‘Peaceful’ BLM ‘Protesters’ Attack, Vandalize Church Because Reasons

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As always when police accidentally harm or kill a black man — whether he’s fighting officers, has weapons and drugs on him, flees, or otherwise escalates a situation — leftists take to the streets to demand justice. Justice for their bank accounts, living rooms, and cars as they loot businesses, that is. But to be fair, Antifa and BLM don’t just storm our communities to steal from hardworking men and women who create jobs and serve the communities. They also destroy a lot of stuff too, as one church in Portland discovered.

The First Covenant Church says it was founded by a “group of gospel-minded immigrants. These sisters and brothers gave themselves to the work of the gospel, and built a church for the generations.”

“First Covenant Portland is a historic church in the Evangelical Covenant Church. For 135 years and counting, our community has been planted in Portland to love this city and her people,” the church website says. “Today, we carry that legacy forward. We are: A small church that loves generously. A historic church with deep roots. A neighborhood church serving our city.” It sounds like a nice place full of God-fearing Christians. Naturally, BLM has chosen to target these Christians for some reason as they continue to tear Portland apart.

As you may have notice in the above videos, the church’s windows were busted out and fires were set outside using recycling that residents in the area had just put out for collection.

This church did nothing to these terrorists. The people in the neighborhood also did nothing. But “protesters” have been rampaging through communities looting, beating reporters bloody and (again, in Portland) setting buildings on fire with people inside.

The Left doesn’t care about justice — only destruction of the American way of life. When leftists see a nice community like this, they can’t help but want to destroy it.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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