San Francisco To Require Vaccine To Enter Restaurants And Bars

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Liberal mecca San Francisco is going to require the COVID vaccine to enter bars, restaurants, and more. Sure, the Biden administration has promised that vaccine passports would not be a thing, but some states are doing it anyway. One such state is California, which recently announced that healthcare workers and state employees must be vaccinated or subject themselves to invasive weekly or twice-a-week testing if they want to keep receiving paychecks. Now, the city of San Francisco has gone a step farther. They decided to come for everyday Americans.

Want to go to the bar? Work out at the gym? Take your family out to eat? See a movie? Go dancing? Well, if you haven’t gotten the jab, you’re out of luck. In fact, while a negative COVID test has typically been an option for unvaccinated people, even that isn’t good enough. As of August 20, San Francisco will officially be the first U.S. city to require vaccinations both for customers and employees. ABC7 reports:

Proof of vaccination will be required at indoor bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, and entertainment venues, as well as indoor gyms and other fitness establishments. This does not include individuals ordering or picking up food or drink to go.

SF’s order also creates a new proof of vaccination requirement for large events at indoor venues, requiring attendees who are age 12 or older at events with 1,000 people or more to provide proof of vaccination.

The health order will extend vaccination requirements to certain health care providers — including workers at adult day centers, residential care facilities, dental offices, home health aides, and pharmacists, who are not included in the state health order on vaccinations.

On top of all that, the current mask mandate will remain in place. So even if you are vaccinated, you will be forced to wear a mask too. It’s unclear how long these unhinged and draconian measures will stay in place, but we can only hope that a legal challenge ends them soon.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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