biden approval ratings


The president’s approval ratings have been slipping for weeks now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to improve soon.

With the president’s approval ratings still sinking, it seems that there is no sign of him improving anytime soon. The latest numbers from NPR/Marist show his disapproval reaching 51%. A Monmouth University poll released earlier this week showed 40% approve and 50 percent do not – both conducted recently by phone interviews with Americans across America

A few weeks ago we saw another low point in POTUS’ history- 41%, which means two thirds (66%) now disagree with what he has done so far while only 36% agree.

It seems that every poll taken has seen President Biden’s approval ratings have been steadily declining for some time. Most recently, a recent poll from Real Clear Politics showed him with an average of 42% support and 52% oppose; this was before The Wall Street Journal surveyed Americans last month where they were 41% support and 57%oppose.

Biden’s efforts to combat the rise in inflation have not been successful.

The most recent polls show that a growing number of Americans don’t think Biden or congressional Democrats have had any positive effect on fighting high prices.

“One of the political problems with Biden’s spending plans is that they don’t seem all that relevant to the vast majority of Americans,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray suggested.

 Marist Poll director Barbara Carvalho said that Biden’s administration and other congressional Democrats are “not connecting the dots between concern about inflation and what’s happening in Washington, either with the infrastructure bill or Build Back Better.” 

During Biden’s first six months in office, his approval rating hovered around the low to mid 50s, but that changed quickly when people saw him mishandle important issues such as Afghanistan, the handling of COVID-19, high consumer prices and an increase in border crossings from Mexico.

With President Biden’s approval ratings declining, this could spell major trouble for the Democrats in the 2022 elections, as they try to hold on to their  thin majorities in both  the House and Senate.

Americans have spoken. While we often focus on national political figures — and Republicans typically come out on top in terms of approval ratings — it’s important to remember that the GOP is the most popular party at the state level too. In fact, 9 out of the top 10 governors are Republicans, according to a new poll that focuses on approval ratings.

A new Morning Consult poll found that of the top 10 governors, 9 are Republicans while only one is a Democrat. The most popular governor in the country, Republican Phil Scott of Vermont, has an astounding 79 percent approval rating. In fact, he’s extremely popular with Democrats, 88 percent of whom say they approve of his leadership.

Republicans Charlie Baker (Mass) and Larry Hogan (Maryland) also top the list at 72 percent and 70 percent approval ratings, respectively. The first time we see a “D” is in 7th place, with Connecticut’s Ned Lamont just behind West Virginia’s Republican governor and barely edging out Alabama Republican Kay Ivey and Ohio’s Mike DeWine.

A Democrat doesn’t even resurface until 14th place. This list looks bad for leftists, but it gets worse for them. President* Biden’s current approval rating is 41-42 percent. If he was a governor, he wouldn’t even appear on this list, which bottoms out with Oregon Democrat governor Kate Brown.

Biden’s performance is so bad that 61 percent of Democrats want him to step aside so someone else can run in 2024. Joe Biden is a disaster. He has caused the worst border crisis our country has ever seen. COVID continues to run rampant. Our economy in in the proverbial commode, jobs numbers are awful, and then there was the complete and utter crapstorm in Afghanistan. Joe Biden cannot be trusted to pilot this ship any longer. He must be relieved of command as soon as possible — for the good of our country.