More Than Half Of Americans HATE Kamala Harris

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If you’ve ever gotten the impression that Americans hate Kamala Harris, you might be onto something. According to a new poll, more than half of Americans say that they don’t quite like the Vice President. This is no surprise, as she hasn’t exactly done a good job. But it’s always nice to see it laid out clearly, in numbers, how much our country dislikes her.

The Rasmussen poll in question asked 1,000 likely voters, “How qualified is Kamala Harris to assume the responsibilities of the presidency?” The results were not good. A majority of Americans say that she is absolutely not qualified. Though Democrats perfectly demonstrate their bootlicking in the poll, the rest of Americans don’t think she should be running the country.

“OK, so they don’t think she’s qualified,” you might ask. “But they like her right?” Wrong. Only 46 percent of likely voters say they have a positive opinion of the Vice President. Only 28 percent would describe their opinion as “very favorable.”

Harris tended to do better with wealthier, black, and younger Americans. For instance, 64 percent of those under 40 love her. Those making more than 200,000 adore her — 54┬ápercent say they like her. Black Americans, unsurprisingly, make up the highest percentage of her support — 64 percent.

Why is it important whether or not voters like Harris? People don’t exactly think Biden will be sticking around. A poll earlier this year found that 59 percent of voters (and 49 percent of Democrats) did not expect Biden to serve his full term. This means that Harris, whom Americans despise, will likely take over as President when Biden ultimately steps down.

America under Harris will be a nightmare. We can mitigate the damage by showing up in force in the 2022 midterm elections — and especially in 2024.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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