D.C. Cop Says He Killed Ashli Babbitt Because Of Her Backpack – Here’s What Was In It

The still-anonymous D.C. police officer who opened fire on and murdered Ashli Babbitt at the incident at the Capitol on January 6 has some ‘splaining to do. Not only was Babbitt unarmed when she was gunned down by the officer, but his justification for using lethal force against someone who committed, at most, the crime of trespassing is falling apart.

The Gateway Pundit reports that part of the officer’s justification for using lethal force was that he had heard alleged reports “that pipe bombs had been found” in the area and he worried that Babbitt was carrying explosives. He had no evidence of this but, according to the report, “Babbitt was wearing a backpack, which allegedly compounded his fears.”

So, to recap: He was worried about his own speculation based on unsubstantiated reports and, feeling he was in danger, chose not to retreat and call for backup. Instead, he gunned down an unarmed woman despite an ability to easily call in help — all because she was wearing a backpack. In addition, a tactical team was already on its way up the stairwell behind Babbitt.

What was in this backpack? What is so deadly? The officer’s wild imagination gave him, in his own opinion, license to execute her. So, it must have been bad, right?

It was a wool sweater and a scarf of mass destruction — two items people typically carry in cold.

We The People deserve to know the name of this officer. He must be charged, tried, and found guilty. Babbitt, who served our country with honor, did nothing to threaten anyone. She was not a danger. She was peacefully demanding election integrity. The office is currently in hiding, but Ashli is dead. Dead because he got trigger happy. Americans, and her family, deserve justice.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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