( – The World Health Organization (WHO) recently suggested a booster for healthy children and adults is most likely not needed.

On Tuesday, the specialized agency’s chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, said there is no evidence to currently support the idea that adolescents in good health need an extra dose of the COVID- 19 vaccine. During the news briefing, Swaminathan assured more research is needed to determine who needs the boosters and who doesn’t.

“The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying,” she explained. “Those are our elderly populations, immuno-compromised people with underlying conditions, but also healthcare workers.”

Swaminathan also mentioned the decrease of vaccine immunity over time against the Omicron variant. She confirmed that a group of experts are set to convene this week to discuss boosters and further determine what populations should be considered in receiving them.

However, booster shots have not been completely ruled out according to Dr. Michael Ryan, the executive director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Program. He said there is no answer just yet as to how many more shots people need; potentially two or three more depending on future variants.

Their remarks come about two weeks after the CDC approved booster shots for kids aged 12 to 17. Additionally, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID, called on Americans to “step up their game” and get boosted. He warned the possible deterioration of the two initial shots of the MRNA vaccine as Omicron takes the country by storm.

The Chief Medical Advisor to the U.S. President also said at the very least a shot will be needed every year. Furthermore, Dr. Fauci is pushing for one last shot, which would be a universal vaccine that would potentially protect against all variants after most people have already gotten three shots.

Dr. Paul Offit, member of the FDA Vaccine Advisory Committee, stressed the need for boosters, but admitted they may only offer protection for a couple of months before needing another.

“I think you’re going to be less protected against mild disease and so then the question becomes, if you get a booster dose will (that) likely increase your protection against mild disease?” he questioned. “But then the questions becomes for how long? Will that only be for three-months, six-months, nine-months a year? We’ll see.”

Meanwhile, there is reportedly some concern that too many boosters can affect the immune system in a way that can weaken the effectiveness of future shots.

( – A Republican senator who was censored by YouTube for posting COVID-19 “misinformation” is demanding an apology from the site. Not surprisingly, the CDC in its latest guidance is saying what sounds suspiciously like what led to the senator being censored.

Last year, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) posted a video to YouTube in which he said cloth masks were useless for preventing the spread of the Chinese coronavirus. YouTube reacted furiously, accusing Paul of violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy. The social media site took down the video and suspended his account.

Now fast forward a few months. On January 14, the CDC issued new guidance on masks – and they admit cloth masks “provide the least protection” – just like Paul said last year. Instead, the agency recommends people wear surgical masks or respirators if they want solid protection against catching or passing on the coronavirus.

Following the CDC announcement, Paul took to Twitter to ask if YouTube’s “mean snot-nosed censors” would now be visiting his office to “kiss my … and admit I was right.” At the time, Paul said the suspension was “a badge of honor” – but it’s now clear his video wasn’t misinformation at all, and while he’s unlikely to get an apology from YouTube, he certainly deserves one.

( – The moment that President Biden stepped into the Oval Office in 2021, he began writing executive orders. He reversed virtually everything that former president Donald Trump did across four years of the presidency.

Yet, somehow, everything that is wrong with foreign policy right now is being blamed on Trump.

Biden and the rest of his liberal goons are simply unable to accept any kind of blame. They point the finger repeatedly at Trump because it’s easier. And yet, the only way that foreign policies are going to get any better is if Biden suddenly remembers that he’s the president and does something to make improvements.

Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor was recently on “Face the Nation” to point the finger at Trump, saying that a “catastrophic mistake” was made when the U.S. was pulled from the Iran nuclear deal.

It wasn’t a catastrophic mistake, though, because Iran didn’t want to play by the rules.

And, if Iran were going to play by the rules of the deal, they would have had no problem entering into a new deal with President Biden. Yet, Biden has been unable to even get the Iranian government back to the negotiating table. Biden has failed in foreign policy since the moment he took office.

Sullivan wants to say that “the reason we are in the situation we’re in right now is that the previous administration pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal.”

Sullivan is either stupid or covering for a stupid administration. Iran was going to do what it wanted regardless of whether it was part of a deal or not. It was going to break the rules and develop nuclear weapons because it wants to be able to defend itself and become a tyrannical government like others in the world, including North Korea and Russia.

Iran is closing in on its ability to produce a weapon of mass destruction.

If Biden wanted to prevent that from happening, he could do so. It could include adding in more sanctions on Iran. It could involve sending troops into Iran. It could even include multiple airstrikes.

The real problem is that Biden has an inability to make a convincing threat. He is all talk and no show – and every world leader knows that to be true. So, since Biden can’t offer a threat that can be taken seriously by the Iranian government, we’re in a situation where Iran is about to go nuclear.

It has nothing to do with what Trump did.

This is typical of the Biden administration. Everything is Trump’s fault: illegal immigration, climate change, inflation, COVID…it’s all Trump’s fault because Biden can do no wrong.

The reality is that if the Dems want to figure out what has gone wrong, they need to check the long list of executive orders that were signed by Biden within the first 10 days of stepping into the Oval Office. And, they need to check their president for a pulse because Biden is barely getting the job done.

If we want Iran to fear the U.S., we need to give them a reason to fear us.

( – While it’s common to give gifts on special occasions, President Joe Biden probably wasn’t hoping for the anniversary gift he got today from Congresswoman Elsie Stefanik (R-NY), the third highest-ranking Republican in the GOP House caucus.

Stepping before the cameras today to mark Biden’s completion of his first year in office as president, Stefanik, who replaced Liz Cheney when Cheney was booted out of the caucus,  delivered a political spanking that Biden will not soon forget.

You can watch the video further down this page.

According to Stefanik, who spoke while surrounded by other members of the Republican caucus:

“This week marks one year since Joe Biden was sworn into office, and it is one year of complete far-left socialist Democrat control in Washington. And in just one year, what have we seen? Joe Biden’s failed leadership has led to crisis after crisis for the American people. Hardworking families are suffering from an economic crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, an education crisis, a national security crisis, and now a worsening COVID crisis.”

Stefanik then went on to talk about what the Republicans intend to do to highlight what they see as the Biden administration’s deficiencies and what the GOP can do in response.

As you have likely have noticed, Democratic President Joe Biden has an affinity for his homes in his home state of Delaware. And while it’s not all that uncommon for a president to want to vacation in their home away from home during their tenure in the White House, Biden seems to do it more often than most.

In fact, with the holiday season now over and Biden having spent the better part of that in Delaware, the number of days during his first year as our president sits at around 95. That’s a whole one-fourth of the year – spent on vacation.

Now, as appalling as that might be, especially considering the kind of year we’ve had – you know, the kind fraught with crisis and chaos that would likely encourage any leader to never stray far from his desk – one of the most astounding facts comes not from the fact that he has done so but by where he’s chosen to go.

As mentioned before, he goes home, which is not at all surprising in and of itself. However, you might think differently if you knew that his home in Delaware, or at least a growing number of properties surrounding his Rehoboth Beach home, seems to be decorated with a certain sign that cheers on some guy named Brandon.

Yep, that’s right, the now-famous “Let’s Go Brandon” movement has made its way, quite literally, to Biden’s doorstep.

As Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson discovered on a recent trip to visit the Biden property, the president has to pass by one of the most massive “Let’s Go Brandon” signs around for miles to get to his home. As Johnson found out, one of Biden’s neighbors, a local man, erected the sign a few months back just to “have a little laugh in there.”

To be sure, it’s quite comical.

Although both the man and I have to agree, the funniest part is not that the sign exists and is so close to the Biden residence, as that Biden still seems to be oblivious to it and its meaning.

As you might remember, Biden even endorsed the sign and this “Brandon” guy recently.

Now, for those of you feeling a bit in the dark, the whole “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan came about last year after a NASCAR race in which a driver named Brandon Brown had won. NBC interviewed the driver afterward, and the reporter mistook the crowd for chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” when they were quite clearly saying “f*** Joe Biden.”

And the now-famous slogan was born.

But Biden seems to not understand what it actually means. In fact, during a recent Christmas Eve livestream event, one caller ended his on-air message with the slogan. Biden, apparently, completely clueless about it, replied, “Let’s go, Brandon, I agree.” Quite naturally, his wife knew all about the slogan and promptly did an eye roll.

As the neighbor who erected the LGB sign said when speaking to Johnson, “Now even Brandon endorses ‘let’s go, Brandon.’ Yeah, OK, that’s good. That’s the first thing Joe and I agreed on. I think, maybe.” No doubt laughter accompanied that conversation…

Another thing Johnson took note of about the Biden’s Rehoboth property is that, unlike vast portions of our southern border, the entire thing is surrounded by a massive wall.

As Johnson says in his video, “That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: Joe Biden has himself a wall. He built the wall… by his own house to protect himself.”

Now to be clear, this is not some typical white picket fence or even chain link that simply keeps honest people honest and from entering the property uninvited. No, this is a $455,000 wall built around the exterior of the property lines, according to the New York Post and reports from the Department of Homeland Security.

The same man who put up the LGB sign jokingly says the large security fencing is how the neighborhood makes sure Biden doesn’t “stray off” as he is prone to and so his handlers don’t have to “go look for him” later.

Of course, the reasons, whether real or assumed, aren’t the point.

The point is that while Biden clearly has a problem with building security fences around our nation, you know, for national security reasons, he doesn’t have the slightest concern about having one that does the same around himself.

No wonder “Let’s Go Brandon” is taking over everywhere, even right next to Biden’s own home…

Virginia’s new governor has wasted no time getting to grips with the issues that helped propel him into office. The first item on Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) agenda is an investigation into a woke school scandal that ended with three girls allegedly raped by a perverted predator.

When he took office on January 15, Governor Youngkin went straight to work, signing 11 executive actions. Among other things he struck down his Democrat predecessor’s controversial mask and vaccine mandates, and banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Virginia’s schools. But the initiative that got the most attention was an investigation into the scandal in Loudoun County’s public schools.

In May 2021 a 14-year-old boy, who gained access to girls’ toilets by claiming to be “gender fluid,” raped a female student in a Loudoun County school. However, at a school board meeting the next month, schools superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed there had been no assaults in any school restroom – and pushed through a new policy allowing students to use a restroom based on how they “identify.”

When the same teenager assaulted another girl last October, public anger exploded amid allegations Ziegler had covered up the first assault to get his policy through. Youngkin, whose focus on Virginia’s schools played a large part in the success of his campaign, promised to find out what really happened – and fix it. He’s already made a start on fulfilling his promise.

( – Yale University wants to make sure that it does everything it can to keep its students safe. They’ve had vaccine and mask mandates all year long. However, neither the vaccines nor the masks seem to be doing its job. As COVID cases have increased across campus, the Ivy League School decided that it would do the unthinkable – quarantine.

Students are now unable to go to restaurants. They’re on lockdown. It’s deliveries and groceries are allowed only across campus – and many are struggling.

Yale Daily News shared the protocol for students. Those starting the spring semester will be required to quarantine in their residences. The only time they can leave is to pick up food or to get a COVID test until they’re able to get the results of their arrival test.

The campus-wide quarantine is set to last until February 7. Considering that we’re more than two weeks away from that date, they’re going way above and beyond anything that the CDC would suggest. Oh, and they’ve already said that they would consider extending the quarantine depending on what the public health conditions look like at the moment.

Students have been told that they cannot visit any New Haven businesses – restaurants or anything else. They can only do curbside pickup.

This is a bold and drastic response to COVID, especially when you look at what’s being done in other parts of the country where COVID rates are a lot higher than they are in New Haven, Connecticut. New Haven is dealing with a surge in COVID with a 7-day average of around 2600 cases. In contrast, Miami, Florida is also dealing with a surge, with a 7-day average of around 15,000 cases.

It’s all a difference in how the Democrats versus the Republicans handle things. Connecticut’s governor is a Democrat while Florida’s governor is a Republican. Ned Lamont would assume see everything locked down in an effort to protect.

Are COVID deaths surging? No. Hospitalizations? Not really. It’s why Ron DeSantis is fine with allowing people to maintain freedoms. No one at the University of Miami is being told that they can only do curbside.

We could just trust the process. Vaccinate. Wear a mask. Eat wherever the heck you want because you’re protected. And, if you do end up with COVID, you quarantine for five days. Life goes on.

Yet, Yale is showing that they’re not the smarties that they’ve always claimed to be. Students are learning virtually. In-classroom lectures will begin after the quarantine is up on February 7 unless New Haven continues to be out of control (insert eye roll here) with their COVID cases.

As word has gotten out about what Yale is doing, many on social media have referred to it as “tyranny” and “insane.”

COVID is highly survivable, and the omicron variant generally results in symptoms that are similar to the common cold. Meanwhile, Yale students, who are considered the best of the best, will be forced to order pizza and Chinese takeout since they can’t really leave.

We’ve heard of the Freshman 15 and the Quarantine 15. What kind of weight gain will Yale students see as they’re forced to eat their feelings while in quarantine for the next few weeks? We can only imagine…

( – We all know that Biden continues to mismanage practically everything he does. However, Biden does seem to be good at one thing…Lying to the American public.

When people recite stories about the past, it’s common to misplace a fact here and there or embellish a bit. However, when President of the United States, it is their responsibility to ensure the people the president represents are continuously informed of the truth. In a recent story written by historically left-leaning Washington Post, the paper turns on its own ideological band by putting Biden’s claims to the “Pinocchio Test”.

The Post compared four versions of the leader’s story about a time during his teenage years when he claims police arrested him amid a racial protest near his home. Each story was slightly different than the other, so the paper surprisingly dug deeper into the validity of the Democrat President’s recollections.

Researchers couldn’t find any records of Biden’s arrest during their investigation. However, they did uncover there were a few protests in the area concerning the presence of black people in and around the neighborhood where the president resided during part of his teenage years. They concluded Biden may have used the story to add more credibility to his support of the civil rights movement.

The report then called Biden a “not always” reliable source and gave him Four Pinocchios for stretching the truth. They ended the piece by saying they would re-investigate if any new evidence surfaced, but the real shock here is WaPo thoroughly fact-checking someone on the Left.

( – He didn’t announce whether he would launch another campaign for the presidency, but former President Donald Trump pledged at his first rally of 2022 that come 2024, “we are going to take back the White House.” 

And speaking in front of a sea of supporters gathered at the Country Thunder festival grounds in Florence, Arizona, Trump delivered what sounded like his first stump speech of a possible 2024 campaign.

Trump repeatedly took aim at President Biden, who defeated him in the 2020 presidential election. Trump deemed his successor in the White House “incompetent” and blasted Biden on a wide range of issues, including the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, foreign policy and crime.

While Trump looked ahead to 2024 as well as this year’s midterm elections – he predicted that “a great red wave is going to begin right here in Arizona” and vowed that “this is the year we take back the House, this is the year we take back the Senate” – he spent much of his speech looking back to his 2020 election loss to Biden.

The former president repeated his unfounded claims that the 2020 election was “rigged” and once again claimed that “I ran twice and we won twice.”

It was no surprise that Trump chose Arizona to kick off his first rally of the new year. Besides being a key battleground in the 2022 midterms, with high profile showdowns for Senate and governor, it is also one of a half-dozen states where Biden narrowly edged Trump in 2020 to win the White House. 

Last year, a Trump-fueled and GOP-driven partisan audit of votes was conducted in Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county. Results of the review found that Trump received a couple of hundred fewer votes than the results from the certified election.

On Deck

Trump’s second rally of 2022 will take place on Saturday, Jan. 29, in Conroe, Texas, which is north of Houston.

The former president’s Save America PAC announced on Friday that the rally would be held at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. It comes one month for primary day in Texas.

A source close to Trump told Fox News that the former president plans to hold roughly two rallies per month going forward.

Trump vs. DeSantis

Did Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis add fuel to the fire in what seems like a burgeoning spat between the popular conservative governor and the former president?

DeSantis has seen his popularity surge among Republican voters in his state and around the nation over the past year and a half, thanks in large part to his combative pushback against COVID-19 restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After Trump last week said in an interview that politicians who won’t publicly say whether they’ve received a COVID vaccine booster shot are “gutless” – which was widely seen as a shot at DeSantis –  the governor appeared to return fire Friday in an interview on the popular conservative podcast “Ruthless.”

DeSantis said he should have been “much louder” in trying to convince Trump to oppose lockdowns as the pandemic was sweeping the nation in February and March 2020. 

And the governor touted that “when COVID was first coming… I was telling Trump ‘stop the flights from China’ because we didn’t know what we were dealing with.”

DeSantis shut down Florida as the pandemic engulfed the nation, but was also one of the first governors in 2020 to lift coronavirus restrictions.

DeSantis, a former congressman who was narrowly elected Florida governor in 2018 in part thanks to then-President Trump’s support, is running for reelection this year. And he’s polled a consistent – and distant – second to Trump in most of the early 2024 GOP presidential nomination polls.

Asked about his rising popularity among Republican voters nationwide, DeSantis said in his “Ruthless” interview “I think what people see, quite frankly, Republicans, they want to see people actually lead and get things done and fight back. And that’s what we’ve done. We’ve had to do it tooth and nail. We don’t back down from anybody. And we do things. And so, I don’t just wait for things to happen.”

Trump has predicted that if he runs for the White House again, DeSantis won’t run. The governor has deflected when asked about 2024. “It’s way down the road. It’s not anything that I’m planning for,” DeSantis said in a Fox News interview last autumn.

And DeSantis blamed the media for talk of any tensions with the former president.

“I think this is what the media does, and you cannot fall for the bait. You know what they’re trying to do. Don’t take the bait, and just kind of keep on keeping on. We need everybody united for a big red wave in 2022,” the governor argued.

2024 poll

A Quinnipiac University national poll conducted Jan. 7-10 and released last week had some tough numbers for both Trump and President Biden.

The president’s approval rating dropped to just 33% in the survey.

And by a 59%-33% margin, those questioned said they wouldn’t like to see Trump run again. 

According to the poll, 69% of Republicans want to see Trump run again. But that’s down from 78% who said the same thing in Quinnipiac’s October survey.

( – It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the border. New year, new approach, right? Wrong. Kamala Harris decided that her resolution is to sit back and do the same thing she did all throughout 2021. And, as a result, the problem at the border only gets worse.

While Greg Abbott, Texas’s governor, is doing all he can to address the problem, it’s not enough. He needs the support of the federal government, which he’s not getting. In fact, the Biden administration continues to block him with every piece of legislation that he passes to try to protect the state.

Meanwhile, over 2200 illegal immigrants shimmied their way across the southern border over the New Year’s weekend so that they could claim their grab bag of liberal prizes. You know, free money, voting rights, and anything else that the individual Democratic cities or states may be handing out, too.

They made it over just in time to crack open a bottle of champagne and ring in the New Year while laughing at how ridiculous the immigration laws are in the U.S.

And it is laughable. Why do we even have immigration laws if the Biden administration is just going to ignore them?

The Del Rio Sector Border Patrol has already apprehended 2200 migrants in the New Year. Jason D. Owens, a Chief Patrol Agent, tweeted that “2022 is off & running” with not only 2200 migrants arrested after crossing the border illegally but also seven attempts of human smuggling stopped and 12 migrants having to be rescued.

It’s proof that the border has to be properly secured. And those in other countries have to be told that they cannot come without fear of being apprehended and sent back to their countries of origin. A bland “Don’t come here” from Biden or Harris is not going to be enough.

And one story that was shared by Owens was a little girl who made the journey all by herself. He shared a picture of her coloring with one of the border patrol agents with the comment that “Ask HER what she thinks of the people in green.” He went on to share a message that goes against how the liberals want to portray the U.S. Border Patrol agents, “weak, agenda-driven narratives cannot compete with the facts. These are the men & women of the USBP. See them through her eyes.”

The Biden administration has to stop making Border Patrol look like they are the enemies. USBP is doing its job because of immigration laws. What are we supposed to do with 2200 more illegal immigrants in the country when we cannot possibly support the millions that entered last year?

The illegal immigrants work for less money – and they continue to leech off of our government programs. They’re the ones breaking the economy. And the Biden administration knows this, yet they’re still content to welcome everyone.

2022 needs to be a new approach. We tried it their way in 2021 and look where that got us? If Kamala Harris can’t do her job and secure the border once and for all, she should be impeached. And while we’re on the subject, we might as well impeach Joe Biden, too. They’re both lousy leaders – and if we don’t do something quickly, a lot more illegal immigrants will find their way into our country.