Social media’s war on conservatism continues. Recently, a frightening trend has developed — one that has become a threat to free speech. After the January 6 incident at the Capitol — an “insurrection” according to liberals that was directly led by Donald J. Trump himself — social media companies began to trend in an interesting direction.

First, they came for the President, shutting down Trump’s social media accounts on nearly every platform imaginable. Then they came for rogue social media companies like Parler, which refused to shut down an account created for President Trump. Parler went dark for over a month when Amazon decided to kill its hosting. We couldn’t have a free exchange of information, could we? That’d be nuts. Then they came for you. Conservatives have found themselves banned across social media platforms for mentioning anything that doesn’t fit with the Democrat narrative. And now, anything President Trump says is apparently cause for a ban from YouTube.

A recording of President Trump’s CPAC speech published on YouTube by Right Side Broadcasting Network had amassed nearly 4 million views when YouTube decided to remove the speech, which was presented uncut and completely in context. This wasn’t fake news. It was news — the former President’s first major speech since the transition of power. But YouTube doesn’t believe that Americans deserve to hear President Trump’s words outside of short, edited, out-of-context clips.

Right Side is unable to post new videos for two weeks. This, of course, is devastating because they have a good history of providing access to important events. The organization was told the video would be allowed to remain up — IF they were willing to say Trump is lying:

 “Even if we believed that, we wouldn’t sell out like that and say it just to keep a video up. We try to follow the rules,” RSBN says. “Don’t air certain things that we normally would—but we won’t censor President Trump or push back against things he says that, quite frankly, we agree with.”

But YouTube didn’t stop there. The company removed all copies of the speech except the aforementioned out-of-context clips published by mainstream “news” organizations. Fox, RT, Fox Business, ABC News, the Independent, and more all lost their full uploads of the speech.

In total, more than 31 million views worth of the speech were deleted — though RSBN seems to have been singled out for an actual suspension.

“This sort of manipulation and interference only shows how much weight these monopolies put on the scale of freedom. It’s never going to end until we all band together to stop it,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted following these shenanigans. “And if you notice the censorship seems to only really go one way.”