(RepublicanWire.org) – President Biden was ridiculed for an announcement about his administration’s plan to combat “junk fees” which included addressing charges for extra legroom on airplanes, something he suggested is racist.

Biden’s remarks came during a speech at the White House briefing room Wednesday regarding efforts to protect American consumers.

His plan involves an expressed commitment to addressing hidden fees charged by banks, credit cards, etc., with promises to ‘work on rules’ and ‘making clear’ that the fees are illegal.

Though he provided little evidence of concrete steps to address the problem, Biden vowed the administration’s moves would be “saving Americans, collectively, billions of dollars in unfair fees.”

One portion of his speech caught the eye of viewers, however – The President’s bold actions against airlines for charging hidden fees for extra legroom on their airplanes.

Part of President Biden’s plan to rescue the American people from “junk fees” is to address fees for extra legroom on airplanes.

Not to eliminate such fees, but rather, to make sure airlines explain exactly what they’re charging for.

“I’m not saying they can’t charge it, but they got to let you know they’re going to charge it,” the President explained. “You can make a decision.”

“Some airlines, if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money. But you don’t know it until you purchase your ticket.”

That’s when things got a little crazy, with Biden explaining that legroom fees have a racial component.

“Look, folks, these are junk fees,” he said. “They’re unfair, and they hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color.”

It is an odd statement. Prior to this, one would assume that extra legroom fees would disproportionately affect people who are tall, not those of a particular skin color.

We thank President Biden for pointing out our obvious ignorance.

Meanwhile, social media users took to Twitter to roundly criticize the President’s comments.

One user referenced an old quote in which Biden declared “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Others noted the absurdity in assuming mostly “people of color” are the ones easily duped by airplane legroom fees.

“It’s literally written that those seats cost more,” explained political commentator Chris Loesch.

“Is Biden claiming that black people don’t understand this? How are they ‘junk fees’? Do the airlines not tell black people those seats cost more? Huh?”

Glenn Jacobs, former wrestling superstar and current mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, sarcastically pointed out that legroom fees are discriminatory towards “oversized people such as myself.”

The Daily Wire’s Frank Fleming noted that extra legroom fees for airline flights might not resonate with Americans just trying to fill up their gas tanks and buy groceries.

“Things are looking bad for Democrats, but will the message of ‘airlines charging extra for more legroom hurts minorities’ turn things around?” he wondered.

(RepublicanWire.org) – One of the major airlines in the United States of America has announced that it is canceling flights well into January.

JetBlue says it doesn’t have the personnel necessary to staff all of its normally scheduled flights, so it is making drastic changes that will potentially impact American travelers.

“JetBlue Airways has canceled flights into mid-January as it contends with crew shortages due to the surging Omicron variant, the airline confirmed.

“The New York-based airline said it has cut approximately 1,280 flights that were on its schedule through Jan. 13 — or about 10 percent of its planned capacity.”…

“‘We expect the number of COVID cases in the northeast – where most of our crewmembers are based – to continue to surge for the next week or two,’ a JetBlue spokesperson said in a statement obtained by Reuters. ‘This means there is a high likelihood of additional cancellations until case counts start to come down.’” [emphasis added]

Travel industry experts tell us that they expect JetBlue will not be the only United States-based airline to announce significant cutbacks.

With new cases of COVID-19 now at an all-time high because of the Omicron variant, those experts expect significant reductions in the number of aircraft available for passengers as a higher percentage of flight personnel test positive and are sidelined from work.

What do you think? Have you or a close friend or family member had a flight canceled due to a staffing shortage caused by the coronavirus?