Biden Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Point Yet

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Joe Biden’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest point yet as our embattled “President” finds himself unable to cope with the blowback from the numerous problems he has caused since taking office back in January. Biden promised to accomplish a lot as President, and he has — he’s somehow created the worst border crisis we have seen in decades. He handed an entire country to a terrorist group. Naturally, Americans are kind of sour on him right now.

Currently, Joe Biden has an approval rating that is among the lowest of any President at this point in their term — and it just keeps getting worse. Biden’s approval rating has been dropping steadily since he took office, but it’s fallen into a nosedive in the wake of his Afghanistan debacle. Not only did our “President” hand the Taliban 11 U.S. military bases complete with thousands of vehicles and enough weapons and ammo to supply an army, but he gave them an entire air force and stranded Americans in the country when he pulled the last of our troops out. In addition, our economy is in terrible shape and Biden has failed in handling COVID-19, which continues to ravage the country — especially with the Delta variant spreading like a wildfire.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that Biden’s approval rating has hit a new low of 40 percent.

Rasmussen reports that the poll, sponsored by Jack Posobiec, finds that 58 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance while only 40 percent approve:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, sponsored by The ANTIFA by Jack Posobiec, for Monday shows that 40% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Biden’s job performance. Fifty-eight percent (58%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 21% who Strongly Approve of the job Biden is doing and 50% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -29. (see trends)

Americans hate Joe Biden. Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter. We are all united under the realization that he is doing an awful, awful job. It’s time to remove him from office for good.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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