SIXTH Woman Accuses Cuomo Of Harassment

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Surprise, surprise. Yet another woman is now accusing New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment. And while Cuomo says that he didn’t touch anyone inappropriately as he stubbornly refuses to resign from his role as the head of a coverup of nursing home deaths under his watch, that’s what the latest accuser says happened.

The Albany Times Union reports that Cuomo summoned her to his mansion, where he touched her without her consent. And on the timeline, this accusation is by far the most recent. The woman, who has not been named, says that this happened in late 2020 — right before the beginning of the pandemic:

The alleged incident took place after the woman, a member of the governor’s Executive Chamber staff, had been summoned to the mansion to assist the governor with a work-related matter. The woman’s supervisors recently became aware of the allegation and alerted the governor’s counsel of it on Monday.

An official close to the matter on Tuesday confirmed to the Times Union that the new allegation had been made, although Cuomo, during a news conference hours later, denied knowledge of it.

“First, I’m not aware of any other claim,” Cuomo says. “As I said last week, this is very simple: I never touched anyone inappropriately. … I never made any inappropriate advances … (and) no one ever told me at the time that I made them feel uncomfortable. Obviously, there are people who said after the fact they felt uncomfortable.” Notably, Cuomo did not deny touching the woman. As the sixth woman stepped out to speak up, Donald Trump Jr. asked a very good question: “I wonder how many more there are?”

Good question. Cuomo finds himself embroiled in scandals, most of which involve former staffers and others he could bully into submission. But we must also remember the big one — the one the sexual harassment allegations distract from. His responsibility for nursing home deaths as he made bad decisions — lethal decisions — then lied to cover them up. Just like he is attempting to do now with the numerous women who have spoken out about his actions.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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