The Biden Administration is taking it easy on a likely Chinese spy who was caught doing something dastardly while President Trump was still in office. While the Biden Administration had a Chinese woman caught trespassing on Trump’s property deported two years after her arrest, they ignored the threat she poses to America.

Yujing Zhang was arrested at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s “Winter White House.” She lied to gain access to the club, which was a restricted area under Secret Service protection in 2019 — and came with all the tools needed to commit a major cyberterrorist attack against the President of the United States. Law and Crime reported at the time:

Once inside, a receptionist says she repeatedly asked Zhang why she was there and that Zhang eventually told her she was there for a “United Nations Chinese American Association event later in the evening.” The only problem was that no such event existed. The receptionist then went back to the access lists and determined Zhang shouldn’t have been at the club. That’s when the Secret Service got involved.

Zhang then allegedly told Special Agent Samuel Ivanovich she was there in order to attend a “United Nations Friendship Event” and that she came early to “familiarize herself with the property and take pictures.” Zhang then allegedly produced Chinese language materials which she claimed was her invitation to the event.

After explaining there wasn’t any event like that scheduled on the night in question, Ivanovich noted the discrepancy between what Zhang had earlier mentioned about going to the pool and her new story about the United Nations event. After that, Zhang was escorted away for further questioning.

Zhang later claimed that her Chinese friend “Charles” told her to travel to Mar-a-Lago and speak to President trump about Chinese/American foreign economic relations. However, Zhang had in her possession  “a total of four cellular telephones, one lap top computer, one external hard drive type device, and one thumb drive.” She also had a signal detector, which is used to detect hidden cameras and mucrophones.The thumb drive contained “malicious malware.”

Zhang was sentenced to eight months in federal prison and was ultimately deported this week. Her deportation was delayed because of the COVID pandemic.