Recently, Joe Biden pulled our troops out of Afghanistan. In the process, he allowed hundreds of terrorist prisoners to be released as the Taliban swept the country. The terrorist organization captured nearly a dozen U.S. bases, complete with enough weapons, ammunition, and vehicles to supply an army. And indeed that’s what happened. Thanks to Joe Biden, the Taliban now has an air force. He refused to conduct rescue operations to help Americans who were trapped outside the Kabul airport. Then, he pulled the remainder of our troops out of the country and stranded hundreds of our citizens — including more than two dozen schoolchildren from California — behind enemy lines. Unsurprisingly, now billboard mocking Biden have popped up in Pennsylvania.

The billboards read “Making the Taliban great again” and feature Joe Biden holding a rocket launcher — just one of the many weapons our “President” gave the Taliban as a gift. The popular billboards took the internet by storm — and now the man behind them has spoken out.

The hero behind these billboards is former Pennsylvania state senator Scott Wagner, a Republican who served the state admirably from 2014 to 2018. He paid to put up 15 billboards around the state and says they will stick around for two months. Wagner tells Fox News he has “several reasons” for putting up the billboards.

“The pull out rushed through by President Biden had made us the laughing stock of the world,” he says. “The Taliban are openly stating that they ran the United States out of Afghanistan – they are now very emboldened.” 

Wagner says that freedoms “young people have experienced since we landed in their country will be taken away now that the Taliban is in control.” And this is already happening, as we have seen the Taliban clamping down on basic human rights since Biden abandoned Afghanistan to its fate.

“What do we say to families who lost loved ones in the Middle East – the country these people served and died for left Afghanistan with its tail between its legs,” he says. “It seems that President Biden was hell bent on rushing out of Afghanistan – his ego and lack on information is going to prove to be very bad for the United States.” 

“The pull out rushed through by President Biden had made us the laughing stock of the world,” Wagner told Fox News. “The Taliban are openly stating that they ran the United States out of Afghanistan – they are now very emboldened.”

“It seems that President Biden was hell bent on rushing out of Afghanistan – his ego and lack on information is going to prove to be very bad for the United States,” Wagner says of the “President,” whose job approval numbers have been plummeting since the Afghanistan debacle.

These immensely popular billboards are here to stay as a reminder to Americans of one of the many ways Biden has failed the country.

Joe Biden has spend his entire presidency allowing illegals to walk across the border unchallenged, unmasked, an unvaccinated. This puts communities near border crossing hotspots at risk of sickness. But it also causes spikes in crime rates, endangering human life in more dangerous ways. His actions have allowed brutal cartels to thrive, with operations being conducted in the light of day — and allowed them to expand operations further into human and drug trafficking than ever before. He may have thought that this would help his poll numbers among Hispanics, but as it turns out those who are here legally don’t respect his decision to create and maintain a crisis at the border. In fact, Hispanic support for Biden has completely dissolved during his first year in the Oval Office.

According to a new poll, Hispanic support for Biden has plummeted, down from over 70 percent last May to a dismal 38 percent. This is according to a new Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. And the Hispanic population isn’t even all that uncertain, with 45 percent adamantly disapproving of Biden’s job performance.

These numbers are worse than the overall approval rating. Currently, 50 percent of Americans disapprove of Biden while only 42 percent approve. Back in May 2020, Biden enjoyed a confident yet not impressive 55 percent approval from the general public. The Hispanic population, however, loved him, with 72 percent approving. Quinnipiac reports:

Americans’ views have dimmed on the way President Joe Biden is handling his job as president, with 42 percent approving and 50 percent disapproving, according to a Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University national poll of adults released today. This is the first time Biden’s job approval has dropped into negative territory since taking office. In early August, 46 percent of Americans approved and 43 percent disapproved of the way Biden was handling his job.

In today’s poll, Democrats approve 88 – 7 percent, while Republicans disapprove 91 – 7 percent and independents disapprove 52 – 34 percent.

…1,210 U.S. adults nationwide were surveyed from September 10th – 13th with a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.

Joe Biden’s approval numbers continue to drop not just with Hispanics, but with all Americans. Not only has he cultivated a crisis at the border, but he handed Afghanistan to a terrorist organization, supplied them with weapons, ammo, vehicles, and a whole air force, and stranded hundreds of Americans there when he ignored literally everyone and pulled troops out before the evacuations were complete. It’s time for him to resign.

Joe Biden used to promise us that there would be no federal-level vaccine mandates. My, my, how times have changed. Recently, the current occupant of the Oval Office announced vaccine mandates for federal employees (but not Congress), as well as workers for any business with more than 100 employees and anyone who puts themselves at risk in the healthcare field. According to Biden, none of those people deserve to make their own decisions about what is right for themselves and their families. But one brave California sheriff is standing up for the men and women in his department. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco refuses to enforce Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

“Over the past couple of weeks, the idea of forced vaccination has caused much concern across the entire country,” Bianco said in a statement on Monday. “I will not enforce the vaccine mandate on Sheriff’s Department employees.”

This is important, as Biden’s tyranny now threatens to strip the freedom to make one’s own healthcare choices from more than 100 million Americans. “The government has no ability and no authority to mandate your health choices,” Bianco, who says he is not anti-vaccine and simply believes that it is a decision you and your doctor should make, correctly points out. “As your sheriff, I have an obligation to guard your liberty and freedom.”

“I am certainly not anti-vaccine. I am anti-vaccine for me. That decision should be made in consultation with your doctor after discussing the potential benefit and the potential negative side effects,” he says. “It is time our government and our politicians come to the realization that the only reason they exist is because “we the people” formed our government to secure the blessings of individual liberty and freedom.”

Last year, Bianco pushed back against California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ridiculous COVID mandates when Newsom threatened to strip funding from counties that refused to uphold his draconian regulations. Now, he continues to stand up for Americans whether they work for his department or not. Biden may think he is a king, but Americans are pushing back — and it’s beautiful.

On Tuesday, Arizona sued Biden over his vaccine mandate requiring federal employees — but not Congress — as well as healthcare workers and people who work for businesses with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Though Biden previously promised no nationwide mandates, he went back on that promise without warning and put more than 100 million Americans at risk of losing their livelihoods if they do not elect to get the jab.

“We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden as he sought to unilaterally expand the government’s control over us. “This is not about freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you.”

“The federal government cannot force people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Biden Administration is once again flouting our laws and precedents to push their radical agenda,” Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a statement regarding the lawsuit, which attempts to upset Biden’s vaccination tyranny.

Arizona complaint on Biden … by Fox News

The lawsuit points out that Biden’s mandate does not include illegal immigrants and violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. Fox News reports:

Specifically, the Arizona lawsuit contrasts the mandates with the lack of mandate for those entering the country illegally via the U.S. southern border, where there has been a surge in migrant encounters – with more than 212,000 in July alone. While approximately 40% of those encounters result an expulsion via Title 42 public health protections, many other migrants have been released into the U.S., which has led to concerns about the risk of potential COVID-19 spread.

“There can be no serious or scientific discussion about containing the spread of COVID-19 that doesn’t begin at our southern border,” Brnovich said.

The lawsuit argues that the mandate violates the Equal Protection Clause by allegedly favoring migrants who have come into the country illegally over American citizens.

“Although the precise contours of the federal vaccination mandates are not yet clear, the violation of the Equal Protection Clause is already evident and egregious,” the brief says. “In a nutshell: unauthorized aliens will not be subject to any vaccination requirements even when released directly into the United States (where most will remain), while roughly a hundred million U.S. citizens will be subject to unprecedented vaccination requirements.” 

“This reflects an unmistakable — and unconstitutional — brand of favoritism in favor of unauthorized aliens,” it says.

Other states, including Texas, are expected to join the fight against Biden’s unconstitutional actions.

As we watch Biden roll out nationwide vaccine mandates despite a promise to do no such thing — and individual states like California and New York do the same — it’s easy to feel like our freedoms are being stripped away. Recently, New York rolled out a vaccine mandate pushed by disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo. But now, a Clinton-appointed judge has blocked New York’s vaccine mandate.

The mandate requires health care workers to get vaccinated or risk being unable to provide for their families — a potential death or death decision, as most vaccines have not even received full FDA approval. People who have religious objections to vaccines, according to the emergency order, are out of luck if they think their faith will be respected. On Monday, 17 healthcare workers, all Christians, fought back and, for now, managed to convince a judge to temporarily block the mandate. ABC News reports:

A federal judge temporarily blocked the state of New York on Tuesday from forcing medical workers to be vaccinated after a group of health care workers sued, saying their Constitutional rights were violated because the state’s mandate disallowed religious exemptions.

Judge David Hurd in Utica issued the order after 17 health professionals, including doctors and nurses, claimed in a lawsuit Monday that their rights were violated with a vaccine mandate that disallowed the exemptions.

The judge gave New York state until Sept. 22 to respond to the lawsuit in federal court in Utica.

“The vaccine mandate is suspended,” Judge David Hurd of the US District Court for the Northern District of New York, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, said in his order. He barred the Department of Health from “taking any action, disciplinary or otherwise, against the licensure, certification, residency, admitting privileges or other professional status or qualification of any of the plaintiffs on account of their seeking or having obtained a religious exemption from mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.”

The lawsuit was filed anonymously because the plaintiffs fear they  “run the risk of ostracization, threats of harm, immediate firing and other retaliatory consequences if their names become known.” The objection is based on the fact that every available vaccine uses aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development, and production.

It’s unclear what will happen in the future. But for now, medical workers in New York have a way out if their faith prohibits them from using these vaccines.

While the matter has yet to be decided in the court system, most Americans say that Biden’s vaccine mandate is unconstitutional — a sentiment that is being ignored by the administration as vaccine tyranny sweeps the nation. Though Americans deserve to make their own decisions for the health of themselves and their families, Biden recently violated his promise of no mandates and did what we all predicted from the beginning. But a new poll shows that this was not a popular move at all.

A Trafalgar poll conducted between 9/10 and 9/12 among nearly 1100 likely general election voters doesn’t look good for Biden. Nearly 60 percent (58.6%) say that Biden does not have the constitutional authority to force private businesses to require employees to get the jab, with only 29.7 percent agreeing that he’s within his rights. Another 11.8 percent say they are not sure. Among Democrats, the affirmative jumps to 54.9 percent. Among Republicans, the “no” answer jumps to a whopping 83.5 percent. Independents also agree that Biden does not have the “constitutional authority” to force employers to make employees get vaccinated, with 68.2 percent saying he does not.

Asked if they support governors pushing back on Biden’s vaccine mandate, 56.1 percent say they support those efforts to defend Americans’ freedom. Democrats, of course, oppose these efforts at a startling rate of 65.7 percent. Republicans overwhelmingly support them, with 78.5 percent on board. Independents support governors who oppose Biden at 62.3 percent.

Many Americans worry that Biden has set a precedent that other presidents in the future can abuse. In fact, 55.5 percent say this is likely the case. Naturally, 54.4 percent of Democrats disagree But 79.5 percent of Republicans are in tune with reality. And 58 percent of Independents agree that this is a terrifying precedent.

Biden’s mandate will dish out $14,000 fines for each person who violates the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration-led mandate of vaccination or weekly testing. Biden once said vaccine mandates are “not the role of the federal government.” You know, except when he decides they are.

Biden’s new vaccine mandate for federal workers has caused quite an uproar. The mandate applies to every federal employee, healthcare workers, and numerous businesses. It applies to millions of Americans. But you know who it doesn’t apply to? Congress — or Biden himself.

Biden’s mandate exempts members of Congress and the federal court system as well as their staffers, according to a new report from Fox News. The entire legislative and judicial branches of the government don’t have to get the jab — which leaves many Americans asking “why us and not them?” Fox reports:

In April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Congress couldn’t mandate the vaccine among members and that it was a “matter of privacy.” In early August, she signaled she would be open to mandating the vaccine once it was granted full approval by the Food and Drug Administration, but she has not appeared to have revisited the issue since Pfizer’s vaccine was approved late last month.

On Aug. 3, a group of House Democrats sent a letter to the Attending Physician of Congress, Dr. Brian Monahan, asking him to mandate vaccines for members of Congress and their staff or to require twice-weekly COVID-19 testing. It is not clear how many members of the House and Senate remain unvaccinated, but the number is estimated to be very low.

As part of his plan announced Thursday, Biden said companies with 100 or more employees will have to mandate vaccines or weekly COVID-19 testing under a forthcoming emergency order by the Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which will apply to more than 80 million private-sector workers. The administration said companies that don’t comply can face fines of almost $14,000. 

It’s unclear why Pelosi and her friends in Congress are not required to get vaccinated like the rest of us, but this two-tier system of requirements does nothing to instill confidence in Americans s far as vaccines are concerned. If they are completely safe, why do our nation’s leaders not have to get the jab? This is a question we will not see the Biden administration answer, unfortunately.

Vaccine mandates are taking America by storm. After test runs in California and other Democrat-controlled places, Joe Biden went back on his word to Americans and unveiled vaccine mandates targeting millions of federal and healthcare workers as well as employees of any company with more than 100 employees. Now, some Kentucky health workers have been fired for refusing to comply with the vaccine mandate they faced before Biden widened the scope of his tyranny.

Biden recently overstepped in his fervor to get Americans, whether they want to or not, to get the “jab.” CNBC reports that this is a dangerous reversal of his previous promise not to institute mandates:

Critics see the move by the president as a reversal of his previous promise to avoid vaccine mandates. Federal health officials, however, believe it is the next step in the fight against the highly contagious delta variant, which is killing more than 1,500 Americans every day, according to a CNBC analysis of Johns Hopkins University data, and filling hospitals in unvaccinated pockets of the country to the brim.

“We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers,” Biden said Thursday in announcing the plan. “We’re going to reduce the spread of Covid-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America.”

The multipronged approach affects hundreds of public and private companies and tens of millions of American workers. It mandates vaccines and eliminates testing options for federal government employees, including those in the health-care sector, and calls for stiff penalties for those who don’t comply.

When workers at The Med Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky chose to defy the mandates, their livelihood was attacked. Last month, hospital workers staged a massive protest against the forced injections. The hospital gave employees until August 1 to get stuck. Employees who chose to make their own decisions regarding their health found themselves unable to log in:

“The Medical Center in BG, KY was trying to quietly put over 350 out of a job without resignation or termination for not getting the vaccine,” one employee writes on Facebook. Ale Minnicks posted a video that shows her and a coworker being forced to leave.

“You’re going to have to leave. We need your badge and we need you to leave,” security can be heard telling Minnicks in the video. “There was a choice, you chose not to take the vaccine,” the head of security says.

Unfortunately, we can expect a lot more of this. Anyone who exercises their right to make their own healthcare decisions without government involvement will find themselves being bashed in the heads with government involvement. Families will stave, but at least the Democrats will be appeased.

Recently, Joe Biden did something he assured Americans would no happen: he instituted a vaccine mandate that targets a wide range of employers and employees. Biden’s mandate forces all federal employees and employees of private employers with more than 100 employees to get vaccinated — or else. But many GOP Governors vow to defy Biden’s “unconstitutional” vaccine mandates.

“We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden said in announcing his vaccine tyranny. The unvaccinated “can cause a lot of damage, and they are,” Biden says. His mandate could affect as many as 100 million Americans. Fortunately, not everyone is taking this lying down. GOP governors are standing up to Biden in any way they can.

“The President has no authority to require that Americans inject themselves because of their employment at a private business. The vaccine itself is life-saving, but this unconstitutional move is terrifying,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves says. “This is still America, and we still believe in freedom from tyrants.”

““South Dakota will stand up to defend freedom,” says South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, who tells Biden, “See you in court.”

“I will pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration,” vows Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

“This is exactly the kind of big government overreach we have tried so hard to prevent in Arizona — now the Biden-Harris administration is hammering down on private businesses and individual freedoms in an unprecedented and dangerous way,” says Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. “This will never stand up in court. “This dictatorial approach is wrong, un-American and will do far more harm than good.”

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster calls the American Dream a “nightmare” under Biden and promises to “fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian.”

Many other Republican governors have joined the fight against vaccine mandates — but in the mean time, we will see families suffer if someone refuses to get the jab.

A war is being waged against people who exercise their freedom to choose how to protect the health of themselves and their families. While many worry about vaccine mandates, we forget another slightly lower level of tyranny imposed on us by leftists: mask mandates. We have spent the last year forced to cover our faces if we wanted to so much as buy groceries. If we failed to do so, we were ostracized and mocked. Now, mask mandates are making a comeback — and Biden just doubled TSA fines for maskless passengers.

When most people think of the TSA, they think of flying. While the TSA is of course heavily involved in security for flights, they also control trains, buses, and other public transportation. Passengers already face fines if they try to board anything TSA-controlled without a mask, but now those fines are doubling to $500 to $1,000 for the first offense. And if you defy the pro-mask crowd a second time, you could be out $1,000 to $3,000.

Biden announced the new fines Thursday, saying that “If you break the rules, be prepared to pay.” Biden cited the new Delta variant, which is being used to justify mask and vaccine mandates across the country. Biden also pushed vaccine mandates:

So, tonight, I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees, that together employ over 80 million workers, to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once a week.

Some of the biggest companies are already requiring this: United Airlines, Disney, Tysons Food, and even Fox News.

The bottom line: We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers.  We’re going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America.

My plan will extend the vaccination requirements that I previously issued in the healthcare field.  Already, I’ve announced, we’ll be requiring vaccinations that all nursing home workers who treat patients on Medicare and Medicaid, because I have that federal authority.

Dark times are coming. The concept of individual freedom is about to be tested in ways we have not yet seen in America. The TSA, the White House, the House of Representatives — they’re just the beginning. It’s up to us to ensure that, yes, we make sure we are protected from this virus — but that we also preserve our rights to protect our health and that of our loved ones in a way that we feel is best.