Judge In Sussmann Trial Keep Jurors Who Have Conflict Of Interest…

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( – Many people are concerned that that trial of Michael Sussmann, Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer, may not be fair. Sussmann is charged with making a false statement to the FBI.

The jury appears to be anything but fair. In all honesty, juries are always problematic for Republicans or conservatives in D.C. Just ask Roger Stone, a Trump ally, who was convicted of obstruction of justice by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller said Stone knew about WikiLeaks, while Stone said he did not. The jury, which included a far-left Democrat activist, convicted Stone. When the judge found out, he did absolutely nothing to give him a new and fair trial.

Many Jan. 6 protesters still awaiting trial are taking their chances on bench trials with a judge rather than subjecting themselves to a jury pool that overwhelmingly consists of far-left Democrats, federal employees, and members of the swamp where 92.1% voted for Biden. Polls of the D.C. population show “that while 80 percent of D.C. residents think defendants will receive a fair trial in the District, 1 in 5 admit that they would have their doubts if they were the ones charged, and 1 in 10 don’t believe trials will be fair.”

Now, providing a possible mistrial or appealable issue for the prosecution, the Washington Times reports that juror number five is the mother of a friend of defendant Michael Sussmann’s daughter. The judge, whose own connections raise questions about his objectivity, doesn’t think that’s a problem.

The jury includes one federal government employee who told the judge they donated to Democrats in 2016 and another government employee who told the judge they ‘strongly’ dislike former President Trump. The jury also includes a teacher, an illustrator, a mechanic and more.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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