Hundreds of Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan, including more than 20 schoolchildren from California. But none of that matters to Joe Biden, who prematurely pulled troops from the Taliban-controlled country before everyone was safe and secure. Americans who are trapped there have been begging Biden to make good on his promise to save them from the hell in which they found themselves after our President* handed the country to a terrorist organization. Unfortunately, Joe Biden nor anyone in his administration have shown any interest in helping anyone. Recently, Americans trapped in Afghanistan called the state department — but they hung up the phone instead of helping.

The Intercept, a leftist publication that has traditionally been shockingly honest about Biden, recently published a report that details the Biden Administration’s lack of commitment to getting people out of the country safely. When Prince Wafa placed a call to the State Department in an attempt to coordinate the safe rescue of Americans who were trying to get out, the Biden State Department took zero interest:

The abrupt departure of American troops and closure of the Kabul airport left Wafa, who fears violent retribution for his work with the U.S., stuck hiding with his wife in Kabul and looking for a way out.

When Wafa called the State Department on August 29, the deadline for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was still expected to be two days away. An official picked up Wafa’s call and gave him instructions on what to do.

Wafa was reassured by the confident tone of the U.S. official. “They told me that they would not leave any citizen in the country, they would get everyone out,” Wafa said. “They told me to take shelter and not go to the airport and to wait for further directions on what to do.” The official took down his information and told Wafa to wait for another call that would provide directions on how to safely exit the country with his wife.

Wafa waited for a nerve-wracking 24 hours, but no call came.

Wafa tried again after seeing Joe Biden on the news lying to Americans and claiming that American citizens, many of whom were still trapped in Afghanistan, were now free from danger. Wafa called again. The State Department hung up on him:

In a panic, Wafa called the same State Department number he had called earlier and told the official on the line that he was, like many other U.S. citizens and green card holders he knew, still stranded in Afghanistan. “I told them President Biden is saying on the news that everyone is out, but I’m still here,” Wafa said. “I have my passport in my hand right now, and no one has given me any way to get out.”

The State Department official listened and told Wafa to wait briefly while he checked what could be done. After a few moments, the official returned with a brief, terse message. “At this time, we have no other information to share with you on steps to take,” Wafa recalled the official saying. “We can only advise you to shelter in place for the time being.”

“Thank you for calling the U.S. Department of State,” the official added, hanging up before a stunned Wafa could even reply.

Americans are begging Biden to help them. But he refuses to do anything at all.

When our “President” pulled out of Afghanistan, stranding hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, he promised that he would open diplomatic relations with the Taliban to retrieve everyone he left behind. But like all of Biden’s promises, this was a lie. Now Biden refuses to rescue 27 American schoolkids from Afghanistan.

Family members of the schoolchildren say that they were blocked from making it to the Kabul airport by the Taliban, which spent the days leading up to Biden’s exit blocking roads to the airport and beating Americans in the streets. All of them are from the San Juan Unified School District in Sacramento. The children range from elementary to high school ages — a serious problem, unless you’re Joe Biden.

“These numbers continue to change rapidly. We believe that some of these families may be in transit out of Afghanistan, as we have not been able to reach many of them in the last few days,” says Raj Rai, the school district’s director of communications. “We stand ready to support these students and families in whatever way that we can.”

According to Raj, the students “were in Afghanistan for personal reasons, such as visiting family members during their summer break.”

“While the military evacuation is complete, the diplomatic mission to ensure additional U.S. citizens and eligible Afghans who want to leave continues,” General Frank McKenzie, head of U.S. Central Command, says. “I believe that we’re going to — we’re going to be able to get those people out, and I think we’re also going to negotiate very hard and very aggressively to get our other Afghan partners out.

The Biden Administration still doesn’t know how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan. And worse, the Biden Administration has made no effort to rescue these kids. Asked if the Biden Administration has reached out to make any attempt to rescue these children or other Americans, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby replied that he is not aware of any efforts at all.

Joe Biden must resign and be replaced by someone willing to do the job.

When Joe Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan and officially ended any and all rescue operations that should have continued helping Americans escape the Taliban-controlled country, he stranded hundreds of Americans and others behind enemy lines. Now, an interpreter who saved Biden’s life in 2008 is stranded in Afghanistan and is forced to go into hiding to prevent capture by the Taliban.

Mohammad, whose last name has not been revealed, reached out to the Wall Street Journal to get a message to Biden — HELP!

“Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,” he said. “Don’t forget me here.” Mohammad and his family are now forced to hide from the Taliban because Biden left them there. The New York Post details Mohammad’s heroism:

In 2008, Mohammed was a 36-year-old interpreter working with the US Army when two US Army Black Hawk Helicopters carrying Biden, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), and Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE), were forced to land in the mountains due to a snowstorm. 

After landing, the crew requested assistance and Mohammed responded with a Quick Reaction Force from the 82nd Airborne Division, driving hours to rescue the senators. According to soldiers, Mohammed was a part of over 100 firefights in the valley. 

In June, Lt. Col. Andrew R. Till gave support for the interpreter’s application for a Special Immigrant Visa after it became stuck due to a defense contractor losing the necessary records. 

“His selfless service to our military men and women is just the kind of service I wish more Americans displayed,” Till wrote. 

Shawn O’Brien, an Army veteran who worked with Mohammed in 2008, has also called on US officials to help Mohammed leave the country. 

“If you can only help one Afghan, choose [Mohammed],” O’Brien said, per the Journal.

The interpreter and his family reportedly attempted to evacuate by going to the Kabul airport gates, where he was told by US troops that he could get in, but not his family. 

Obviously, he chose not to abandon his family.  “I can’t leave my house,” Mohammad says. “I’m very scared.” 

Before Biden abandoned Americans and others in Afghanistan, the U.S. military rescued 79,000 people — and only 6,000 (a tiny percentage) were Americans. While Biden frequently references the time Mohammad rescued him in speeches, the interpreter and his family were not among those rescued.

This is despicable. It’s time for Biden to resign or be removed from office. America cannot survive if he continues to occupy the Oval Office.

Well, it happened. Joe Biden said it wouldn’t happen, but it did. We officially pulled out of the Taliban-controlled country of Afghanistan and stranded hundreds of Americans there. But not to worry. The Pentagon says it’s no big deal. In fact, a Pentagon spokesman says that Americans “get stranded in countries all the time.”

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby tried to do damage control Tuesday following our hasty withdrawal — one Biden chose in order to comply with the Taliban’s demands. Unfortunately, he failed miserably at his job and just made himself, Biden, and America seem horrible. During an appearance on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Kirby said that we leave people stranded all the time.

“So what does that look like, how does diplomacy get those people out of the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan?” Kirby was asked.

“It’s not completely unlike the way we do it elsewhere around the world,” Kirby replied. “I mean, we have Americans that get stranded in countries all the time.”

But at least we are now admitting Americans are stranded. White House propaganda minister Jen Psaki previously said it was “irresponsible to say Americans are stranded.”

“They are not. We are committed to bringing Americans who want to come home, home,” Psaki previously said. “We are in touch with them via phone, via text, via e-mail, via any way that we can possibly reach Americans to get them home if they want to return home.”

Americans are trapped in a hostile, terrorist-controlled country with no way home. This is not good in any sense. This is not right. We must demand that Biden do something to rescue them. Sure, we can vote him out in 2024 — but they will all be dead by then. Watch Kirby make an ass of himself below:

Hundreds or even thousands — the Biden Administration says it doesn’t know — of Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan. And those who are stuck outside the Kabul airport are having a lot of trouble getting in. Biden has told Americans who haven’t been rescued from Afghanistan that they’re on their own once he follows the Taliban’s orders and removes all troops from the country. Now Biden goons won’t let American women and kids inside the airport for rescue.

Journalist Emily Miller posted some troubling news on Twitter: three children and their mother were stuck outside the Kabul Airport gates and Biden’s goons would not let them inside:

In addition, the Taliban — knowing the U.S. would be leaving soon — chose to harass Americans traveling to the airport:

And according to sources, multiple busloads of women have been taken by the Taliban:

Sources tell Miller that the last flight out of Afghanistan leaves soon. Any Americans left are stuck there and at the Taliban’s mercy. In fact, anyone whose name is on an evacuation manifest is likely to be rounded up by the Taliban.

Recently, we learned that it didn’t have to be like this. As a thank you for the 11 bases, the air force, the U.S. Taxpayer-purchased weapons, ammo, and vehicles, and the cooperation, the Taliban was going to allow Biden to have control of Kabul. This would have greatly eased evacuation operations and would have largely ensured the safety of Americans — at least, to a greater degree than we have seen. But Fox News reports that Biden said no:

According to the Post’s report, the Taliban had no intention of taking control of Kabul that day. Prior to Ghani’s departure, the U.S. had not anticipated it either, as several top officials had reportedly been on vacation.

The chaos that ensued when Ghani left, however, required someone to step in. The U.S. decided that it should be the Taliban.

Taliban commander Muhammad Nasir Haqqani was surprised by the outcome. After he and his men reached the city they awaited instructions. Later that day they went in and occupied the palace in under an hour.

“We didn’t see a single soldier or police,” Haqqani said, according to the Post.

“We couldn’t control our emotions, we were so happy. Most of our fighters were crying,” he said. “We never thought we would take Kabul so quickly.”

Americans have died because of Biden’s incompetence. More will die. It’s time for him to resign or be removed from office by any means necessary.

The Afghanistan story just keeps getting worse. When Joe Biden withdrew our troops from the country in July, he was warned that it was a bad idea. Since then, the Taliban have swept the land, capturing it for their own. Americans are stranded, and it’s “almost a certainty” many will remain stranded when Biden finishes withdrawing our troops — and ending evacuation efforts — by the end of the month as the Taliban demands. On top of that, Biden refused to send troops to help Americans get to the evacuation point from the surrounding area even though the Taliban is blocking roads to the airport and there have been reports of Americans being brutally beaten in the streets. The situation is bad — but now we have learned that things are worse than we imagined. According to a Pentagon spokesman, thousands of ISIS prisoners were released in Biden’s Afghanistan disaster.

As the Taliban began to take control of the country in July, one of the 11 U.S. bases they captured had an unexpected gift for the terrorist group — namely thousands of ISIS prisoners the U.S. had captured. And according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, they have been released.

It happened when Biden ordered troops to abandon the Bagram Air Base. The base itself just had a lot of nifty toys the Taliban wants, like some of the aircraft they used to build an air force. However, the area surrounding Bagram contains two prisons which held thousands of terrorist prisoners. Biden chose not to relocate the prisoners anywhere else, so they were released by the Taliban.

“How many ISIS-K prisoners were left at Bagram and are believed to have been released from the prison there and why weren’t they removed before the US pulled out – to some place like Gitmo?” a reporter asked Kirby on Friday. Kirby says he “doesn’t know the exact number” — a phrase that is becoming standard with the Biden administration. But he says it’s in the “thousands.”

Biden has made America less safe by creating and then ignoring the crisis at our border. But his Afghanistan disaster has made not only America less safe, but the world. It’s high past time for him to resign or for the 25th Amendment to be invoked to rid our country of Joe Biden once and for all.

Anyone who thinks Joe Biden will rescue Americans from Afghanistan is fooling themselves. Not only has he failed miserably at getting our citizens out of Kabul, but he has only recently begun conducting rescue operations to get Americans to the airport at all. Biden refused to rescue Americans because he remembered watching Black Hawk Down and was afraid a similar situation would hurt him in the press. Biden ignored reports that Americans were being beaten by Taliban soldiers in the streets as the terrorist group to whom the current occupant of the White House handed Afghanistan blocked roads to the airport. Now, a source tells Fox News that it’s “almost a certainty” Americans will be stranded in Afghanistan.

Time is running out. The Taliban has told Joe Biden they want him out of the country he gave them by August 31. There are still thousands and thousands of Americans trapped in the country — more than have been rescued to date. Now, a source says that it’s “almost a certainty that Americans will be left behind” when Biden capitulates to the terrorists’ demands and exits Afghanistan — especially in light of this morning’s ISIS terrorist attack. Fox reports:

“Military continues to retrograde and depart [the] airport,” the source told Fox News. “Almost a certainty that Americans will be left behind.”

The source also noted that the Americans left behind in the country “will have to be extracted after-the-fact through either Taliban negotiation or unconventional means.”

Additionally, Fox News was told that the Taliban “has essentially completely stopped letting Afghans through” but “‘mostly’ letting Americans through.”

“Although Americans [are] all staying away now because of ISIS-K,” the source said said.

So far, the White House has refused to tell Americans anything of substance. But if we will be leaving our countrymen and women behind in a hostile zone that has been taken over by terrorists, we deserve to know.

The Taliban has a lot to celebrate on September 11. Joe Biden’s weakness handed them their very own country. On Sunday, the terrorist group easily seized control of Afghanistan, declaring it an Islamic state and taking over every aspect of society in the country. The Taliban power grab began in July, when Joe Biden began withdrawing U.S. troops to appease leftist peaceniks. Now, to celebrate the worst terrorist attack on American soil, the Taliban has ordered Joe Biden to remove all U.S. troops by 9/11.

While liberals have repeatedly demonized our troops’ presence in the country since we originally kicked the Taliban out, the fact is that a continued American force was necessary to keep the peace. But Biden sent our men and women in uniform packing anyway. Via CNN, who recently called Taliban terrorists “friendly”:

Already, US officials have admitted that they miscalculated the speed at which the Taliban were able to advance across the country, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying of Afghanistan’s national security forces: “The fact of the matter is we’ve seen that that force has been unable to defend the country … and that has happened more quickly than we anticipated.”

The Taliban’s swift success has prompted questions over how the insurgent group was able to gain control so soon after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan – and, after almost 20 years of conflict in the US’ longest running war, what the Taliban want.

Now that they have taken control, the Taliban has ordered Joe Biden and the United States to “withdraw all their forces” by a very specific date — the anniversary of when the Twin Towers fell. RT reports:

A senior spokesperson for the Taliban has warned that the US military personnel in Afghanistan must be gone by September 11, after Washington redeployed soldiers to watch over the evacuation.

The US must remove all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11, Suhail Shaheen, a member of the Taliban’s political office and negotiation team in Qatar, told Sky News.

Shaheen said the militants remain committed to not attacking US servicemen, and their immediate goal is to maintain security and prevent incidents around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul.

But don’t worry — the Taliban totally promise that no one will be harmed as we tuck our tails between our legs and run away. Watch a Sky News report on this latest development below:

There’s no one friendlier than someone who wants to kill you and everyone you love — at least, according to the brain geniuses at CNN. On Sunday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, leaving the door wide open for the Taliban to assume control — and they did. Biden sent in troops to help evacuate U.S. diplomatic personnel, but did nothing to stop it. For Kabul terrorists chanting “death to America,” this is a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of 9/11. But don’t worry. CNN says they “seem friendly.”

Afghanistan’s new de facto leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar led celebrations of his victory over Joe Biden, declaring his country to be the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan”

“We have achieved an unexpected victory,” he said, adding that the Taliban had appointed him their new leader. “Now is the time to test, to show how we serve our people and ensure their future in the best possible way.” The new Taliban head honcho was arrested in Pakistan in 2010, but was released after Barack Obama pressured authorities.

“[The Taliban are] just chanting ‘death to America’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre,” says CNN’s Clarissa Ward, describing them as “smiling and victorious.”

Ward says that while many are afraid of the Taliban, they have a “bizarre sort of mystique” and many “see them as heroes.”

We are in this mess because of Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s weakness on Afghanistan and terrorism in general. It’s time to impeach Biden before things get any worse. After all, he just gave America’s enemies an entire country.