(RepublicanWire.org) – Yesterday, it was reported that President Joe Biden said the following during his speech at the United States Capitol in Washington DC today commemorating the first anniversary of the violent protest that took place there on January 6, 2021:

“Let’s speak plainly about what happened in 2020. Even before the first ballot was cast, the former president was preemptively sowing doubt about the election results. He built his lie over months. It wasn’t based on any facts. He was just looking for an excuse, a pretext, to cover for the truth. He’s not just a former president. He’s a defeated former president. Defeated by a margin of over 7 million of your votes, in a full and free and fair election. There is simply zero proof the election results were inaccurate. In fact, in every venue, where evidence had to be produced, an oath to tell the truth had to be taken, the former president failed to make his case. Just think about this. The former president and his supporters have never been able to explain how they accept as accurate the other election results that took place on November 3rd.”

Now, former President Trump has responded:

“To watch Biden speaking is very hurtful to many people. They’re the ones who tried to stop the peaceful transfer with a rigged election. Just look at the numbers. Does anybody really think that Biden beat Obama with the Black population in select Swing State cities, but nowhere else? That he would lose 18 out of 19 bellwether counties, and 27 out of 27 “toss up” House races, but somehow miraculously receive the most votes in American history with no coattails? That he would lose Florida, Ohio, and Iowa and win, even though it has never been done before?

“They spread a “web of lies” about me and Russia for 4 years to try to overturn the 2016 election, and now they lie about how they interfered in the 2020 Election, too. Big Tech was used illegally.

“Where did all those votes show up from in Georgia, where it was just revealed they sold ballots for $10 a piece, or in Pennsylvania, and Arizona, and Wisconsin. He acts like he’s aggrieved, but we’re the ones who were aggrieved and America is suffering because of it with poisonous Borders, record Inflation, a humiliating surrender in Afghanistan, $5 a gallon gas and higher, empty stock shelves, and rampant crime. America is a laughingstock stock of the world, and it’s all because of the real insurrection, which took place on November 3rd, but this is an election year and MAGA Republicans should get elected and work with me to fix this horror that Joe Biden and the Democrats have brought us.

“Never forget the crime of the 2020 Presidential Election. Never give up!

It appears the verbal battle between the two presidents will continue for quite some time.

(RepublicanWire.org) – To move forward with the 2015 nuclear deal, Iranian officials have expressed their desire for the U.S. to lift sanctions in the “final round” of talks.

As reported by Iranian media, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian revealed what was most important for the Iranian government to achieve during the negotiations. His list consisted of two demands, including ensuring “Iranian oil can be sold easily and without any restrictions and oil money can be deposited in foreign currency in Iranian bank accounts.” Amir-Abdollahian also emphasized that part of the negotiation would be that the middle-eastern country “take full advantage of the economic benefits envisaged in the JCPOA.”

Amir-Abdollahian seemed optimistic about making progress during negotiations, saying that the upcoming meeting would center around “a common and acceptable document.” The Iranian Foreign Minister makes these remarks as European, and U.S. officials have stressed the necessity of expediting a return to the 2015 deal following Iran’s persistence in developing nuclear power.

The 2015 deal stalled partly because former President Donald Trump exited talks in 2018 and because the U.S. and Iran have been unable to agree to direct dialogue. Instead, the countries have been using assistance from other signatories of the initial JCPOA to conduct indirect talks.

Biden’s administration has expressed an unwillingness to make one-sided compromises. Instead, the focus of talks would be a mutual return to the initial Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action where the U.S. would uphold the pact if Iran did the same.

U.S. officials have also expressed their dissatisfaction with Iran’s defiance to abandon nuclear programs, something concerning for the U.S. and its regional allies –– like Israel and the Gulf Arab states –– who could be affected by Iranian aggression.

Referring to recent nuclear talks with the U.S., Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid mentioned that the worst scenario would be a bad deal. He highlighted that no deal with tighter sanctions on Iran would be preferred to a bad deal.

In the meantime, Iranian officials were meeting with Chinese and Russian officials “to compare notes” before Vienna talks commenced, according to Russian Ambassador Mikhail Ulyanov, who also mentioned these talks were “presumably final round of negotiations.”
On Twitter, the Ambassador also mentioned that China, Russia, and Iran had “agreed to intensify the drafting process in order to achieve an agreement ASAP.”

In an interview with CNN, Dr. Ashish Jha, Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, criticized Presidents Joe Biden’s lack of preparedness nearly two years into the pandemic, adding that a lack of testing would be “costly in this holiday season.”

Speaking to CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent, Kaitlan Collins, Jha expressed frustration that the administration focused on vaccines – which he believed was “terrific” – but had not paid “enough attention to testing.”

In the interview, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins mentioned how Biden acknowledged “pretty bluntly they need to do better when it comes to testing” before also acknowledging the nationwide shortage of at-home tests, saying it was “very difficult to just walk into a store and get one.” The journalist then highlighted what officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci, who believed the problem would be “solved by mid-January,” which she pointed out was only a few weeks away, said, before asking Jha, “how critical is the window that we’re missing right now for testing?”

In a scathing response, Jha replied that he thought it was “incredibly critical.” The Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health expressed shock that the administration was still dealing with such trivial issues, “almost two years into the pandemic,” before stating that “everyone saw it coming.”

His remarks come as the Biden administration – including Vice President Kamala Harris – have avoided accountability, saying no one could have seen that the virus had different mutations and variants. These remarks seemed to be seconded by Biden, who blamed a lack of demand for testing in the summer months as the reason the administration did not have enough tests for demand as the Omicron variant – which is more infectious than Delta – was spreading rapidly in the country.

(RepublicanWire.org) – Trucking professionals are responding to claims made by the White House last week that President Biden is responsible for “saving Christmas.”

In a statement from White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday December 22, she asserted the actions taken by the Biden Administration earlier this year to address America’s supply chain crunch averted a holiday disaster.

“Good news. We’ve saved Christmas,” Psaki bizarrely declared. “And that is because President Biden recognized this challenge early, acted as an honest broker to bring key stakeholders together, and focused on addressing practical problems across the global supply chain.”

Also on the same day, President Biden made similar comments after meeting with members of his Supply Chain Task Force.

“Earlier this fall, we heard a lot of dire warnings about supply chain problems leading to a crisis around the holidays, so we acted,” the President said. “We brought together business and labor leaders to solve problems. And much — you know, the much-predicted crisis didn’t occur. Packages are moving. Gifts are being delivered. Shelves are not empty.”

You may remember, Transportation Nation Network (TNN) reported in October President Biden came under intense criticism among many in the trucking community when he threatened to “call out” trucking companies and truckers if they didn’t “step up” and work harder to meet the supply chain challenges.


While many within the trucking community likely didn’t see the White House’s most recent comments due to the hustle and bustle of making final preparations for the holidays, the reaction was fierce among many TNN members and readers who did see them.

“No. Hard working Truck Drivers fixed and saved Christmas,” Jerry Pressley, an owner-operator, responded to our story on social media.

“I’m a supply chain project manager and I call bullsh-t to this one,” Debra Grace wrote.

Christopher Dudley sounded off as well.

“Taking the credit for the work of truckers, port workers, and retailers… doesn’t surprise me one bit.”

“What a disgusting, lying, ugly joke…. he did nothing at all but disrupt it,” Todd Staricha said.

Dean Habhab shared a similar sentiment.

“You can’t be the hero of something you are the cause of,” Habhab contended.

“Did he drive the trucks [too]?” Steve Sheldon asked sarcastically, seemingly referencing the numerous times the President has been caught falsely claiming to having worked as a trucker.

For those who celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, James Edward Wall may have summed it up best.

“People need to realize that you can’t save Christmas when it’s definitely not about items, it only has to do with Jesus Christ and it’s been saved since he sacrificed himself for everyone in the world,” Wall passionately stated.

So far, not a single commenter on TNN’s social media pages or in our members feedback section have expressed support for the White House’s claims.

(RepublicanWire.org)-Dr. Mehmet Oz criticized President Joe Biden’s “disastrous” immigration policies on Hannity and said that every state is truly a border state because of these policies. 

In the interview Oz said, “Folks here are concerned already about the immigration issues because I know they use social services, and it also speaks to the broken covenant between Americans and the government. We obey the law, we pay our taxes. The government secures our border. Where [there is] porous border, not only do we get illegal immigrants, we support cartels that are human trafficking and they’re bringing opiates across the border as we’ve heard from two prior guests this evening. So every state is truly a border state, as I tweeted out, and I think these middle-of-the-night flights Wilkes-Barre Scranton airport are really a problem. It’s not whether ICE or Health and Human Services is responsible for the flights. It’s the reality that these people become the responsibility of every local community, every local government — and Pennsylvanians deserve answers.”

He went on to say, “The first thing, when you walk into an operating room as a surgeon, that’s what I do … you shine a light on the wound. You want to be able to see everything. The Biden administration is doing the opposite. Obfuscating, clouding the view, darkening the room, and they’re hiding dangerous ramifications of this failed border policy. If we had an 18 percent incidence of COVID last summer among illegal immigrants, imagine what it is today. And think about the crime and drug stats that are skyrocketing in places like Philadelphia with higher homicide rates than ever before seen — period … Even more than the crack wars of the 1990s. A lot of this is related to overall frustration because you don’t know who’s who.” 

(RepublicanWire.org) – Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., the head of the House Border Security Caucus, is warning that the U.S.-Mexico border is “overrun” after a visit to the border in Yuma, Arizona, and that the situation could get worse in 2022 if the Biden administration doesn’t change course.

Biggs spoke to Fox News Digital after returning from a trip to the border in Yuma, where he saw dozens of migrants streaming into the country in a short space of time — specifically through gaps in the border wall. The Biden administration has halted wall construction, even amid a dramatic surge in numbers of illegal migrants coming to the border.

“What’s happening in Yuma right now, it’s basically overrun,” he said, adding how he saw groups of 30 or 40 migrants walking in at a time. “It’s just so casual. It’s not extraordinary anymore to illegally cross our borders.”

Border numbers have remained stubbornly high throughout fall and winter so far, after decreasing slightly from the more than 200,000 encounters of the summer. In November, agents reported 173,620 encounters at the southern borderr, a staggering increase of 140 percent from the same time last year. 

The figures showed border encounters in November climbed by nearly 10,000 from October, which saw an increase of nearly 130% over from October 2020. Biggs notes that many of the migrants who are encountered will be processed and quickly released into the interior of the United States.

“You see it’s just absolutely open, and you know what’s happening in Yuma is what’s happening in Del Rio, same thing happening in the Rio Grande on a daily basis,” he said.

Yuma law enforcement officials have described themselves as overwhelmed after a surge of illegal immigrants including more than 6,000 people crossed through Yuma in a single week this month.

Since October of this year Customs and Border Protection reported, close to 22,000 encounters in the Yuma Sector. One law enforcement official in the area described the situation as “absolute chaos.”

Biggs, who has been pushing the Biden administration on its response to the crisis for months, said that migrants are zeroing in on and exploiting gaps in the wall and fencing along the border. Other parts of the sector only have short Normandy fences, which are significantly easier for migrants to traverse.

“It’s the gaps — it’s the gaps where you see this happening. And not just there — it’s everywhere I’ve been along the border. It’s the gaps in the fence.”

Biggs believes that the situation will get worse in 2022, saying that the border will likely see more traffic given that the administration is not reversing course on its policies.

“What has been the Biden response?” Biggs said. “[DHS Secretary Alejandro] Mayorkas has done nothing. [Vice President] Kamala Harris goes down there and does nothing, says climate change is the root cause. I’ve talked to folks down in Colombia and Panama, and what you see there are big groups amassing down there, so you’re going to see more caravans coming up.”

As for what could be done to solve the crisis, Biggs offers a number of fixes, including finishing construction of the border wall, ending “catch-and-release” and increasing the number of migrants and illegal immigrants being returned to their countries.

“I would say within a few months, you could solve this problem, but as soon as you start sending people back home, it just dries up a substantial amount of the traffic immediately.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – The U.S. levied sanctions against numerous Chinese entities this month after it said that the communist nation was using emerging biotechnology to create “brain-control weaponry” and other technology that creates a serious risk to U.S. national security.

“New intelligence shows China is using technologies like gene editing, and brain machine interfaces to enhance military capabilities and control its own people, machines that could allow a Chinese commando to discharge a weapon with just a thought, not a trigger finger,” Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin said. “This month the Biden administration targeted the emerging threat by levying sanctions on 37 Chinese biotechnology companies that have ties to this research that experts say include so called ‘mind control weapons.’”

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe warned that the U.S. is not going to use the same questionable practices that China is. “We’re not going to place our own soldiers, sailors, and airmen at risk, which is what the intelligence tells us the Chinese are willing to do,” he said. “They want to advance at any costs, including those that are harmful to their own population.”

“The Pentagon says Beijing already uses these technologies, including biometric surveillance tools and facial recognition to track dissidents and journalists and to suppress the Uyghurs,” Griffin added.

The U.S. Commerce Department said in a statement on December 16th:

Today, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) took action to address the ongoing threats to U.S. national security and foreign policy presented by the People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s efforts to develop and deploy biotechnology and other technologies for military applications and human rights abuses. BIS is also taking action against entities operating in the PRC, Georgia, Malaysia, and Turkey for diverting or attempting to divert U.S. items to Iran’s military programs.

The final rule issued by the Commerce Department said that the actions against Chinese entities were due to the communist nation using “biotechnology processes to support Chinese military end uses and end users, to include purported brain-control weaponry.”

“The scientific pursuit of biotechnology and medical innovation can save lives. Unfortunately, the PRC is choosing to use these technologies to pursue control over its people and its repression of members of ethnic and religious minority groups.  We cannot allow U.S. commodities, technologies, and software that support medical science and biotechnical innovation to be diverted toward uses contrary to U.S. national security,” said U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo. “The U.S. will continue to stand strong against efforts by the PRC and Iran to turn tools that can help humanity prosper into implements that threaten global security and stability.”

A senior U.S. official told The Financial Times that China was seeking to use emerging biotechnologies to try to develop future military applications that included “gene editing, human performance enhancement [and] brain machine interfaces.”

(RepublicanWire.org) – Just moments ago, the Supreme Court ordered expedited oral argument on the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate cases to be held on January 7th.

In an unusual move, the Supreme Court set an expedited oral argument on the emergency stay requests in the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate cases – both the employer mandate challenged by numerous petitioners, including by the ACLJ on behalf of our client The Heritage Foundation, and the health worker mandate.

The ACLJ filed an emergency stay request with the Supreme Court on Saturday night in an effort to block the Biden Administration’s mandate that private employers of 100 or more employees be required to force their workers to obtain and prove that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This mandate not only impinges on the constitutional rights of employees but creates onerous burdens on employers, including enforcing the mandate, storing private medical information of all employees’ vaccine status, and conducting onsite weekly COVID testing. Quite simply, it is an unconstitutional federal power grab.

As we’ve explained. .. :

[T]he ACLJ is representing The Heritage Foundation in a new lawsuit challenging President Biden’s vaccine mandate for all employers with 100 or more employees, regardless of whether they work remotely. The Biden mandate also directs larger businesses to require employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or undergo regular testing and mask-wearing.

The mandate has been promulgated by the Biden Administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). After OSHA issued this mandate, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal temporarily blocked it. However, all legal challenges were then consolidated in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

On Friday, Dec. 17th, the Sixth Circuit reinstated President Biden’s vaccine mandate . . . .

In response, our legal team immediately filed an Emergency Application for Stay of Agency Action Pending Judicial Review and Petition for a Writ of Certiorari Before Judgment on behalf of The Heritage Foundation to defeat this unconstitutional mandate.

Not only is this mandate unconstitutional, it could actually put more employees at risk for exposure to COVID-19 and its variants, as it requires regular testing, administered by a designated employee, requiring that person to come into close proximity with the employee who may or may not test positive. Not to mention the added financial burden it is to these employers, many of which barely survived the pandemic and enforced lockdowns that ensued during 2020.

As stated in our emergency filing:

“If upheld, the vaccine mandate will fundamentally change the relationship between employer and employee by forcing employers to compel and regulate the personal medical decisions of their employees. The vaccine mandate will also impose significant financial and other burdens on private employers and result in predictable economic chaos.”

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ordered the Biden Administration to file a response by December 30th. With oral argument at the Supreme Court in these critical cases now set for less than two weeks away, our legal team will be working tirelessly through the end of the year to prepare for the next round of legal arguments as we urge the Supreme Court to strike down this draconian and unconstitutional mandate. We will keep you updated as this critical case progresses.

President Joe Biden was fooled by a father of some children that he called for Christmas to track Santa Claus via NORAD.

“Merry Christmas, and let’s go, Brandon!” the father named “Jared” said, referring to the popular conservative phrase to signal dissatisfaction with the president after Biden spoke with his kids on the phone.

“Let’s go, Brandon, I agree,” Biden replied.

This is the first time that Biden has reacted to the phrase sweeping the nation, and it remains unclear whether the president knows what it means.

The White House claimed in November that Biden did not focus on it.

“I don’t think he spends much time focused on it or thinking about it,” Psaki replied when asked by NBC reporter Peter Alexander about the slogan during a press briefing.

Biden spoke with several couples and children during the traditional Santa tracking event with military families, a tradition for the presidents on Christmas Eve.

First Lady Jill Biden led the call, while the president chimed in on occasion.

(RepublicanWire.org) – For the first time since being sworn into office, President Joe Biden, who as a United States Senator was a “traditionalist” who always supported the filibuster rule that requires a 60 vote Senate supermajority to pass most (not all) legislation, has changed his mind and says the Democrats should cast the filibuster rule aside to pass “voting rights” legislation.

You can watch two videos concerning this significant development below.

The first video is of Biden answering questions during an interview with ABC News, during which he says he now supports casting the filibuster rule aside if that’s the only way to pass federal voting rights legislation.

The second video is of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirming that Biden does indeed support killing the filibuster so that federal legislation can be passed by the Democrats that could supersede state voting laws the Democrats believe are racist and too restrictive.

Do you agree or disagree with Biden’s change of heart regarding the Senate filibuster rule and voting rights legislation? Why or why not? Do you believe the voting laws being passed by some Republican state legislatures like those in Texas and Georgia are racist? Why or why not?