Russia’s totalitarian government believes its coronavirus vaccine is effective.  Russian scientists and government officials alike are adamant their COVID-19 vaccine generates the antibodies necessary to combat the coronavirus.  However, scientists throughout the United States and other nations are raising red flags, insisting there are serious doubts as to whether Russia’s coronavirus vaccine defeats the virus.

Russia’s Findings are “Improbable”

Several scientists from labs across the globe insist the results from Russia’s study of its coronavirus vaccine are questionable.  The scientists insist the findings are improbable.  The vaccine findings were recently published in the medical journal known as Lancet.  Researchers have sounded alarms as numerous study participants have exactly the same number of antibodies after receiving the vaccine.  This finding makes the data presented by Russian scientists quite concerning.  In fact, Enrico Bucci, a professor at Temple University, wrote an open letter stating such.  The letter was signed by a dozen other scientists.

The Russian Government is Moving Forward Despite Concerns From the International Community

Though the international scientific community is certainly worried about the potential dangers presented by the Russian vaccine rushed into use, it is quite clear the Russian government will move forward with the vaccine.  Russian officials have approved the vaccine shot for use after the initial results detailed above were released. 

However, most other industrialized countries require that vaccines be more thoroughly tested and cleared before they are administered to the general public.  Though Bucci shared his letter with those who made the vaccine in an attempt to conduct a scientific discussion, it appears as though Russia’s scientific community will continue to administer the vaccine to the public.

Russia Insists the Data has not Been manipulated

The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology are adamant the coronavirus vaccine data was not manipulated in any way.  The data that has been published is completely accurate and reliable.  Furthermore, these groups insist nearly half a dozen reviewers analyzed the data in an objective manner.  These groups insist a comprehensive clinical protocol was reviewed by the journal’s editorial office. 

The vaccine, referred to as Sputnik V, in reference to the first-ever artificial satellite launched into Space by the Soviet Union, will likely be administered to the vast majority of the country’s populace in the days, weeks and months to come.

Mexico Wants the Vaccine Mexico’s government has purchased more than 30 million Sputnik V doses from the Russian Direct Investment Fund.  The vaccine is scheduled to be delivered in November.  However, Phase III testing just commenced this week.  This phase of the testing includes 40,000 volunteers who will receive the vaccine across the next six months.  Russia will commence vaccination with its frontline health workers and gradually segue to the remainder of the public as time progresses.  Stay tuned.  The results of Russia’s vaccine will certainly prove quite interesting.