(RepublicanWire.org) – On the first anniversary of the violence that took place at the United States Capitol Complex in Washington, DC, the mother of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by a United States Capitol Police Officer as she attempted to crawl through a window into a locked off and barricaded part of the Capitol, had a message for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

You can see all of what she had to say in the video below.

In part, Micki Witthoeft, Babbitt’s mother said at a small gathering on Capitol Hill:

“I would like to say to Nancy Pelosi, this is not your playhouse; it is not your private domain. These surveillance cameras were put up to capture what happened that day. The American people have a right to see the 14,000 hours of the footage. It is not her personal footage. You’re not the Queen, Nancy Pelosi. This is America’s 14,000 hours of missing footage. We have a right to see it…” 

Witthoeft went on to say that she believes the January 6 defendants currently in jail or prison are “political prisoners.”

Do you agree or disagree with Babbitt’s mother when she calls on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to release the 14,000 hours of video footage that she believes Pelosi is hiding from the American people?