Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and their Democrat friends may have thought they were cute when they started arresting people for not wearing masks in the White House and Capitol, but House Republicans stood in defiance of this tyrannical edict on Thursday when the House GOP protested the mask mandate with a maskless march through the halls of the Senate.

Recently, the Biden administration — in a charge led by Nancy Pelosi — instructed the Capitol Police to arrest anyone who wore masks in the House of Representatives and the White House. The Senate, however, does not have a similar rule. Fox News reports that Republican lawmakers and staffers ditched the masks and marched onto the Senate floor:

Roy was joined by around 50 of his House colleagues, including Reps. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., Kat Cammack, R-Fla., and Byron Donalds, R-Fla.

“Congressman Roy said it succinctly on the House floor Wednesday: ‘We have a crisis at our border and we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the people’s house,’” a Roy spokesperson told Fox News in an email.

“The fact that Speaker Pelosi is willing to have vaccinated staffers arrested for not complying with her mask mandate while the border remains wide open tells you all you need to know,” they continued. “This isn’t about science. It’s about politics and control.”

Cawthorn told Fox News in a Thursday statement that the Republicans who left the House chamber to protest the mask mandate “took a firm stance on individual liberty.”

“Along with the majority of Americans, we rejected the totalitarian, hypocritical, and arbitrary ruling from Speaker Pelosi demanding masks be worn in the House,” Cawthorn said. “My staff should never fear arrest because they practice individual responsibility.”

For her part, Pelosi denies any responsibility for this rule. A spokesman old Fox News that “The speaker of the House does not control the U.S. Capitol Police.” Watch a video of the protest below: 

A Los Angeles school district is forcing kids to undergo weekly COVID testing as Coronamania once again sweeps the nation. As you know, Washington is now arresting people who dare step inside the Capitol or White House without a mask. State and healthcare workers in California are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. This could extend to other businesses. Now, the Los Angeles Unified School District will require weekly testing for both students and staff regardless of vaccination status.

Democrat darling Dr. Anthony Fauci says that mask mandates may make a comeback nationwide. While some states have taken steps to protect Americans, many — especially Blue states — remain vulnerable to government overreach. California is one of those states.

California ABC affiliate KABC reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District announced Thursday that al students and staff are required to undergo inconvenient and humiliating rounds of testing if they want to step foot in the building — regardless of their individual vaccination status:

In a policy shift, the Los Angeles Unified School District on Thursday announced it will require all students and district employees returning to in-person activities for the upcoming academic year to undergo “baseline and ongoing weekly COVID-testing,” regardless of their vaccination status.

The district had previously required such testing only for those who are unvaccinated.

“This is in accordance with the most recent guidance from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health,” LAUSD Interim Superintendent Megan K. Reilly wrote in a message to the district community. “Baseline testing begins on Monday, August 2.”

Current vaccinations provide adequate protection against COVID-19 and the new Delta variant, which is sweeping through Democrat-run California. While they don’t keep people from getting sick entirely, they do prevent them from becoming seriously ill or dying from the illness. So it’s strange that vaccinated people would have to be tested.

“Los Angeles Unified continues to collaborate with our health partners at the county and state levels, as well as our panel of medical experts and university partners and we review updates to county, state, and federal guidance on a daily basis,” Reilly says, apparently unaware that medical experts say vaccinations provide enough protection and that testing everyone is a waste of time and resources.

But this isn’t about safety. It’s about conditioning Americans to accept being poked, jabbed, and swabbed whenever the government wants.

You know how Arizona and other states have been auditing the 2020 election results? Apparently, the Biden administration has a major problem with attempts to bring transparency to what happened in 2020. Now Biden’s FOJ is trying to scare states that are performing election audits.

The Justice Department issued “guidance” on Wednesday warning states performing audits intended to reveal the true vote counts that they may be running afoul of federal voting laws — the latest attempt by the Biden administration to intimidate states attempting to do the right thing. ABC News reports:

The Justice Department on Wednesday released guidance intended to caution states embarking on so-called post-election ‘audits’ of vote counts for the 2020 presidential election that they must not run afoul of federal voting laws.

The guidance, previously previewed last month by Attorney General Merrick Garland in his policy address on voting rights, outlines federal statutes that the department says elections officials must adhere to during such “audits,” such as preserving all federal elections materials and making sure they’re not tampered with.

“This document sets down a marker that says the Justice Department is concerned about this, and we will be following this closely,” a DOJ official told reporters on a media conference call Wednesday.

The guidance echoes a warning sent by the department back in May to the Republican-run audit in Arizona, warning officials there that all election records must be preserved and expressing concern about the state handing over election materials to the private contractor group Cyber Ninjas.

The aforementioned letter related to Arizona succeeded in scaring contractors away from visiting homes to verify that the people in the legitimately cast their ballots, one of the primary goals of auditors.

The DOJ “guidance” makes it clear that the Biden administration believes that Joe Biden and his allies control elections and how they are reviewed — not individual states. In 2022, we need to send a clear message that they are wrong. And in 2024 it’s time to get rid of Joe Biden once and for all.

When news hit that the White House and Capitol would be bringing back mask mandates for visitors and staff, we knew this was coming. It was clear that the Biden Administration seeks to punish anyone they can who does not choose to get vaccinated. But now things have progressed past where many thought they would go: the Capitol Police are now arresting people for not wearing masks.

It might seem crazy, but that’s something that can be said for the Biden Administration in many areas. While many states are enacting laws banning mask requirements and protecting citizens from vaccine mandates, some — like California — have gone as far as to require vaccines for state employees and medical workers. Washington has not yet gone so far as to require vaccines, but masks are now mandatory at the White House and on Capitol grounds. And if you violate these mask mandates, you could find yourself behind bars. Fox News reports:

U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) were ordered to start arresting visitors and staff who refuse to wear a mask on the House side of the Capitol complex starting Thursday, according to a police memo issued by new USCP Chief Thomas Manger that was obtained by a member of Congress. 

Police were also advised not to arrest members of Congress for failing to wear masks but to report the lawmakers’ noncompliance to the House sergent-at-arms, the memo says.

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., got a copy of the memo distributed at Thursday’s morning roll call from an unnamed police officer, she told Fox News. Police she’s spoken to are “very uncomfortable” with this new directive that Cammack describes as “tyrannical.”

“This is such an overstep of Speaker Pelosi’s authority to basically make our Capitol Police arrest staff members and report on members,” Cammack told Fox News Wednesday. “It’s absolutely unconscionable that this is where we’re at.”

Nancy Pelosi denies playing a role in this tyrannical order. “The Speaker of the House does not control the US Capitol Police,” Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill told Fox News.  “We were unaware of the memo until it was reported in the press.” Rep. Steve Scalise posted a copy of the memo:

“To be clear: Pelosi is directing police to ARREST vaccinated people who aren’t wearing masks,” Scalise says. “This isn’t about science—it’s about power and control.”

It is about power. It is about control. And it must stop.

Joe Biden has demonstrated signs of cognitive decline long before he was elected* President. We’ve watched him confuse the identities of members of his own staff, people he has appointed, world leaders, and more. We’ve seen him mix up facts and details most wouldn’t. But now, he can’t even remember who was President when he was Vice President. Recently, Biden confused President Trump with Barack Obama in a weird cognitive catastrophe during a visit to Allentown, Pennsylvania.

While delivering remarks on U.S. manufacturing, Biden accidentally forgot that he wasn’t fortunate enough to serve Americans alongside President Trump. Discussing Obama’s “Great Recession,” Biden said:

“Back in 2009, during the so-called ‘Great Recession,’ the President asked me to be in charge of managing that piece – then-President Trump – excuse me, Freudian slip – that was the last president – he caused–anyway, President Obama when I was Vice President.”

Recently, 14 Republican congressmen and women demanded that Joe Biden undergo cognitive testing because of his barrage of “Freudian slips.” It’s not just Americans who notice that there are issues. An Australian news host called Biden a “barely cogent” leader “who couldn’t find his way home after dark.” He, too, called for Biden to take a cognitive test.

Thus far, Biden has resisted any and all attempts to convince the American people that he is, indeed, mentally fit to serve as President. Many are wondering why he would refuse something so simple as a cognitive exam, which is noninvasive and not at all time-consuming. Instead, he continues to lead America down a path of destruction as our citizens are left to wonder when and if they will have competent leadership. Watch it below:

The White House has taken action that may foreshadow what is to come for the rest of America. If you thought Democrats were done making you “mask up” even if you have been vaccinated against COVID-19, pay attention to what is happening in Washington right now. The White House has officially brought back mask mandates for employees and visitors — a move that has been mirrored by the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

This news comes along with a Tuesday CDC announcement that the organization is now recommending that even people who are vaccinated wear masks indoors in areas where COVID spread is heavier. But for months, Democrats — including Dr. Anthony Fauci — have been pushing a return to mask mandates and the more extreme vaccination mandates we are now seeing in California for state and healthcare workers. Fox News reports:

Capitol Attending Physician Brian Monahan said late Tuesday that the House of Representatives is reinstating its mask mandate – and therefore the threat of fines to members who don’t comply – following updated guidance from the Centers from Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The White House also appears to be going back to mandated masks. A representative of the White House press representative was seen Tuesday swapping a sign saying people are required to wear masks if unvaccinated with another saying masks are required regardless of vaccination status. 

The CDC said Tuesday that it is recommending people who are vaccinated and in areas with high COVID-19 spread wear masks indoors. The announcement was foreshadowed for days by top officials and demanded for weeks by some activists. The new recommendation is likely to prompt a raft of new mask mandates around the country and has already done so in the U.S. Capitol. 

“For the Congress, representing a collection of individuals traveling weekly from various risk areas (both high and low rates of disease transmission), all individuals should wear a well-fitted, medical-grade filtration mask (for example an ear loop surgical mask or a KN95 mask) when they are in an interior space,” Monahan says in a letter sent to congressional staffers.  Exceptions are made for those who are actively speaking or seeking recognition from a chair at a committee hearing or those who are alone in a room.

“To be clear, for meetings in an enclosed US House of Representatives controlled space, masks are REQUIRED,” Monahan says. “Failure to wear a mask in the Hall of the House is subject to fines imposed for violation as contained in the previous House rule.”

Monahan  claims that a spike in COVID cases “represents a dire health risk to unvaccinated individuals and is not without some risk to the vaccinated individuals or their unvaccinated household contacts.”

The CDC guidance, coupled with Washington’s quick capitulation to it, may cause businesses and state governments to re-impose mask mandates. We are about to see an epidemic of senseless rules that inconvenience everyday Americans.

If it was going to begin anywhere it would be in California, which is rolling out a vaccine mandate for state and healthcare workers. While some states like Florida are taking steps to protect citizens from government overreach, California is encouraging it.

The LA Times reports that healthcare workers and state employees have a choice to make: get the jab by August 2 or be burdened by weekly COVID-19 testing:

California state and healthcare employees will soon be required to show proof they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19 — with those who remain uninoculated subject to a regular testing regimen, officials announced Monday.

The new guidance is not a vaccine mandate, the likes of which have been announced for municipal workers in some areas of the state, but effectively removes the “honor system” in which some workers were able to self-attest to their vaccination status.

When the additional requirements are in place, state employees who are unvaccinated, or decline to provide proof of vaccination, will be tested for coronavirus infection at least once a week, according to the California Department of Human Resources.

There are roughly 246,000 state employees.

Healthcare workers — in both the private and public sectors — will be subject to similar requirements. Those who work in high-risk settings, such as acute care and skilled nursing facilities, will need to be tested twice a week if they don’t provide proof of vaccination.

But it may not stop at these two groups. State officials say they are encouraging all employers to treat their people similarly. This means that if you work in California, you may be subject to this state-sponsored harassment if you don’t get the vaccine. Many choose not to do so because of religious or philosophical reasons. Some have an issue with the fact that the vaccine has not received full FDA approval or medical complications that would endanger their lives. Regardless of the reason, the decision whether or not to get the jab should be a personal one — not one made by the government for you.

Get ready because Democrats want to bring back masks. You may have thought getting vaccinated against COVID-19 would prevent you having to wear a mask. That’s what we were told, right? But Dr. Anthony Fauci says that this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, he says he is part of discussions regarding forcing Americans to go back to wearing masks regularly.

During an appearance on CNN, Fauci told Jake Tapper that the Biden Administration is considering forcing everyone to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

“Do you think masks should be brought back for vaccinated Americans?” Tapper asked.

“This is under active consideration,” Fauci replied. “Yes, I am part of the discussion.” Forbes reports:

These discussions are happening as the country is seeing more than 40,000 new cases of coronavirus infections a day, a 263% increase in just the past month.

Wearing face coverings can be a contentious issue in the states that would benefit the most from mask mandates, and they tend to be the same states where vaccination hesitancy is greatest.

In the five states with the highest rates of Covid infection, less than half the population is fully vaccinated.

But vaccinations may not matter if Fauci and the Democrats have their way. Soon, they want us to return to closed businesses, maskless people being kicked out of stores and harassed, and a failing economy. Some states have taken steps to prevent mask requirements. But not all are on board with protecting the population from government overreach. Unfortunately, we may soon be back to the hell that was 2020. Watch the video below:

Want to see Hunter Biden hit a crack pipe while in rehab? We all need a good laugh, right? During a recent stint in rehab Hunter Biden chose — for some reason — to record himself smoking crack and whining to his then-girlfriend about rehab. This might seem a bit far-fetched, but there is absolutely video. It’s not a joke.

Hunter Biden’s issues with crack cocaine are well-established. But we have never seen them so well-established as in this conversation between him and his girlfriend/mistress (Hunter was still married to Kathleen Biden at the time) Hallie Biden, his dead brother’s widow. The fun part occurs near the end of the video, which goes something like this:

  • Hunter Biden: *hits crack pipe*
  • Hunter Biden: *silence*
  • Hallie Biden: “Hello?”
  • Hunter Biden: *silence*
  • Hunter Biden: *More Silence*
  • Hunter Biden: “Yeah?”

The rest of the conversation is interesting too:

  • Hallie Biden: Well I think we should discuss that while you are there.
  • Hunter Biden: Okay but why did you call me at 9 o’clock in the morning to tell me that? On the morning that the Maureen Dowd article comes out.
  • Hallie Biden: I guess I didn’t know about Maureen Dowd and I guess I thought that you wouldn’t attack me.
  • Hunter Biden: Well you did before you started talking to me.
  • Hallie Biden: That you would be a bit more humble.
  • Hunter Biden: I did not attack you.
  • Hallie Biden: But I was wrong and it pissed me off.
  • Hunter Biden: I didn’t attack you.
  • Hallie Biden: You said I’m gonna use against you.
  • Hunter Biden: No. I said to you, Hallie, I don’t want to give you information about this program because I’m afraid that you’ll use it against me as not being honest.
  • Hallie Biden: And then you said that I haven’t been supportive an you didn’t notice I was being supportive. I can’t keep talking. We’re gonna go around and around in circles.
  • Hunter Biden: I’m not arguing, Hallie. I’m asking you.
  • Hallie Biden: I don’t know. I think we should schedule a visit and well talk with the therapist. I’m not going to continue to argue…
  • Hunter Biden: *hits crack pipe*
  • Hallie Biden: …and I don’t want to talk and make things worse.

Please enjoy this video of the “smarted guy” Joe Biden says he knows, below:

While Democrats’ vaccine mandates have not become a reality, some have taken it upon themselves to make the COVID vaccine a condition of freedom. A Franklin County, Ohio judge has made getting the COVID jab a condition of parole in no fewer than three cases in a single week. While Democrats pretend that receiving the vaccine is still optional, they forget to mention that it’s not optional for all.

Many skip getting the vaccine for religious o philosophical reasons. Others are concerned with the lack of research or the fact that the FDA hasn’t even given it full approval. Some have allergies. But if any of those three people have any of those concerns, they will be forced to choose between their deeply held beliefs — or freedom. The Columbus Dispatch reports:

A Franklin County judge recently began including vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of defendants’ terms of probation.

Common Pleas Judge Richard Frye said last week he added the vaccine as a condition on three cases in the week of the roughly 20 sentences he imposed.

He said he discussed the matter in open court with the defendants, and they attributed their unvaccinated status to procrastination. None raised any philosophical, medical or religious objection.

“It occurred to me that at least some of these folks need to be encouraged not to procrastinate,” Frye said in an interview. “I think it’s a reasonable condition when we’re telling people to get employed and be out in the community.”

The judge says he refuses to “speculate” about important matters like medical or religious exemptions, but the Dispatch reports that one man was forced to get the jab to receive parole for “improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle” — which nabbed him two years on probation. He must get vaccinated within 30 days.

A spokesman for the Ohio Supreme Court says he doesn’t know of any other judges forcibly vaccinating people over minor crimes. Even the liberal ACLU has an issue with these forced vaccinations. “At a minimum, it appears to be problematic,” says ACLU lobbyist Gary Daniels.

“I just wanted them to be safe in the community,” the judge says — but is anyone really “safe” when the government is forcing people to receive a vaccine?