ABC’s The View’s co-host Joy Behar literally fell on her face in front of a live audience.

Behar face-planted and needed help from her co-hosts to get up off the floor as she was walking to the table for the show.

The cameras were not on her at the moment she fell, but the audience could be heard gasping as the image cut to co-hosts Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin tending to Behar.

The women also were joined by moderator Whoopi Goldberg and a stagehand in helping Behar up.

“Just stand,” Goldberg could be heard saying.

Behar continued with the show, saying she was not badly hurt and joked it was “25 years [and] that has never happened,” before asking in mock anger “who do I sue!?”

“The main thing — just to talk seriously — when Bob Saget fell, he died,” Behar said. “If you hit your head, and you feel dizzy or you have blurred vision, or you feel like you want to go to sleep, go to the doctor. Because that will kill you.”

Behar’s wipe-out came after she came under fire last week for complaining about the Russia-Ukraine conflict possibly messing up her vacation to Italy.

During a conversation with her fellow co-hosts about the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Behar the host lamented that the war could interfere with her trip to Italy.

“Estimates are 50,000 Ukrainians will be dead or wounded,” her co-host Sonny Hostin said, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation, “and that this is going to start a humanitarian crisis, a refugee crisis in Europe. We’re talking about 5 million people that are going to be displaced. It’s heartbreaking to hear what is going to happen.”

But it was Behar’s response that got people talking.

“Well, I’m scared of what’s going to happen in Western Europe too,” she said, as if she was concerned for the well being of the possibility of 50,000 dead human beings. “You know, you plan a trip. You want to go there. I want to go to Italy for four years and I haven’t been able to make it because of the pandemic.

“And now this,” she said of the Russian invasion. “It’s like, ‘What’s gonna happen there?’”

She then went on to talk about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“This guy, he’s a singular sensation in a certain way, you know what I mean?” she said. “I don’t know that he has that much support in his country … and maybe that has to be addressed because we’ve seen this movie before.”

Behar was crushed on Twitter for her callous comments.

“You almost have to respect Joy Behar’s unwavering commitment toward ensuring that boomers are the most hated generation alive,” one woman said with video of her comments.

And last week she caused controversy when she vowed to wear a mask “indefinitely” because of COVID-19 but broke that vow.

“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow a hundred percent what they tell me because they keep changing it,” she said on her show, citing the CDC changing its guidance on masking.

“So like, a very short time ago they were saying put the N95 masks on, make sure it’s on, and now they’re saying you don’t have to wear them anymore. So if I go on the subway, if I go in a bus, if I go into the theater, if I go into, where else would I go? A crowded place, I would wear a mask, and I might do that indefinitely,” the host said.

“Because why do I need the flu or a cold even?” she said. “And so I’m listening to myself right now. I mean, I don’t think it’s a hundred percent safe yet.”

But The Post Millennial’s editor-in-chief Libby Emmons caught the host at a New York City restaurant sans mask and shared the photo to Twitter.