american rescue plan


When Joe Biden announced that part of his “American Rescue Plan” would favor black men and women over other races, it was clear that there would be issues. But a white farmer in Florida stood up to Biden’s racist policies — and won.

Scott Wynn learned that he was disqualified from receiving a piece of the $4 billion relief fund simply because he was white. He could have “gone woke” and accepted his fate. Instead, he fought back against the discriminatory policy. In fact, the court ordered the Department of Agriculture to freeze distribution of the funds so that the methods of distribution can be reviewed by the court.

NBC News reports that the judge found the program to be in violation of the rights of white farmers under the 14th Amendment:

Judge Marcia Morales Howard, an appointee of President George W. Bush, temporarily blocked the Agriculture Department from implementing a $4 billion program aimed at helping distressed minority farmers on the basis that it likely violates white farmers’ rights to equal protection under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. That argument was backed by several former aides in the Trump White House.

Howard ordered the Agriculture Department not to issue payments under the program for “socially disadvantaged” farmers until she can rule on the merits of the case. She wrote that the program, which is embedded in President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan law, is “significantly likely” to violate the constitutional rights of the plaintiff, a white farmer named Scott Wynn.

Her order creates a nationwide injunction against the debt-relief program.

“It appears that in adopting Section 1005’s strict race-based debt relief remedy Congress moved with great speed to address the history of discrimination, but did not move with great care,” Howard wrote in her ruling. “Indeed, the remedy chosen and provided in Section 1005 appears to fall well short of the delicate balance accomplished when a legislative enactment employs race in a narrowly tailored manner to address a specific compelling governmental interest.”

This isn’t the first hit Biden’s program has taken. A Wisconsin judge recently issued a restraining order blocking the implementation of the program in the state after several white farmers filed lawsuits.

“The government must not be allowed to use its awesome authorities to punish, harm, exclude, prefer, reward or damage its citizens based upon their race or ethnicity,” says former White House aide Stephen Miller, whose law firm handled one of those cases.

The Biden Administration has done a lot to discriminate against non-black Americans and it’s good to see that some are stepping up to ensure that the rights of everyone — regardless of race — are protected. Howard demanded that the Justice Department prepare for the next steps in the case by June 29 so that a final ruling can happen as soon as possible.