Democrats: Removing Dead People From Voter Rolls Is ‘Voter Suppression’

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Democrats’ election bill is weird — unless your goal is to steal every election going forward. Democrats are designing a bill that gives them everything President Trump warned us about — bans on voter ID laws, bans on voter roll purges, which are used to remove ineligible voters from the rolls (including dead people), a requirement that mail-in ballots be accepted late, and more. The bill contains over 700 pages that virtually guarantee that any election in the future can be stolen.

The Gateway Pundit reports that a witness for Democrats in a Wednesday hearing related to the bill railed against the idea of removing the dead from the voter rolls. because this constitutes “voter suppression.” Under our country’s laws, the dead may not vote. This is a privilege afforded to legal citizens who are, of course, alive. States regularly purge voter rolls of the deceased, though Democrats have recently invented issues with that, pretending that the goal was to disenfranchise the living.

Dead voters who are concerned with losing their ability to vote in U.S. elections will soon, if Democrats have their way, not have any worries. They’ll be able to fill in votes for whatever leftist is running for office — all because Democrats say that people who are (infrequently) incorrectly removed from voter rolls are enough of a reason to fail to protect the integrity of our elections.

2020 was a mess. The Left used the pandemic to fundamentally reshape how elections happen — mail-in voting, late acceptance of votes in some cases, ballot harvesting. Joe Biden may have “won,” but it was under extremely suspicious circumstances. And Democrats say that this should be the norm rather than an absolute cluster-mess that we need to fix going forward.

This bill cannot become law. The future of our country depends on it. Watch it below:

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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