REPORT: 1,000 ‘Migrants’ Are Sneaking Past Border Patrol Every Day

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Joe Biden has earned the title of “Migrant President” because of his exceedingly friendly approach to the border — friendly to criminal Mexican gangs, human traffickers, and more. And now according to a Washington Post report, Biden’s “migrants” are sneaking past Border Patrol agents in terrifying numbers.

Imagine 1,000 people every day walking into your house. That’s what is happening at the border, where crossings exceeded 171,000 last month — the highest in 15 years, even higher than when Obama and his open border policies were in place. The number keeps getting worse as the year goes on. In January, only — and we use that word lightly — 78,442 crossed the border. This number was double last year’s number in the same month. The Blaze reports:

The Post reported that while CBP doesn’t claim ever to have interdicted every border crosser, the number of “got aways” has reached unprecedented levels in recent weeks, especially as the number of single adult border crossers has risen. The report stated that 99,000 single adults were caught by agents last month.

CBP defines a “got away” as an unlawful border crosser who is observed entering the country but is not turned back or apprehended by Border Patrol agents. The agency employs sophisticated surveillance technology — including drones, cameras, and solar-powered portable towers — to monitor and track border crossings.

Smuggling organizations, well aware of the fact that Border Patrol agents are already stretched thin, are reportedly splitting up larger groups into smaller ones to further stretch the limited number of agents available to confront border crossers.

One border agent, speaking on condition of anonymity, says smugglers are sending  “small groups of two, three or four, and that quickly occupies all the agents available to go after them.”

“There are maybe 20 groups a day that are observed, but there’s nobody to try to go after them,” the agent says. “They just keep walking until they’re out of sight.”

Barack Obama’s open border policies were bad, but Joe Biden has somehow found a way to make his even worse, creating a massive humanitarian crisis and allowing smugglers and gangs to have the upper hand as they attempt to flood our country with drugs and criminals.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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