‘He Raped Me Every Morning’: Snopes Founder’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out

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At one point, far-Left “fact-checking” website Snopes was Facebook’s designated arbiter of truth. Eventually, the social media network kicked Snopes out of its fact checking program completely — but not before helping propel it from simply popularity to the go-to source for liberals when they needed to “disprove” something a conservative said. Sure, Snopes has been caught lying repeatedly and misrepresenting satire as “fake news” for the clicks, but the Left still loves the garbage pumped out by founder David Mikkelson and his band of “journalists.” To them, Mikkelson can do no wrong. But they’ll have a hard time ignoring and excusing the fact that the Snopes founder’s ex-wife is speaking out, claiming “he raped me every morning.”

Mikkelson started the website with his first wife Barbara, who ultimately sold her share of the site after divorcing him. Mikkelson spent a lot of the site’s income on prostitutes and embezzled nearly $100,000. And apparently he liked one of those prostitutes, Elyssa Young, enough to marry her. Now Young is speaking out about the time she spent married to the Snopes founder:

“The worst thing about covid-19 for me personally is how complete my comprehension is that if i were to contract it I would die utterly alone,” she wrote on Facebook. “My parents are completely self absorbed narcissistic pieces of work only concerned with their emotional blackmailing and thier narcissistic supply (My own mother who was once the director of peirce county rape relief, and now is ‘lay leader of the world for the methodist church doesn’t want to disrupt her happiness with my ‘rich husband’ who quite honestly, raped me every morning.” Young says that Mikkelson “engaged with” her “ONLY while i was asleep and clothed for tearful years.”

“And yes i regularly sobbed to him to stop and his therapist what was going on. I went to multiple therapists and told them what was happening but they decide upon speaking with david mikkelson that i was ‘on drugs’ and that I was the problem,” she says. “Not the raping… I went to multiple lawyers all of which were happy to take my savings and then tell me how wonderful david was and that i should not persue domestic violence charges.”

“He refuses all communication because of course he knows i will not keep quiet so villifying me is of course the logical answer,” she says. “And villifying is his specialty.”

Mikkelson, who is currently suspended from his own site for plagiarism, refuses to take responsibility for any of his actions — but this is the man liberals trust to tell them what is and is not true. Disgusting.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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