Oklahoma House Votes To Name Highway After President Trump

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President Trump may have “lost” the election, but he’s not gone — nor is he forgotten. If you watch MSNBC, you probably think that Donald J. Trump is the most hated man in the world. But in the rest of America, real America, he is remembered as a great President who served his country with distinction. And Oklahoma lawmakers have chosen to honor President Trump by naming a highway after him.

Lawmakers made an exception to a subsection of the omnibus bill, which typically memorializes notable Oklahomans, to include President Trump among those being honored. The “President Donald J. Trump Highway” would cover a 20-mile stretch between Boise City and the Oklahoma-Texas border. This move has been met with significant pushback from Democrats. The Oklahoman reports:

The proposed Trump highway would stretch from Boise City to the Oklahoma-Texas border in Cimarron County. Republican lawmakers who support the provision plan to pay for signage to display the highway’s name. 

On the House floor, Republicans quickly quashed questions from Democrats and steamrolled through debate on the bill that returns to the Senate. Rep. Regina Goodwin, D-Tulsa tried to amend the legislation to remove the portion about Trump highway, but was unsuccessful.

The bill needs to pass the Senate, but this shows that lawmakers and their constituents love President Trump. Efforts like this are nationwide. Ohio lawmakers are also attempting to name a bridge after President Trump. Lawmakers in Florida are attempting to rename Highway 27, which runs through the heart of most of the state, to the “President Donald J. Trump Highway.

Democrats and those in major cities may hate President Trump, but the rest of the nation loves him. This is made clearer every day as Americans reject Joe Biden’s initiatives and increasingly embrace President Trump’s ideas.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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