Ambrose Powell Hill


At this point, it can’t even be said that Democrats have any respect for the dead at all. Confederate general Ambrose Powell Hill has been buried underneath a statue honoring him in Richmond, Virginia. But Democrats want to remove any and all Confederate monuments in their weird mission to erase history. Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney says that all Confederate statues in the city will be removed — so what do leftists plan? Just a little graverobbing, that’s all.

“This is the only Confederate monument in Richmond in which someone is buried, so it’s essentially a gravesite,” says Bob Balster, president of the Hermitage Road Historic District Association. “He had left in his will that he wanted to be buried in Richmond. I’m not sure why Richmond because he wasn’t from Richmond and didn’t have any particularly strong Richmond roots that I’m aware of.” And he was indeed buried in Richmond. The A.P. Memorial was even erected on top of his gravesite more than 25 years after his death.

WRIC reports that Democrats plan to dig up the body of Ambrose Powell Hill from where it was buried in accordance with his will. They have chosen the flimsy excuse that the war veteran’s remains had previously been relocated before the memorial was erected. Interestingly, the Left has no plan for what to do with the body once it’s dug up:

At the time the memorial was built, the remains of A.P. Hill had already been relocated twice. Balster said Hill’s remains were first buried in Chesterfield County and moved to Hollywood Cemetery two years later.

Balster said the neighborhood association has concerns for the honor of Hill, however, they unanimously support the removal of the monument and the remains.

“He’s already been moved twice and so this would be a third time. So hopefully there’s something to be done to honor the fact that he’s buried here, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t move swiftly to remove the monument,” he told 8News.

In a statement, the association said they understand the reinterment process could take more time, so they are asking that the statue itself be removed as soon as possible.

A Stoney administration official said attorneys and staff are researching and working to resolve these issues, but it is unlikely they will have an answer before the end of the week. The official said they will not move A.P. Hill until they have a clear path forward.

The effort to erase all traces of the Confederacy from its capitol will coast Virginia taxpayers more than many make in a year — over $33,000. Democrats are insane. They think you can choose your gender. They think you can choose your race, if Rachel Dolezal if any indicator. And, perhaps most terrifying, they think you can choose and erase aspects of your own history if it makes a few people uncomfortable. It’s time to stop listening to these weirdos.