Antonio Brown


“Defund the police” sounds great until you realize what police actually do. Democrats have been pushing the ridiculous idea that because cops are not all-knowing or perfect that funding to police stations should be slashed. But what happens when a “defund the police” city councilman has his car stolen right in front of him and finds himself needing the cops?

Last year, Antonio Brown and the city council of Atlanta, Georgia voted  “to withhold $73 million of the Atlanta Police Department’s budget” as liberals told everyone we don’t need cops. “We need all of Atlanta to call in to every committee and full council meeting to demand we amend the budget and … reallocate $73M of police funds in order to reimagine public safety,” he said at the time. “We must stop the business of the city from moving forward until our demands are met.”

The ordinance ultimately failed, but Brown’s hatred of the police remains. Recently, Brown, who is running for Mayor, was attending a ribbon cutting ceremony when — at the crack of noon — some local kids decided to steal his car right in front of him.

“You don’t immediately think, ‘Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,’” Brown said, adding that one of the kids “acted as though he had a gun.” The councilman and a community leader struggled to get the kids out of the car. What followed was comical.

“[The driver] started to hit on the gas. Ben let go, and then the kids started to drag me half a block,” Brown said. “He started to speed up and I knew if I had not let go, I could have killed myself because he was going so fast.”

He then complained that the police he wants to defund took too long to show up. Guess he’s OK with cops now, when it’s convenient.