Kamala Harris has not made as many media appearances as most political pundits expected after she was named as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate.  It is quite clear that the Biden campaign is taking steps to minimize Harris’s exposure to the media s well as the public.  The question begs: why?  We have the answers.

Harris is not an Engaging Personality

Biden’s attempt to keep Harris concealed is clearly due to her lack of personality and charisma.  Furthermore, Harris has alienated middle-of-the-road voters.  In fact, some members of the black community view Harris as nothing more than a cop as she served as a District Attorney prior to becoming a Congresswoman. 

The Biden Campaign is not Telling the Truth

When questioned about Harris and Biden’s lack of public appearances, the Biden campaign has insisted it is due to a fear of the coronavirus.  However, President Trump has made numerous public appearances instead of hiding out in his basement as is the case with Biden.  Furthermore, there is a line of thought that if Harris were interviewed at the appropriate frequency, such exposure would overshadow Biden who rarely leaves his home. 

Harris’s Lack of Visibility is Becoming a Major Problem

If Harris remains somewhat secluded all the way up until the election, the voting public will begin to question whether she and Biden are worthy of a vote.  In short, the voting public does not know Harris very well.  Harris’s lack of speeches and interviews reveals there is no coherent campaign message.  Nor is there an organized and meaningful policy pertaining to the virus.  It appears as though the Biden campaign is simply hoping Trump makes enough mistakes in the next couple months to steer the public just far enough to the left for a democratic victory.

Harris is Struggling in her Home State of California

It is rare that a politician with the experience and stature of Harris struggles to win favor amongst voters in her home state.  However, this appears to be the case as Harris lacks popularity with California voters.  Harris was polling under 10% in California when she exited the presidential primary earlier this year.

In other words, hardly anyone is passionate about Harris’s character or plans for the country’s future.  This does not bode well for basement-dwelling Joe as we are less than two months away from the Presidential election.  If Harris does not ramp up her appearances, interviews and speeches, she just might help President Trump win re-election.