( – On Tuesday afternoon, the Golden State Warriors were at the White House to celebrate their 2022 NBA Championship. Of course the meeting had a multitude of awkward and weird moments. Not only did President Biden mangle Kamala Harris’ name, but the Vice President bizarrely introduced Joe as the “champion of our nation.” 

However, one of the most awkward moments occurred when Biden chose to take a knee for a photo opportunity.

Kamala meanwhile cackled away as the president bent the knee, giggling, “I’m not doing that!” She continued chortling as she awkwardly took a spot in the crowd of players next to Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry.

If that moment wasn’t cringe enough for you, wait till the end when Kamala steps back onto the stage, still laughing in hysterics, and Joe appears to lunge toward the photographers. Again for no apparent reason.

The question is, why was Biden kneeling in the first place? Did someone ask him to? I didn’t see anything like that; it appeared he just did it spontaneously. Was he honoring George Floyd? Perhaps giving a shout-out to the BLM movement? Who knows. It just seemed like empty virtue signaling with no purpose other than to be seen doing something “woke.”

The Warriors have won four championships in the past eight years, but they did not meet Donald Trump while he was in office.

The team was publicly disinvited after star point guard Stephen Curry said he was not interested in going, according to an ESPN report.

( – Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) revealed what prompted her to leave the Democratic Party last year, noting it was a declaration of her own independence from a “deeply broken two-party system.”

During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, Sinema revealed that she has long considered herself to be an independent lawmaker. However, it was the increasingly divided political realm that has emerged over the last two years that pushed her to break free from party affiliation, she said.

“Those who know me know that I was always an independent voice and always have been for the things that I believe in and for my state and for my country,” said Sinema, who left the Democratic Party on Dec. 9. “What you’ve heard about partisanship, I believe, is accurate. … Jan. 6, which is a horrible day from two years ago, created, I think, concern and fear for every patriotic American across the country.”

However, Democrats’ response to the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol disappointed Sinema, prompting her to leave.

“But in the resulting two years, the Democratic Party shared a narrative that said, ‘We would not have any more free and fair elections in this country if the United States Congress didn’t eliminate the filibuster and pass a massive voting rights package,’” Sinema said. “As we all know, the filibuster was not eliminated. … That massive voting rights bill was not passed through Congress. And then we had a free and fair election all across the country [in 2022].”

Sinema was referring to a string of legislative proposals Democrats sought to pass in the last Congress to eliminate the filibuster in the Senate and to implement a massive overhaul of voting rights nationwide. However, Democrats were unable to eliminate the Senate filibuster after failing to garner the support of Sinema and centrist Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).

But, Sinema argued, Democrats didn’t need either of those things to ensure a successful midterm cycle.

“Most election deniers lost across the country, and individuals of both political parties, some extreme, some moderate, won. So we had a free and fair election,” Sinema said. “One could posit that the push by one political party to eliminate an important guardrail in an institution of our country may have been premature or overreaching in order to get the short-term victories they wanted.”

However, Republicans struggle with similar problems, Sinema said, pointing to the party’s struggle to elect House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) during the lower chamber’s leadership elections earlier this month.

“We saw the House of Representatives struggle for multiple days in a row as Kevin McCarthy, a dear friend of mine, had to continue conceding point after point after point to the radical Right of the GOP to a point where he’s now in an unenviable position,” Sinema said. “Those are just two examples of the pull that you see political parties giving in order to get everything they want.”

( – Legal Scholar Jonathan Turley called out Joe, Jill, and Hunter Biden over Hunter’s ‘disgraceful’ treatment of his daughter.  Hunter got a stripper pregnant, Lunden Roberts, and then tried to deny he was the father but a DNA test proved it.

The Biden’s have reportedly never met Hunter’s little girl, Navy Joan Roberts, and are now fighting to stop her from legally taking the Biden name. Turley said: “In an astonishing filing this week, Hunter Biden answered that question for his four-year-old daughter Navy Joan and effectively declared “you are no Biden.”

“Hunter Biden’s disgraceful treatment of his daughter has long been on display in Arkansas where he long denied being her father, fought paternity, and was threatened with contempt of court over his failure to supply needed documents. 

“After DNA testing was forced by a court, Hunter was found to be the father but he continued to resist efforts to force him to pay child support and supply financial records.

“Recently, Lunden Roberts sought to have a surname change for her daughter to Biden. Even after his long and abusive treatment of his daughter in court, Hunter Biden’s opposition is breathtaking.  He opposes his daughter using his name and says that, if she does, she will never have a “peaceful existence.”

“Of course, Biden did not feel that way with his other four children. They are all true Bidens and living peaceful existences. It is only Navy Joan who he does not want to bear the family name.

“Hunter’s concern for Navy Joan’s peaceful existence is a bit odd since he has reportedly never even seen his daughter after fighting for years to deny his paternal status and child support.

“Hunter is asking Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer to deny Navy Joan the ability to use her father’s surname and claiming that it is in her best interest. 

“The filing is so self-serving and transparently dishonest that it does what was once thought impossible: reach a new low for Hunter. All of his reported selfies having sex and doing drugs with prostitutes were shocking. 

“His attacks on his former sister-in-law, Hallie Biden, widow of the deceased brother (with whom Hunter later had a romantic relationship), were appalling. However, the craven effort to deny this child his name reaches a level of cad that stands unrivaled.

( – The “thin blue Line” flag, a symbol of public support for police, has been banned from public areas within the Los Angeles Police Department after a complaint about the flag being displayed at a local police station.

The banner, a frequent target of progressives, had been displayed over the front desk of the Rampart Station when someone in the community complained about its presence, according to Fox News.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore told the outlet last week: “Yesterday, we received a community complaint of the presence of a Blue Line Flag” with “the view that it symbolized support for violent extremist views, such as those represented by the Proud Boys and others.”

Moore said he then “directed to have the item taken down from the public lobby,” and suggested that the flag be replaced with either a U.S. flag or memorials for fallen officers.

The “thin blue line” flag, Moore told Fox, has become a “divisive” symbol that represents extremist views to some people.

“It’s unfortunate that extremist groups have hijacked the use of the ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ to symbolize their undemocratic, racist, and bigoted views. Flags serve as powerful symbols with specific meanings,” Moore said in a statement, according to KTTV.

However, he clarified that this is not his opinion of the flag. To him, it “presents the honor, valor, dedication, and sacrifice of law enforcement to protect our communities.”

“Tragically, that view is not universally held and others have been able to persuade the public it symbolizes racist, bigoted and oppressive values,” Moore said.

Los Angeles, like most major American cities, has seen its share of public protests that have turned violent in recent years, with many claiming the problem is law enforcement, not law breakers.

Moore added that the ban will not prevent employees and staff from hanging the “thin blue line” flag in their workspaces, lockers, and personal vehicles, just not in public lobbies.

“Given our lobbies should be places that people feel safe, free of political ideology, and welcoming, it remains our long-standing policy that only official items be displayed,” Moore said, according to KTTV.

However, the Los Angeles Police Protective League (LAPPL), a union representing close to 10,000 LAPD staff members, has condemned Moore’s decision as “political pandering.”

“It is difficult to express the level of utter disgust and disappointment with Chief Moore’s politically pandering directive to remove Thin Blue Line flags and memorials for fallen officers from all public areas within our police stations,” the Board of directors for the LAPPL said in a statement, Fox reported.

“This direction came as a result of complaints from anti-police, criminal apologists, and activists who hold too much sway over our city leaders and, unfortunately, our Chief,” the union said.

They called Moore’s decision a “disrespectful and defeatist kowtowing by our department leadership to groups that praise the killing of police officers and outright call for violence against those of us in uniform,” adding that they “have directly expressed our outrage to the Chief.”

Their statement continued, “Let’s all remember what the Thin Blue Line flag is and what it represents: ‘The Thin Blue Line flag features a black and white image of the American flag with the horizontal stripe beneath the field of white stars on the black background. The stars represent the citizenry who stand for justice and order. The darkness represents chaos and anarchy, and to many, a memorial to the law enforcement officers who have perished in the line of duty.’”

( – Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway warned President Joe Biden that the honeymoon is over and the media is turning on him after the classified documents scandal.

Conway said, “The new facts are not good for President Biden. Why? Well, because it doesn’t matter, really, if the law doesn’t care if you are handling them because you’re sloppy or because you’re surreptitious.

“If the purpose of the intent was to conceal or you were just being convenient, the law was very cut and dry. And I think that’s the difficulty for Team Biden right now. The reason I say that is Joe Biden is going to spend his 175th day today in Delaware since he’s been president.

“That’s a lot of days. We don’t know who else had access to these documents.

“I think beyond the right wing in social media today, people are taking note that Hunter Biden claimed that home as his residence for several years had a driver’s license in that home.

“We already know what happens when he’s left to his own devices. There are going to be investigations into his dealings in China and Russia and Ukraine and whatnot.

“But more fundamentally, the Biden people came to town and said the adults have arrived. 

“The buttoned-up, tightened-up crew is here of professionals. 

“We know we’re not the ragtag team of Keystone cops that Trump had around him.

“We know how to handle classified information. 

“No, they don’t. 

“And I think the blasé, almost benign response from the White House and from President Biden himself is most concerning to me.

“They are worried about it.

“You know what they should worry about? The mainstream media trying to crack a little bit on this,

“The headlines today were terrible for them. 

“The chyrons in places like CNN. The questions from the press briefing room, they all sound like Peter Doocy today actually asking the tough, probing questions,” Conway stated.

DailyCaller’s White House Correspondent, Diana Glebova also said the press room is changing.

Glebova tweeted, “The White House refuses to answer simple facts about the Biden docs, and the press room is getting heated.”

( – Back during the GOP civil war over who should be Speaker of the House, FNC’s Tucker Carlson suggested that Rep. McCarthy should show the right that he’s the right guy for the job by releasing the full footage of January 6th, something that Nancy Pelosi refused to do.

Speaking on that, Tucker said that McCarthy should release “the January 6 files—not some of the January 6 files and video—all of it. And not just some phony committee that will hide them, that in fact is designed to hide them from the public, but put them online. Release them to the public directly so the rest of us can finally know what actually happened on January 6, 2021. It’s been two years. It’s long overdue. It’s our right as Americans to know, and McCarthy could tell us.”

Tucker went on to say that McCarthy’s doing so would show that, though he’s not conservative as the right wants, enough to show that he’s at least listening to the base.

Well, McCarthy didn’t openly announce that he would do so at the time but, now, based on a recent response of his to a reporter, it looks like McCarthy might be willing to follow Tucker’s advice and prove his conservative credentials by releasing the tapes.

News on that came when McCarthy, while in the Capitol, was asked about releasing the footage by a reporter. She asked “…Congress called on Speaker Pelosi at the time to release the, the adjacent Capitol security footage of all things that happened on that day. Is that something that you’d be interested in doing? Congressman Gates said that he said that you would be willing to do that did that?”

Somewhat surprisingly to many on the right, McCarthy, said that he would do that, saying “Yeah, I think the public should see what has happened on that.”

Continuing, he then said “I’ve watched what Nancy Pelosi did, where she politicized it. Were for the first time in the history as a speaker, not allowing the minority to appoint to a committee to pick and choose. We watched the politicization of this, I think the American public should actually see all what happened instead of a report that’s written for political basis. And I think the answer we’re looking through that I want to be very thoughtful about it, but yes, I’m engaged to do that.”

( – Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro warned Wednesday that continued support for Ukraine will be difficult if weapons makers don’t ramp up production in the next six to 12 months. 

Del Toro made the admission when, while speaking at the Surface Navy Association conference in Arlington, Virginia, he was asked by a reporter for his thoughts on something Adm. Daryl Caudle, the commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, had said earlier during the same conference, according to Defense One.

The reporter specifically noted that Caudle was worried that “the Navy might get to the point where it has to make the decision whether it needs to arm itself or arm Ukraine.”

Based on this, the reporter then asked, “Has the Navy gotten to that point yet?”

Del Toro replied by warning that if things continue the way they have been, the U.S. may reach that point within as little as six months.

“With regards to deliveries of weapons systems for the fight in Ukraine, yeah, that’s always a concern for us. And we monitor that very, very closely. I wouldn’t say we’re quite there yet, but if the conflict does go on for another six months, for another year, it certainly continues to stress the supply chain in ways that are challenging,” he said.

Later clarifying on his remarks, Del Toro said the Department of Defense has been working “very, very closely” with the industry “to motivate them to find out what their challenges or obstacles are, to be able to increase their own production rates.”

“It’s obvious that these companies have a substantial pipeline for the future. They now need to invest in their people, again, their workforce, as well as the capital investments that they have to make within their own companies to get their production rates up,” he said. 

To date, Congress has authorized nearly $100 billion to Ukraine. The hefty sum has prompted some Republican lawmakers to demand more accountability about how the money is being spent.

( – President Biden was in Mexico meeting with the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He delivered some remarks with the two other leaders on Tuesday.

When Biden made his remarks, he gave away his game plan and admitted that he was trying to make it easier for illegal aliens to get into our country.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people to get here – opening up the capacity to get here.” No kidding, we knew that. But here he is finally admitting it.

He then went on to say that Republicans shouldn’t be criticizing him because they were not fully on board with his plans for amnesty. Why should they be? And it’s his obligation to protect our borders, not throw open the doors and make it easier for people to get in. He just went to the border and showed he didn’t learn a darn thing about how out of control the situation has been.

Biden then claimed that people aren’t selling all they own and paying a coyote. But in many instances, that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s costing thousands to get across the border with a coyote from the cartels and Biden has made the cartels rich with his failed policies.

It’s an insane process and Biden has empowered so much criminality, yet he doesn’t seem to even understand it or care.

Biden finished his remarks by saying, “I want the record to show I don’t know what questions I didn’t answer.”

AMLO gave Biden a back-handed compliment. Biden didn’t seem to pick up on what the Mexican President was truly saying.

“You, President Biden, you are the first president of the United States in a very long time that has not built, not even one meter of wall, and that we thank you for that, sir,” AMLO said. Of course, he does, because under Biden, Biden let them all flood into the United States, he wasn’t forcing AMLO to take any responsibility for them, as President Donald Trump did. So yes, it’s a very left-handed compliment and not good for our country.

Meanwhile, Biden was distracted by the airplanes while AMLO was speaking.

( – An Alabama woman who fled to join the Islamic State terrorist group is begging to come home to the United States after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her appeal request several months ago. Her citizenship status has been questioned, resulting in her being unable to be legally admitted back into the country.

In an interview from a detention camp in Syria where she’s being held by U.S.-allied Kurdish forces, Hoda Muthana claims she was brainwashed by online traffickers into joining the group in 2014.

“I’ve always said if I need to sit in prison, and do my time, I will do it. I as well am a victim of ISIS. I’m hoping my government looks at me as someone young at the time and naive,” she said. 

“Muthana’s parents immigrated from Yemen and she was born in New Jersey, but raised in Alabama. She left home when she was twenty years old to unite with ISIS. She grew up in a conservative Muslim home and told her family she was going on a trip with her school, but instead traveled to Turkey and went to Syria. The only option to get out was to marry an ISIS fighter, and she married three of them and had her son. The first two men died during combat and she reportedly said she got a divorce from the third man,” the Daily Wire reported.

“In early 2019, she ran away from one of the enclaves in Syria and went to another prison camp. In the past, however, she posted favorably about ISIS on social media. She now has said in a recent interview that her phone was confiscated and Islamic State backers posted the tweets. In 2016, the Obama administration revoked her citizenship, stating her father was a diplomat when Muthana was born, which her lawyers have argued against. In 2019, a federal judge ruled that she is not a citizen of the United States, and the Supreme Court did not take up her appeal last January,” the outlet added.

Months ago, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to consider Muthana’s appeal to allow her to return to the U.S. She’s been living in a Syrian refugee camp since 2019.

“While she was overseas the government determined she was not a U.S. citizen and revoked her passport, citing her father’s status as a diplomat at the time of her birth. Her family sued to enable her return to the United States,” the Associated Press reported.

“A federal judge ruled in 2019 that the U.S. government correctly determined Muthana wasn’t a U.S. citizen despite her birth in the country. Children of diplomats aren’t entitled to birthright citizenship. The family’s lawyers appealed, arguing that her father’s status as a diplomat assigned to the U.N. had ended before her birth, making her automatically a citizen,” the outlet added.

“Muthana surrendered to U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces as Islamic State fighters were losing the last of their self-declared caliphate in Iraq and Syria and going to refugee camps. Muthana said she regretted her decision to join the group and wanted to return to the U.S. with her toddler child, the son of a man she met while living with the group. The man later died,” the AP report continued.

Muthana’s case gained widespread attention as former President Donald Trump tweeted about it, saying he had directed the secretary of state not to allow her back into the country.

“I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” Trump wrote on Twitter back in 2019.

At the time, Pompeo said Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the country.

“She does not have any legal basis, no valid U.S. passport, no right to a passport, nor any visa to travel to the United States,” Pompeo said, adding: “We continue to strongly advise all U.S. citizens not to travel to Syria.”

Hassan Shibly, a family representative for Muthana, disputed Pompeo’s assertion at the time, saying that Muthana was born in New Jersey.

“The Trump administration continues its attempts to wrongfully strip citizens of their citizenship,” Shibly said. “Hoda Muthana had a valid US passport and is a citizen. She was born in Hackensack, NJ in October 1994, months after her father stopped being a diplomat.”

( – President Joe Biden was resoundingly criticized for equating illegal border crossers at U.S. border to Jews escaping Nazi Germany.

When a reporter asked if he believes migration is a human right, the president Thursday was quick to compare the situation at the border to the Holocaust. 

“Well, I think it is a human right if your family is being persecuted,” Biden responded. “I thought it was a human right for, you know, Jews in Germany to be able to go — to get to escape and get help where they could.”

Americans on Twitter noted illegal migrants are not innocent victims like “Jews in Germany” during World War II and the Holocaust.

“Biden just compared illegal aliens — lawbreakers who have been found to be terrorists, drug dealers, and bad actors — to Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust,” Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., tweeted Thursday. “Not even remotely the same situation.

“This kind of mindset prevents us from legitimately securing our border.”

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., tweeted Thursday that Biden’s “shameful” remark was “out of touch.”

“Border patrol has apprehended terrorists, cartels, drug smugglers, and human traffickers at the border,” Tenney wrote. “Biden’s disgusting comparison between his illegal immigration surge and Jews fleeing Nazi Germany is shameful and out of touch.”

Conservative lawyer Mark Levin’s Twitter account also issued a rebuke Friday.

“What a disgusting and awful statement from this ignoramus, and the corrupt media are silent,” the tweet read.

Former Trump administration staffer Stephen Miller was once classified by the liberal media as a “white nationalist,” according to CNN, but he too noted the bad look of Biden’s Holocaust comparison.

“Comparing Haitians leaving Haiti or Nicaraguans leaving Nicaragua to Jews fleeing violent extermination from Nazi Germany is both an outrageous minimization of the Holocaust and a vile slander of Latin American nations,” former Trump administration staffer Stephen Miller tweeted Thursday.

“Biden will say or do anything to expand illegal immigration.”

Joel M. Petlin tweeted, “There are many comparisons the President can make to illustrate the need to help solve the southern border crisis.”

“The comparison with Jews fleeing deportation to Nazi death camps is not an appropriate one.”

” With all the misinformation, we don’t need Holocaust minimization now.”