It may feel like more than a year since Joe Biden was elected President* under extremely suspicious circumstances. But shockingly, it hasn’t. If you ask Dementia Joe, however, he’s been in office more than 15 months.

Biden has been in clear cognitive decline ever since before he was elected. The situation was so bad that even leftists spoke up, demanding that Democrats run anyone other than Biden. On Wednesday, the dementia-afflicted President* stood before the nation and claimed he’s been President for more than a year already.

“Nearly 170 million Americans of every party, every background, every walk of life have stepped up, rolled up their sleeves and gotten the shot. 52% of adults are now full vaccinated,” Biden said, adding that since January — which was apparently 15 months ago — COVID cases are down.

“Since January 20, we’re talking now about 15 months ago, the average daily cases are down from 184,000 to 19,000,” Biden said. Our current President* is insane. Not only has he forgotten the name of the Pentagon, numerous members of his own administration, and more, On top of that, he’s a sexual predator who recently flirted with a child on stage during a speech to almost not a single batted eye in the media.

Joe Biden is not fit to be President. Ever since he was elected, he implemented dangerous immigration policies that put American communities, American children, American families at risk. He has repeatedly ignored good suggestions on both sides of the aisle and has failed our nation spectacularly.

2024 is more important than ever. As we watch Joe Biden rapidly decline before our eyes, our nation becomes less safe by the day.