(RepublicanWire.org) – In 1974, Joe Biden appeared for an interview on PBS and told everyone that he’s “not sure you should assume I’m not corrupt.”

The comment came in response to a question about how he was elected and whether it was the result of corruption in politics.

The interviewer asked, “As the youngest member of the Senate, the one therefore who may expect the longest career there, I wonder if you’d say to us since it’s clear that you’re not corrupt and you got elected, why should people think that the system produces corrupt results when there you are?”

Biden responded, “I’m not sure you should assume I’m not corrupt, but thank you for that, though.”

Joe Biden is accused of being involved in his son’s corrupt overseas business dealings. Hunter Biden is currently under federal investigation by the FBI for tax fraud, money laundering, and the violation of lobbying laws.

For years, the entire Biden family has been cashing in on the career and power of Joe Biden. This includes his son Hunter, his brother James, and his brother-in-law Jack.

One text message from Hunter revealed that Joe takes 50% of his earnings. Text messages and emails repeatedly indicate that Joe Biden was involved in these shady business dealings.

Joe once even flew on Air Force Two to attend a meeting with Hunter in China. He also wrote a college recommendation letter and faxed it directly to the president of Brown University on behalf of the son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner.

Below we have compiled 11 instances via Breitbart where Joe Biden is allegedly involved in Hunter’s business dealings. Joe Biden is repeatedly referred to as “the big guy” in Hunter’s text message exchanges and emails.

This information has been wrongfully buried and censored for years as part of a massive, left-wing cover-up scandal being carried out on social media. Hunter’s laptop and its contents were eventually “authenticated” in March 2022, even though the story surfaced months before the presidential election in 2020.

ONE: According to The New York Post, Hunter traveled to China in 2013 with his father aboard Air Force Two. Hunter introduced Joe Biden to his Chinese business partner. Ten days later, China issued Hunter’s firm a business license and the firm won a contract worth $1 billion.

Ten days later, Hunter’s company inked a deal with the state-owned Bank of China and created the $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), according to reporting by Peter Schweizer, president of the Government Accountability Institute and the best-selling author of “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends.”

A representative for BHR told The New Yorker in July 2019 that Hunter Biden introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li during the trip. Li later became the CEO of BHR.

NBC News also covered the scandal:

TWO: Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Mexican business associates, billionaire Miguel Alemán Velasco and his son Miguel Aleman Magnani, in the vice president’s office in 2014. Photos were taken at the meeting:

THREE: Joe Biden went golfing in the Hamptons with his son Hunter and Devon Archer, Hunter’s fellow board member for Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2014. Archer is now in prison for fraud. Reuters, Politico, and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson have covered this story in detail. The photograph was first released by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight in September 2019.

FOUR: Hunter brought Joe Biden to dinner with his business associates from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan in 2015. Joe Biden was vice president at the time. Photos were taken of Biden at the dinner while flanked by Kazakhstani oligarch Kenes Rakishev and Karim Massimov, a former prime minister of Kazakhstan.

FIVE: After Joe Biden dined with Hunter’s foreign business partners, one of them emailed Hunter his thanks for the “opportunity to meet your father.”

SIX: Joe Biden brought Hunter aboard Air Force Two to Mexico in 2016. Hunter met with his business associates from Mexico City.

SEVEN: Joe Biden wrote a college recommendation letter in 2017 for a child of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, Jonathan Li, with whom Joe Biden met in China. Fox News covered the story in detail:

In an email dated Jan. 3, 2017, and sent to Hunter Biden and his business associates Devon Archer and Jim Bulger, CEO of BHR Jonathan Li writes:

“Gentlmen[sic], please find the attached resume of my son, Chris Li. He is applying the following colleges for this year,” Li writes, listing Brown University, Cornell University, and New York University.

Li goes on to attach an “updated version” of his son’s “CV” in a subsequent email.

EIGHT: Hunter described Joe Biden as one of his “new office mates” in 2017. The Washington Post reported:

On Sept. 21, 2017, Hunter Biden wrote to a building manager requesting new office signage to reflect a new family enterprise and a new business relationship: “The Biden Foundation and Hudson West (CEFC-US),” he wrote in emails to the property manager.

He also requested keys for his new office mates: his father, Joe; his mother, Jill; his uncle James; and the Chinese executive, Gongwen Dong.

As part of the request, he provided what he said was his father’s cellphone number, saying an office representative could use it to contact his new office mates.

NINE: Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s former business partner, twice met with Joe Biden to discuss a business deal with China in 2017. “I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden,” Bobulinski admitted.

TEN: Tony Bobulinski met with Joe Biden, brother Jim Biden, and Hunter to discuss their deal in China. After the meeting, Bobulinski messaged Jim, telling him to “thank Joe for his time.”

ELEVEN: Hunter’s texts in 2019 revealed that his father, Joe Biden, takes half of Hunter’s salary.

In a text message to his daughter, Hunter says, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years.”

“It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary,” Hunter wrote.

“The reported texts do not reveal when the 30 years began or ended and whether Joe Biden is still a part of the payment scheme as president,” Breitbart concluded.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Chris Whipple is a bestselling author with extraordinary access to the inner workings of Washington DC. He has a new book coming out about President Joe Biden called “The Fight of His Life: Inside Joe Biden’s White House” where he spills the beans on what is really going on inside the White House.

The book jacket claims, “Prizewinning journalist Chris Whipple takes us inside the Oval Office as the critical decisions of Biden’s presidency are being made. With remarkable access to both President Biden and his inner circle—including Chief of Staff Ron Klain, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and CIA Director William Burns—Whipple pulls back the curtain on the internal power struggles and back-room compromises. 

“Featuring shocking new details about how renegade Trump officials enabled the transfer of power, which key staffers really make the White House run (it’s probably not who you think), why Joe Biden no longer speaks freely around his security detail, and what he really thinks of Vice President Kamala Harris, the press, and living in the White House, The Fight of His Life delivers a stunning portrait of politics on the edge.”

According to Whipple, Biden doesn’t trust some of the Secret Service agents around him because they are supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“A bigger problem was Biden’s discomfort with his Secret Service detail; some of them were MAGA sympathizers. He didn’t trust them,” Whipple wrote.

“The Secret Service is full of white ex-cops from the South who tend to be deeply conservative,” Whipple wrote.

“Surrounded by a new phalanx of strangers, Biden couldn’t help but wonder, Do these people really want me here ?” Whipple wrote.

Biden also thought someone on his Secret Service detail was lying about Joe’s new dog biting one of them.

“Biden “wasn’t buying the details,” such as the location of the incident, although he didn’t dispute that the bite took place, Whipple wrote.

“Biden told a friend that Secret Service agents are never at the location of the incident, which was allegedly on the second floor of the White House.

“Somebody was lying, Biden thought, about the way the incident had gone down,” Whipple wrote.

(RepublicanWire.org) – President Joe Biden left for a vacation in the Virgin Islands on Tuesday after telling reporters he has “more important” things to do than visit the southern border.

He has already taken more vacation than any of his recent predecessors at this point in his term in office. He has spent about 40 percent of his time in office on vacation, we noted in November. That was even before his Thanksgiving vacation. At this point, the question isn’t when he’s on vacation, it’s when he isn’t on vacation.

Yet, when he’s presented with the massive crisis at the border and whether he will ever be visiting the border, he responds that he doesn’t have time, he’s just so busy, there are “more important things going on.”

When pressed on why the president didn’t make the trip to the nearby border, Biden senior adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms questioned whether a visit to the border was “the best use of resources.”

“When the president travels, it’s not like you or I jumping on an airplane, then getting off and going to our destination. Everything comes to a halt. So all of these things are in consideration for the president. Is that the best use of resources? All of the resources that will be diverted on the ground when the president makes a visit?” Bottoms said.

The southern border has experienced a record-breaking number of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. during Biden’s presidency. Fiscal year 2022 ended with more than 2.3 million migrant encounters by federal authorities. Suicides by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have also been on the rise in recent months.

(RepublicanWire.org) – During a Friday speech at a town hall in New Castle, Delaware, President Joe Biden falsely claimed that he had visited Iraq and Afghanistan nearly 40 times, a gross exaggeration. But it was his remarks about Uncle Frank’s Purple Heart that drew scrutiny.

In an apparently unscripted anecdote, Biden claimed that after he was elected as Barack Obama’s vice president, his father urged him to help Uncle Frank Biden to be awarded the medal presented to the wounded for his service during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, an award which he earned but never received.

According to Biden, “You know, I — my dad, when I got elected vice president, he said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge.’ He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge. But he said, ‘And he won the Purple Heart. And he never received it. He never — he never got it. Do you think you could help him get it? We’ll surprise him.’”

“So we got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge. And I remember he came over to the house, and I came out, and he said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’ We had the family there,” he added.

“I said, “Uncle Frank, you won this. And I want to…’He said, “I don’t want the damn thing,’ Biden told his audience to laughter. “No, I’m serious. He said, “I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank? You earned it.” He said, “Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived. I don’t want it.’”

However, the misleader of the free world’s latest fable ignored the fact that both men were already dead by 2008, the year that he was elected veep with his father Joseph R. Biden Sr. passing away in 2002, six years before the election, and Uncle Frank had died in 1999, making his account impossible.

There is also the matter that Frank Biden’s Purple Heart is also a falsehood, according to the New York Post, there is no proof that he was ever honored with the prestigious award.

“Frank Biden’s tombstone does not identify him as a Purple Heart honoree, nor does his obituary. A partial registry of known Purple Heart recipients also doesn’t note anyone by that name receiving the award, though that database is not comprehensive,” the Post reported.

Biden also greatly exaggerated the number of trips that he’s made to the two war-torn countries where U.S. troops engaged in combat following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, telling the vets that he had visited Iraq and Afghanistan.

“And, you know, I think that there’s a — I’ve been in and out — not as a, obviously, combatant — but in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq and these areas 38, 39 times as — not as president, only twice as president, but from the time I was a senator, but particularly when I was vice president,” Biden said.

It isn’t the first time that he’s lied about the number either, getting called out by fact-checker PolitiFact for greatly overstating the number during his State of the Union address earlier this year.

“This isn’t accurate. There is no evidence that Biden has been to either country since being president. The last time he was in Iraq appears to be in 2016. For Afghanistan, it was in 2011,” the organization ruled. “The latest estimate of his travels to the two countries come from his presidential campaign, which said in 2019 that he had visited both a combined 21 times. Biden’s statement is off by about half. We rate it False.”

Biden’s lies have been enabled by a corrupt press packed with Democrat loyalists and he continues to spin his wild yarns largely unchallenged with only a few outlets willing to call B.S. on the career liar.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Former officials in multiple presidential administrations are questioning how disgraced gender fluid Biden Energy Department official Sam Brinton received a high level security clearance.

An outspoken LGBTQ activist who goes by they/them pronouns, Brinton was appointed in February and was the first genderfluid person to hold a federal leadership role. Brinton was fired for allegedly stealing luggage at airports in Minnesota and Las Vegas. The former official now faces a felony charge for the alleged theft in Minneapolis, while Vegas authorities have issued a grand larceny charge.

Inconsistencies in Brinton’s origin story were highlighted by news site LGBTQ Nation, pointing to a lack of transparency and differing accounts given by Brinton’s since Brinton first rose to prominence as an LGBTQ activist in 2010.

A former Justice Department Official in the Environment and Natural Resources Division said it’s possible due diligence on Brinton was sidestepped over concerns about discrimination law and public accusations of discrimination against an LGBTQ person. Such an action would be irresponsible, the former official said, as Brinton’s position within the Energy Department requires comprehensive knowledge of America’s nuclear secrets and extra vetting known as a Q clearance, which can take months to obtain if the bureaucratic process is not expedited.

Brinton’s professed past trauma would also factor into the hiring process, unless the individual had been declared healed, a former White House personnel official for four presidential administrations.

Brinton’s New York Times 2018 op-ed disclosing a traumatic upbringing would have been caught by any prior administration’s White House Research Team, rendering Brinton unfit for a political appointment, the former official explained. In the piece, Brinton claimed to have been tortured in a gay conversion therapy clinic for over two years, which included having electricity, ice and heat applied to the body to associate images of gay men with pain.

Brinton’s status as a non-presidential appointee indicates the security clearance process was conducted by the Energy Department, not the Biden administration, the former official explained. Concerns about discrimination against the individual would only be discovered if they were previously published or they came up in reference calls or social media, the former official clarified.

Brinton served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition (NE-8) in the Department of Energy (DoE). Brinton’s archived employee bio says Brinton led and oversaw “programs including the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Science and Technology and the Office of Integrated Waste Management. ” The NE-8 office “manages ongoing research and development related to long-term disposition of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste,” according to the DoE.

 (RepublicanWire.org) – The 51 former intelligence officials who wrote a letter claiming to be “suspicious” that Hunter Biden’s laptop might be Russian disinformation, will be subpoenaed to testify before Congress.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the California Republican whom many believe will be the next House speaker said Saturday on Fox News’ “One Nation” that he planned to force those former officials to testify before Congress.

“Those 51 intel agents that signed a letter that said the Hunter Biden information was all wrong, was Russian collusion — many of them have a security clearance. We’re going to bring them before committee, I’m going to have them have a hearing, bring them and subpoena them before committee. Why did they sign it? Why did they lie to the American public? A Clapper, a Brennan — why did you use the reputation that America was able to give to you more information, but use it for a political purpose and lie to the American public? It’s exactly what Adam Schiff has done to us, and this has got to stop.”

The letter from the intel agents stated:

“We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement — just that our experience makes us deeply suspicious that the Russian government played a significant role in this case,” the letter also stated.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki cited the letter, as did Joe Biden himself during the final presidential debate, according to Fox News.

What these 51 former intelligence workers did was confirm the damning nature of the laptop — they made Biden’s position worse, not better, by saying it was so bad that it practically had to be propaganda.

The laptop and its contents are authentic. Even The New York Times and CBS have had to accept that fact.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Mitt Romney went on an absolutely BIZARRE tirade that was a rollercoaster of opinions that do not align with the GOP.

When asked if he would support Donald Trump in the 2024 election Romney immediately responded in saying, “absolutely not!”

He went on to back up his statement claiming, “It’s not just because he loses…He’s simply not a person who ought to have the reins of the government of the United States.”

Then the Senator from Utah went on to defend Hunter Biden. Knowing the GOP is actively investigating Hunter for his foreign business deals using his fathers position as Vice President.

Check out what Mitt Romney said to reporters about the Hunter Biden investigations below:

“I think it’s really hard to know what the politics of a course of action might be in this day and age, to know where our party stands, what our base wants, what independent voters want … But I think you have to do what you think is right and I think the American people want us to tackle some of the big challenges we have—immigration, inflation, and so forth—and the other things that divert from those priorities I think are a waste of time,” Romney said signaling that a sitting President’s compromised son was a “waste of time.”

Of course, these comments did not bode well for Romney. Almost immediately after, many conservatives took to Twitter to rip Romney for his bizarre tirade.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Joe Biden’s former Senate aide Tara Reade says she was sexually assaulted by Biden during her time working for him.

Now she’s willing to testify under oath.

With the Republican takeover of the House, Reade is calling for an investigation.

Reade claims that Biden pinned her against a wall and reached under her clothing before sexually violating her. She filed a police report, but says a thorough investigation never occurred.

When the assault allegedly occurred, Reade says her mother called into “Larry King Live” and asked host Larry King what her daughter could do other than go to the press.

On national television, her mother confirmed the “problem” occurred with a “prominent Senator.”

Reade’s mother said, “I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington?”

“My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” she added.

King responded, “In other words, she had a story to tell but, out of respect for the person she worked for, she didn’t tell it?”

“That’s true,” Reade’s mother allegedly said.

The sexually assaulted allegedly happened by then-Sen. Joe Biden in 1993.

In recent years, Reade has spoken out about the alleged sexual assault on the Today Show, Megyn Kelly show, and various other outlets.

“It would be a very different thing, if I could testify under oath,” Reade explained, adding that she would “provide whatever information [Congress] needed and [Congress] could ask me whatever questions they wanted.”

“I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward,” Reade said.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Vehicles rented by President Joe Biden’s Secret Service caught on fire in a parking lot.

 The Nantucket Current first reported on the incident in a series of tweets.

“A large car fire involving multiple rental vehicles at Nantucket Memorial Airport is now out. There were no injuries reported but at least four cars sustained significant damage,” the outlet tweeted, showing footage of the vehicles.

The Current reported that the “fire was just 40 feet away from the airport’s 25,000-gallon jet fuel tanks.”

Additionally, the Current showed photos of the vehicles that were “facing each other and had their front ends totaled by the fire,” including a Chevy Suburban, Ford Explorer, Infiniti QX80, Ford Expedition, and Jeep Gladiator.

According to the report, the cars were “owned by Hertz, and had just been returned by members of the Secret Service who had been using them during President Biden’s visit,” citing sources.

The report continues, “The Ford Expedition was under a battery recall by the manufacturer and had recently had the battery switched out.”

However, the Current issued a correction in another tweet.

“Correction: it had been scheduled for recall service but the battery had NOT been swapped out yet,” the Current wrote.

The Current also shared a statement issued by the Nantucket Airport.

“At approximately 5:22 am Airport shift staff observed an active fire in the rental car overflow area through the Airport’s Closed Circuit Television System,” the airport said.

It continues, “Staff activated the Alert system and responded to the fire in Airport-3, where they were met by responding units from Nantucket Fire Department and Nantucket Police Department.”

The airport stated that “combined fire resources responded and contained the fire. Several vehicles were damaged. The Airport is currently coordinating with rental car agencies and agency partners to ensure scene safety, There is no longer an active fire at this time: the Airport is open, and aeronautical operations are not affected.”

Over the weekend, Biden spent time in Nantucket with his family shopping after the Thanksgiving holiday, The Associated Press reported.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Sam Brinton, the controversial “gender fluid” official who works in the Biden administration at the U.S. The Department of Energy was charged with felony theft last month after allegedly stealing a woman’s luggage at MSP Airport according to media reports.

Brinton allegedly stole women’s luggage worth around $2,000 from the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport. According to the report, Brinton lied to police numerous times before surveillance footage proved the case. He eventually came clean to the cops.

Brinton is reportedly on leave from the DOE. According to Alphanews: “Law enforcement at the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport were alerted to a missing suitcase in the baggage claim area on Sept. 16. The adult female victim said she flew into MSP on a Delta flight from New Orleans and went to retrieve her checked bag at carousel seven.

“Airport records confirmed the navy blue Vera Bradley roller bag arrived at 4:40 p.m. but was missing from the carousel.

“So law enforcement reviewed video surveillance footage from the baggage claim area and observed Brinton removing a navy blue roller bag from carousel seven, according to a criminal complaint.

“The complaint says Brinton removed a luggage tag from the bag, placed it into a handbag he was carrying, and “then left the area at a quick pace.” Brinton arrived at MSP Airport around 4:27 p.m. on an American Airlines flight from Washington, D.C., but did not check a bag, meaning he had no reason to visit baggage claim, according to the complaint.”

Brinton said when he joined the Biden admin:

“It’s official. As of June 19th, I now serve my nation as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy in the Department of Energy.”

From The Department of Energy:

Sam Brinton serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition (NE-8).

In this role, Sam leads NE-8 and oversees its programs including the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Science and Technology and the Office of Integrated Waste Management. NE-8 manages ongoing research and development related to long-term disposition of spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.