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Joe Biden’s Campaign Schedule is Alarmingly Light

With less than 55 days left until the Presidential election, it is becoming increasingly clear Joe Biden does not want to campaign as frequently as he should.  In fact, early voting commences in les than 10 days in three states, exactly 10 days in Virginia and New Jersey and less than two weeks in Vermont and Michigan.  Joe Biden has plans to travel to Michigan to explain how he will set the stage for American workers to ensure the country’s future is great.  However, beyond this appearance, it is not clear if Biden will campaign anywhere else.

Biden’s Campaign is Poised to Come to an Abrupt Halt

A couple days ago, the Biden campaign oddly called a lid, indicating no additional public appearances would be made.  Though Biden visited Harrisburg, PA earlier this week to speak at an AFL-CIO event, it appears as though Biden will spend the majority of his time between the end of the week and the election in his basement.  It is particularly interesting that Biden spent this past weekend visiting the graveyard where his daughter, son and former wife are buried instead of publicly campaigning. 

Virtual Events are Still in Play

Biden spoke on the economy this past Friday and transitioned to hosting a virtual fundraiser.  It appears as though Biden’s virtual fundraisers will continue in the weeks and months ahead leading up to the election.  However, it is quite concerning that a Presidential candidate has essentially become a hermit, refusing to attend public events in the two months leading up to the election. 

It is quite clear Biden’s campaign is concerned about the nearly 80-year-old Biden interacting with people.  As a result, the gigantic rallies characteristic of presidential campaigns will not be held.  The lack of activity leading up to the election day is likely to hurt Biden in the polls, possibly to the point that he loses the election to President Trump.

Biden’s Campaign Schedule Juxtaposed With Hillary Clinton’s

If you are questioning whether Biden’s campaign schedule is not as light as portrayed by the media, consider the fact that Hillary Clinton attended events and rallies in seven major cities in a mere five days back in 2016 when campaigning for the Presidency.  In fact, it was later revealed Clinton was suffering from walking pneumonia during the campaign.

Biden’s lack of activity presents a fantastic opportunity for President Trump to attack him as physically weak and unfit for the presidency.  It is clear Biden’s health, stamina and mental abilities are lacking.  In other words, Biden is incapable of meeting the physical demands of the Presidency.  One has to wonder if Biden is incapable of campaigning at the same frequency as someone who was suffering from walking pneumonia, how will he be able to keep pace with the busy schedule of the highest office in the land?

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