Antifa, the answer is yes. But you might find it shocking to learn that the people burning cities to the ground and looting businesses don’t speak for black Americans as a whole. In fact, if you ask the majority of African-Americans, the police are doing a great job.

A CBS/YouGov poll reveals that 70 percent of blacks think police are at least doing a somewhat decent job. In fact, the number of blacks who say this isn’t that far behind the number of whites. Though blacks are less likely to say their local police are doing “very good” than whites, 70 percent say that they’re doing at least “somewhat good.” Compared to whites, this isn’t a huge difference. 82 percent of whites say police are doing at least “somewhat good.” The numbers for black Americans are not that far below the average, as well — when all Americans are taken into consideration, 79 percent say cops are doing at least a “somewhat good” job.

When liberals tell you that blacks feel oppressed by our police, it’s important to remember that they don’t mean all blacks or even a majority. They mean a very vocal minority that is speaking out, acting as outrage merchants over issues that lie not with racism, but with training.

When you see BLM tearing cities apart, remember that all of it is theatre — violent, destructive theatre intended to convince Americans that rioting is ok, and to sell the lie that America is a racist nation. All of this is so that Joe Biden can push his radical socialist agenda without being questioned. Don’t fall for the lies. The numbers tell the truth.

Ever wish that rioters would just lose all their state benefits? Well, BLM and Antifa in Minnesota are running scared after a GOP lawmaker introduced a piece of anti-rioting legislation that might stop the entire movement in its tracks — by stripping rioters of food stamps, unemployment, and other entitlements that are directly funding the illegal activity.

NBC News reports that State Senator David Osmek proposed the legislation, which would make anyone convicted of riot-related crimes unable to receive state-funded healthcare, student loans, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and more:

The bills says after a conviction the person would not be eligible, “for any type of state loan, grant, or assistance, including but not limited to college student loans and grants, rent and mortgage assistance, supplemental nutrition assistance, unemployment benefits and other employment assistance, Minnesota supplemental aid programs, business grants, medical assistance, general assistance, and energy assistance.”

This is one of many proposals nationwide intended to curb the violence and destruction Democrats leave in their wake as they burn cities to the ground during their “peaceful” protests. Lawmakers in 21 states have introduced legislation intended to stop BLM and Antifa violence. Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law that increases riot-related criminal penalties.

Americans are sick of BLM and Antifa, and it’s nice to see legislators try to do something about them. Now, we need to get rid of the Demcorats who back them. 2022 and 2024 are very important election years — show up and cast your ballot.

When Trump supporters, in a mixed crowd of Democrats and nonvoters according to arrest records, peacefully trespassed on Capitol grounds, veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood by a DC police officer. Trump supporters everywhere were branded “terrorists” with the Donald Trump as their leader. Social media purged conservative accounts including that of the President of the United States, whom leftists and the media claimed “incited” an “insurrection” by urging people to stay calm and go home. Even free speech social media platform Parler was shut down for a while because Amazon killed its hosting — just because some present at the January 6 rally happened to post there. But what about when BLM violently storms a state capitol building?

On Thursday, in response to bills that protect drivers fleeing riots and police from “doxxing,” BLM and Antifa were at it again! They stormed the capitol building and clearly presented a threatening situation for Republican lawmakers. Fox News reports:

More than two dozen protesters filled the gallery on the fifth floor while the Oklahoma House in the chamber below was in session. Video showed demonstrators chanting, “Stand united against all hate,” and “We will use our voices to stand against corruption, to fight hate, to defend Black and Brown lives.” The disturbance interrupted the session for several minutes.

The demonstration was organized against what activists describe as anti-protest and anti-transgender bills advancing through the GOP-controlled state Senate and House. One bill increases penalties for protesters blocking traffic and protects drivers who unintentionally strike drivers with their cars. Another aims to protect law enforcement and their families from “doxxing.” 

One man stood nose-to-nose with a lawmaker who met him on the gallery in what appeared to be a heated verbal confrontation until another female protester pulled him away. “You’re a disgrace, you’re an embarrassment to the whole f—ing nation,” the male protesters shouted as he left.  

One should think that protecting the families of law enforcement and increasing penalties for illegal activity aren’t bad things. But since BLM and Antifa like to harass and dox cops and their families AND block traffic, they naturally have an issue with this.

The bills would do a lot to protect people who are simply protecting themselves from a riotous mob by offering civil and criminal protections “for motor vehicle operators who unintentionally cause injury or death to an individual participating in a riot under certain circumstances.”

The bill also “provides that organizations found to be involved with individuals participating in riots or unlawful assemblies shall be punished by a fine that is ten times the amount of the fine authorized by the appropriate provision of the bill.” Another bill makes it a crime to publish personal information of police and other public officials online if the intent is to  threaten, intimidate or harass.”

The media was strangely silent about this. Despite video of “protesters” threatening lawmakers, the word “terrorists” seems to be absent from any and all reports about this frightening incident.