Recently, Democrats began work on H.R.1., a new bill that aims to make sweeping, national changes to elections. This includes bans on voter ID laws, a requirement that mail-in ballots be accepted late, and even bans on efforts to remove the dead from voter rolls — something Democrats are calling “voter suppression” — all find their home in this bill.

The new legislation is over 700 pages of regulations written to keep the Democrat Party in power. Rep. Mo Brooks calls H.R.1 the “Voter Fraud Enhancement Act” because that’s exactly what it seeks to do.

“What the socialists in Washington are trying to do is nationalize election theft and prevent legislatures from implementing better safeguards to help secure our election system so that we have more honest and accurate elections,” Brooks says.

He then brought up new laws in Georgia that aim to combat fraud by requiring IDs for absentee ballots, curtailing ballot harvesting, and more. “What Georgia did, fantastic.  It moves us in the right direction.  I just hope that other states will do the same thing,” Brooks says.

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to win at all costs — even if it means cheating. The pandemic gave the Left numerous excuses to abuse every system they can in order to ensure victory. Ballot harvesting became a regular thing. Mail-in ballots suspiciously led to wins for Biden in multiple states, including Georgia, where the vote count was incredibly close.

President Trump filed numerous challenges to the 2020 election, but they were thrown out of or outright ignored by every court to which they were presented. More states need to pass laws to protect their elections, because if Democrats have their way there will only be one party in America now and forever. Watch Brooks’ interview below via Gateway Pundit:

Georgia was a disaster in the 2020 election. Ultimately, Joe Biden “won” the state in a race so close that he and Trump nearly collided. There were numerous suspicious factors that surrounded Biden’s “win,” so Republican lawmakers stepped up to tighten voting procedures in the state. And Democrats, particularly Joe Biden, are worried.

The law, signed by Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, makes major, sweeping changes to elections in Georgia. For instance, the new law adds a voter ID requirement for absentee voting. Democrats used the pandemic as an excuse to abuse the absentee voting system and encourage people to vote by mail. And indeed, mail-in ballots helped Democrats heavily in both the presidential election and the January Senate runoffs. People who vote this way will now need to provide an ID or Drivers License number when they submit their absentee ballots. Previously, the state relied on faulty signature matching to verify votes. Absentee ballot request deadlines will also be shortened.

In addition, ballot drop boxes will need to be in early voting locations and can only be accessed during business hours. They also will not be available in the last four days of the election. The law also limits how many drop boxes can exist. The State Elections Board will also be allowed to temporarily suspend county elections if something looks suspicious. The law shortens the timeframe for runoff elections and seeks to end the all-party primary that was responsible for Democrats’ wins. In a win for Democrats, the law expands early weekend voting.

“It should not be harder, it should be easier to vote. We should not put limitations in place. People should be able to vote from home,” says White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “They should be able to use absentee ballots. There should be a range of restrictions that are undone, not put back in place.”

Psaki says Biden is “worried” about the new law. — and he should be. It closes up many of the unethical loopholes Democrats abused and ensures that the people submitting absentee ballots are actual humans. Democrats are right to be worried, as Georgia has made cheating very difficult.

President Donald Trump won West Virginia by 40 points. Democrat Joe Manchin realizes this, so while he makes a lot of bad decisions he still sometimes does the right thing. One such time is right now, as he is vigorously defending the filibuster — the only thing standing between us and mob rule in government — against his fellow Democrats. Naturally, this doesn’t make him very popular with his peers, but Manchin refuses so budge. So Democrats are breaking out the big guns in the form of Al Sharpton.

Sharpton doesn’t receive much love in West Virginia, but as a favorite Democrat weapon he says he plans to had to West Virginia so he can try to convince the state’s citizens that Joe Manchin is a racist. Sound ridiculous? Yes. Will he swing many opinions in a state with that heavy of Republican support? Probably not. But the media circus will allow Manchin to be tried in the court of MSNBC and found guilty.

Politico reports that Sharpton hopes to mobilize Democrats to primary Manchin and Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who also supports the filibuster:

Rev. Al Sharpton, the civil rights leader and former presidential candidate, said in an interview that he and others have begun talks to hold town halls and rallies in the home states of senators such as Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), who have said they oppose scrapping the filibuster.

“The pressure that we are going to put on Sinema and Manchin is calling [the filibuster] racist and saying that they are, in effect, supporting racism,” Sharpton said. “Why would they be wedded to something that has those results? Their voters need to know that.”…

“Many of us, and certainly all of us in the civil rights leadership, are committed to policies and laws and causes, not to people’s political careers. We’re not into that. We want to change the country,” Sharpton said. “And if there is not feasible evidence that we’re doing that, it is not in our concern to be aggressively involved.”

Sharpton does not explain why the filibuster is “racist,” but this is an example of how Democrats work. If anyone displeases them — even one of their own — they point a shaking finger and cry “racism” until the person either submits or is destroyed.

Ironically, if Democrats successfully primary Manchin and Sinema, it opens both states up to successful Republican challenges to their seats — challenges that can help us reclaim the Senate in 2024. This is going to get interesting.

Biden isn’t taking his border crisis at all seriously. Sure, it’s emboldening cartels and helping them expand more into human trafficking. Sure, those who cross the border are testing positive for COVID-19, refusing to quarantine, and infecting our communities. Sure, child sex offenses in a single border region leaped nearly 2,000 percent. And of course, illegals say they are here because of Joe Biden’s reversals of President Trump’s effective border policies. But Biden? He couldn’t be happier.

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor tried to set up a softball question, telling Biden how good and decent he is and implying that illegals are coming because he’s such an awesome guy. “How do you resolve that tension and how are you choosing which families can stay?” asked Alcindor.

“I guess I should be flattered because people are coming because I’m a nice guy, that’s why this is happening,” Biden replied. He didn’t take responsibility. He didn’t discuss any plans to fix the problem. He just gushed that someone — anyone — likes him, apparently unaware that it’s his lax policies they like.

Joe Biden’s presidency has been a disaster. Thousands are dying daily of COVID-19 with more infected because no one is keeping an eye on “migrants” who test positive. Criminal gangs are flooding the country with drugs and people. His policies are actively endangering children in our communities. And while Democrats scramble to blame Trump for everything — even this — everyone is very well aware that one man is causing all of this chaos: Joe Biden, the “migrant president,” the man who is sitting idly by as our country is destroyed.

Biden can gush all he wants, but his negligence is actively harming our country.

Dogs may help cure cancer. How? Who knows? But President* Joe Biden is absolutely certain of it. On his first day back to work after he fell three times trying to board Air Force One, Biden made a trip to James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. There, he dropped a knowledge bomb on Americans:

By the way, dogs may help cure cancer.

“Not a joke. Dogs are able to … they’re using dogs now … to smell cancer in people’s legs, in people’s bodies, not a joke, it’s a fascinating thing,” Biden added. This much is true. A 2019 study found that dogs can indeed smell cancer in blood samples with amazing accuracy — 97 percent.

“The results could lead to new cancer-screening approaches that are inexpensive and accurate without being invasive,” the study found. Dogs really are amazing creatures and have absolutely been used to detect cancer in humans. But that’s detection. Not a cure.

As much as we can credit dogs for all sorts of amazing things, there isn’t a team of dog scientists tackling the issue. There’s nothing in dogs’ blood or anything else that is a magical cancer cure. And while doggy kisses feel nice and make you smile, they certainly aren’t going to do anything to cure your testicular cancer.

Joe Biden has for some time been thought to be in cognitive decline, and wild claims like this are part of the reason — that, and his propensity for forgetting simple things like the name of the Pentagon, appearing lost and disoriented, and more.

Joe Biden’s issues are so bad that Democrats recently introduced legislation that would require congressional approval before the President — Biden in this case — pushes the “big red button” and launches nukes. It may seem easy to laugh off the wild things Biden says, but remember — he is currently the most powerful man in the world, and Americans need him at his best. He’s clearly not there.

Watch it below:

Democrats’ election bill is weird — unless your goal is to steal every election going forward. Democrats are designing a bill that gives them everything President Trump warned us about — bans on voter ID laws, bans on voter roll purges, which are used to remove ineligible voters from the rolls (including dead people), a requirement that mail-in ballots be accepted late, and more. The bill contains over 700 pages that virtually guarantee that any election in the future can be stolen.

The Gateway Pundit reports that a witness for Democrats in a Wednesday hearing related to the bill railed against the idea of removing the dead from the voter rolls. because this constitutes “voter suppression.” Under our country’s laws, the dead may not vote. This is a privilege afforded to legal citizens who are, of course, alive. States regularly purge voter rolls of the deceased, though Democrats have recently invented issues with that, pretending that the goal was to disenfranchise the living.

Dead voters who are concerned with losing their ability to vote in U.S. elections will soon, if Democrats have their way, not have any worries. They’ll be able to fill in votes for whatever leftist is running for office — all because Democrats say that people who are (infrequently) incorrectly removed from voter rolls are enough of a reason to fail to protect the integrity of our elections.

2020 was a mess. The Left used the pandemic to fundamentally reshape how elections happen — mail-in voting, late acceptance of votes in some cases, ballot harvesting. Joe Biden may have “won,” but it was under extremely suspicious circumstances. And Democrats say that this should be the norm rather than an absolute cluster-mess that we need to fix going forward.

This bill cannot become law. The future of our country depends on it. Watch it below:

When Joe Biden opened the border, many predicted that it would cause problems. Since this monumentally bad decision, we have seen emboldened cartels operating out in the open, a surge of illegals at the border, COVID-infected “migrants” refusing to quarantine, and all manner of horrors.

Texas Governor Dan Patrick revealed yet another issue Biden’s open border policy is causing — a rise in child sex offenders.

“You know yesterday there was a little girl that drowned in the river,” Patrick said in an interview on Fox News. “Kamala Harris must think that’s amusing to her. “

“She must think that the sex offenders who are coming into this country, who are coming into communities all over this country to assault children is funny to her,” the Governor added. “This is not a laughing matter to our country or to these people or for future victims. So far they won’t call this a crisis. It’s a designed disaster.” Then he dropped some terrifying statistics:

This is their plan… Sex offenders are up 1,967 percent! in just the Del Rio sector in Texas. Sexual offenders are defined by people we already arrested for offenses against children and they’re crossing back two or three times.

The crisis at the border is worse than anyone realizes. Not only are “migrants” flooding into the United States infected with a deadly virus, but they are refusing to quarantine and harming American citizens. At a time when unemployment is at an all-time high, they are taking jobs from Americans. Cartels have moved heavily into the human smuggling business — and this, of course, includes child sex trafficking and drugs. The border is such a mess that 67% of Americans agree that it’s a problem. It’s time to stop blaming Trump and focus on the man who made policy changes to enable this. And that man is Joe Biden.

Watch it below:

On Tuesday, a deranged individual opened fire at King Sooper’s grocery store. Ahmad Al-Issa murdered 10 people, including a 51-year-old police officer during the attack. According to reports, the shooter was sympathetic to terrorist organization ISIS and hated President Donald Trump.

While liberals and the media enjoy blaming shootings on President Trump and conservatives, it is impossible this time, as Al-Issa’s Facebook page reveals that he hates President Trump, whom he refers to as a “d*ck” who “inherited a growing economy” and a low unemployment rate yet “won because of racism.”

Since the shooter is a Middle-Eastern man who hates President Trump, naturally Barack Obama spoke out against terrorism committed by those who support ISIS — right? Wrong. He blamed white supremacy, misogyny, and other ridiculous things.

“It is long past time for those with the power to fight this epidemic of gun violence to do so,” Obama said. “It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence.”

“It’s time for leaders everywhere to listen to the American people when they say enough is enough – because this is a normal we can no longer afford,” Obama says — something that sounds very much like President Trump pointing out that we should listen to Americans when they speak up. President Trump, of course, was “canceled” by social media companies because he said similar things in the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol incident.

Al-Issa has been charged with 10 counts of murder, but liberals don’t care about him. They don’t care about the people who died. They aren’t interested in solving the mental health issues behind every single mass murder. They just want to use his actions to push gun control.

Texas Rep. Ronnie Jackson, who served as White House physician for Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump, dropped some terrifying info on Twitter on Sunday. According to Jackson, it’s a huge problem that the man in charge of the United States is hiding from the public for many reasons, and it’s a “red flag” concerning his health.

“I served as White House physician under THREE Presidents,” Jackson says. “I’ve seen what it takes physically AND mentally to do the job.

“I can tell you right now that the way Biden is hiding from the public is a MAJOR red flag,” he says. “Something’s not right!

There have been numerous concerns about Biden’s health, both mental and physical. Ever since before the election, many formed the well-reasoned opinion that Joe Biden is in “cognitive decline.” This is evidenced by him repeatedly forgetting the names of important people and places — including the Pentagon — as well as regularly slurring words and using the entirely wrong ones in sentences.

Further health concerns surfaced after Biden was caught on video falling three times while climbing into Air Force One — something his administration blames on “the wind.” Democrats support him publicly, but recently introduced legislation that would require congressional approval for the use of nuclear weapons.

What is Biden hiding? How much does the Democrat Party know? Why isn’t the administration being open with the American people. For now, we have only questions. Jackson is right to be concerned, as are everyday Americans who are watching someone who may not have all his mental faculties rip the country apart. Republicans need to get to the bottom of what is going on, and soon — or we may not have a country left in 2024.

A recent interview on ABC will be interesting to anyone who is curious about why there is a flood of illegals at the border. Sure, it’s already well-known that Joe Biden’s failed policies are responsible for illegals making a run for the United States. They admit it. The White House admits it. Mexico admits it.

Americans are very concerned with the border crisis — especially since the Biden Administration is doing nothing to prevent illegals who test positive for COVID from traveling without quarantining. The problem is so pervasive that 73 percent of Americans are worried that the illegals Biden is welcoming with open arms are infecting them with COVID-19.

One such illegal, who may or may not have COVID (it’s not like we are adequately tracking these things, after all) tells ABC News that if President Trump was still around, he would have stayed in Mexico.

“This father who asked we not show his face, traveled to Mexico from Brazil with his wife and three young kids before crossing the border,” reporter Martha Raddatz told viewers before asking the anonymous man, “Would you have tried to do this when Donald Trump was president?”

“Definitely not,” the man said. “We had the chance, you know, but the same violence that’s going on today was there last year.”

He says that President Trump’s policies definitely caused him to make the decision not to try to come to the U.S. “We used to watch the news,” he said. “I definitely wouldn’t do this.”

Raddatz asked a more direct question — one that will make things crystal clear for liberals. “Did you come here because Joe Biden was elected president?” she asked the man.

“Basically. Basically,” he replied. “The main thing was the violence in my country, and the second thing I think was Joe Biden. You know, it’s like it lightened up my hope, you know what I mean?”

Yes. We know what you mean.