( – Moving as expeditiously as he could on Christmas Eve Eve, while most of the mainstream media had already headed out for a long holiday weekend, former President Donald J. Trump asked the United States Supreme Court to intervene and stop the United States House of Representatives Select Committee that is investigating what took place at the United States Capitol Complex on January 6th from obtaining records about his actions that day.

According to CNBC:

“Former President Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to block a demand for White House records from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot by a mob of Trump supporters.

“The request came two weeks after two lower courts rejected Trump’s argument that the records are protected by executive privilege, a legal doctrine that allows some White House communications to be kept private.

“President Joe Biden had declined to invoke privilege over the disputed documents.” [emphasis added]

In addition to the filing with the Supreme Court, Trump issued a statement, saying, in part, “The people being persecuted by the January 6th Unselect Committee should simply tell the truth, that they are angry about the RIGGED Presidential Election of 2020…”

This is a breaking news report, and we will monitor the United States Supreme Court to see if they take up the case.

By law, the court is not required to accept Trump’s petition. However, legal experts and court watchers say they’d be surprised if the court didn’t take the case.

Russia’s totalitarian government believes its coronavirus vaccine is effective.  Russian scientists and government officials alike are adamant their COVID-19 vaccine generates the antibodies necessary to combat the coronavirus.  However, scientists throughout the United States and other nations are raising red flags, insisting there are serious doubts as to whether Russia’s coronavirus vaccine defeats the virus.

Russia’s Findings are “Improbable”

Several scientists from labs across the globe insist the results from Russia’s study of its coronavirus vaccine are questionable.  The scientists insist the findings are improbable.  The vaccine findings were recently published in the medical journal known as Lancet.  Researchers have sounded alarms as numerous study participants have exactly the same number of antibodies after receiving the vaccine.  This finding makes the data presented by Russian scientists quite concerning.  In fact, Enrico Bucci, a professor at Temple University, wrote an open letter stating such.  The letter was signed by a dozen other scientists.

The Russian Government is Moving Forward Despite Concerns From the International Community

Though the international scientific community is certainly worried about the potential dangers presented by the Russian vaccine rushed into use, it is quite clear the Russian government will move forward with the vaccine.  Russian officials have approved the vaccine shot for use after the initial results detailed above were released. 

However, most other industrialized countries require that vaccines be more thoroughly tested and cleared before they are administered to the general public.  Though Bucci shared his letter with those who made the vaccine in an attempt to conduct a scientific discussion, it appears as though Russia’s scientific community will continue to administer the vaccine to the public.

Russia Insists the Data has not Been manipulated

The Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology are adamant the coronavirus vaccine data was not manipulated in any way.  The data that has been published is completely accurate and reliable.  Furthermore, these groups insist nearly half a dozen reviewers analyzed the data in an objective manner.  These groups insist a comprehensive clinical protocol was reviewed by the journal’s editorial office. 

The vaccine, referred to as Sputnik V, in reference to the first-ever artificial satellite launched into Space by the Soviet Union, will likely be administered to the vast majority of the country’s populace in the days, weeks and months to come.

Mexico Wants the Vaccine Mexico’s government has purchased more than 30 million Sputnik V doses from the Russian Direct Investment Fund.  The vaccine is scheduled to be delivered in November.  However, Phase III testing just commenced this week.  This phase of the testing includes 40,000 volunteers who will receive the vaccine across the next six months.  Russia will commence vaccination with its frontline health workers and gradually segue to the remainder of the public as time progresses.  Stay tuned.  The results of Russia’s vaccine will certainly prove quite interesting.

To the surprise of Democrats across the land, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Senator Chuck Schumer are pushing for tax cuts for their wealthy comrades.  This is quite concerning considering the fact that Pelosi and Schumer claim to be advocates for the less fortunate. 

Schumer and Pelosi Favor Tax Cuts for Those at the Top

It is hard to believe Schumer and Pelosi are pushing tax cuts for the wealthy when they claim to stand for the exact opposite.  The two prominent politicians and their fellow Democrats are fiercely advocating for a nearly $140 billion tax cut for the wealthiest Americans.  In fact, even Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden is pushing for the gigantic tax cut for the wealthy.  The trio is adamant that the $10,000 cap on local and state tax deductions should be eliminated.  This deduction is commonly referred to as the SALT deduction.

The common leftist argument about minimizing the SALT deduction is that it essentially equates to a considerable tax hike on the wealthy, especially in jurisdictions where taxes are comparably high.  Examples include San Francisco and New York City, both of which are the political bases of Pelosi and Schumer.  The limited SALT deductions has hit the pockets of wealthy Democrats harder than most assume.  In fact, some such well-off leftists packed up their belongings and headed south for red and purple states such as Florida. 

New York has a Tax Problem

The flight of the wealthy away from liberal bastions to save on taxes has proven especially common in New York state.  The Empire State’s uber-progressive tax code puts the brunt of the tax burden on a small number of taxpayers.  A small percentage of hardworking New Yorkers carry the tax load for the rest, funding nearly the entirety of both local and state governments. 

Let’s crunch the numbers to better understand the tax situation in New York State.  The much-maligned 1% of our society earns $700,000 or more per year.  These individuals have paid around 44% of all income taxes in the Empire State both inside New York City limits and outside.  However, as time progress, more and more of these wealthy individuals flee to states such as Nevada, Texas and Florida where the taxes are considerably low.

The fallout from the exodus of the wealthy will either be a reduction in the state’s budget or a bump up in taxes on the middle class.  Rather than reform the state’s tax policies, Governor Cuomo complained that the federal government should continue to subsidize taxes.

The Solution is Obvious

It is time for liberal bastions such as New York state to reduce the tax burden on the wealthy.  However, limousine liberals refuse to make their tax rates more competitive.  While Pelosi and Schumer are now pushing for tax reductions on the wealthy, the likes of Andrew Cuomo refuse to budge from their position even the slightest bit.  However, if we could listen to closed door conversations between the likes of Cuomo and Pelosi, we would likely hear that Cuomo is also in favor of tax cuts on his wealthy friends yet would never admit it publicly.  Stay tuned.  The tax situation in America’s most liberal cities will prove even more dire and dramatic in the months and years to come.  Something has to give.

With less than 55 days left until the Presidential election, it is becoming increasingly clear Joe Biden does not want to campaign as frequently as he should.  In fact, early voting commences in les than 10 days in three states, exactly 10 days in Virginia and New Jersey and less than two weeks in Vermont and Michigan.  Joe Biden has plans to travel to Michigan to explain how he will set the stage for American workers to ensure the country’s future is great.  However, beyond this appearance, it is not clear if Biden will campaign anywhere else.

Biden’s Campaign is Poised to Come to an Abrupt Halt

A couple days ago, the Biden campaign oddly called a lid, indicating no additional public appearances would be made.  Though Biden visited Harrisburg, PA earlier this week to speak at an AFL-CIO event, it appears as though Biden will spend the majority of his time between the end of the week and the election in his basement.  It is particularly interesting that Biden spent this past weekend visiting the graveyard where his daughter, son and former wife are buried instead of publicly campaigning. 

Virtual Events are Still in Play

Biden spoke on the economy this past Friday and transitioned to hosting a virtual fundraiser.  It appears as though Biden’s virtual fundraisers will continue in the weeks and months ahead leading up to the election.  However, it is quite concerning that a Presidential candidate has essentially become a hermit, refusing to attend public events in the two months leading up to the election. 

It is quite clear Biden’s campaign is concerned about the nearly 80-year-old Biden interacting with people.  As a result, the gigantic rallies characteristic of presidential campaigns will not be held.  The lack of activity leading up to the election day is likely to hurt Biden in the polls, possibly to the point that he loses the election to President Trump.

Biden’s Campaign Schedule Juxtaposed With Hillary Clinton’s

If you are questioning whether Biden’s campaign schedule is not as light as portrayed by the media, consider the fact that Hillary Clinton attended events and rallies in seven major cities in a mere five days back in 2016 when campaigning for the Presidency.  In fact, it was later revealed Clinton was suffering from walking pneumonia during the campaign.

Biden’s lack of activity presents a fantastic opportunity for President Trump to attack him as physically weak and unfit for the presidency.  It is clear Biden’s health, stamina and mental abilities are lacking.  In other words, Biden is incapable of meeting the physical demands of the Presidency.  One has to wonder if Biden is incapable of campaigning at the same frequency as someone who was suffering from walking pneumonia, how will he be able to keep pace with the busy schedule of the highest office in the land?

President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The nomination is the result of his work in boosting relations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel.  The nomination was reported by Fox News earlier this week.

Nomination Details

A Norwegian Parliament member, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, submitted Trump’s nomination.  The politician praised President Trump’s efforts for pushing for peace throughout the tumultuous Middle East as well as the rest of the globe.  In less than a week, there will be a signing ceremony to celebrate the Abraham Accord, a peace agreement between the UAE and Israel.  Israel will be represented by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Abdullah bin Zayed, the sibling of the UAE’s crown prince, is set to represent the country at the signing.

Tybring-Gjedde insists President Trump has done more to bring about peace between the two countries than other nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize.  Tybring-Gjedde made the comments to Fox News during an exclusive sit-down interview.  Tybring-Gjedde insists the Trump-led agreement between the two nations will prove to be monumentally important for the Middle East, potentially transforming it form a war-torn region into one where cooperation is the norm.  It is quite possible this agreement sets the stage for peace across poosterity throughout the entirety of the Middle East.

Tybring-Gjedde also points to President Trump’s vitally important role in promoting discussions between two parties that were previously divided by lengthy and highly-emotional conflicts.  Furthermore, Tybring-Gjedde heaped on the praise for President Trump, stating his withdrawal of troops from the Middle East has helped calm relations between the two countries.

Trump’s Peace Efforts are Contrasted With Obama’s

The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the international community for President Trump’s efforts to establish global peace are in contrast to former President Obama’s lack of effort.  Obama was criticized for doing very little to earn the honor President Trump is now nominated for.  In fact, Geir Lundestad, the prior secretary of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, states Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was actually a mistake. 

Tybring-Gjedde insists the committee is now on sure ground with the nomination of Trump.  In fact, Trump has broken a nearly 40-year streak of United States Presidents triggering a war or pushing the country into an international conflict in which blood is shed.  You have to go all the way back to Jimmy Carter to find a president with as clean of a track record as Trump.

An Unbiased Nomination

It is particularly interesting to note Tybring-Gjedde is not a significant Trump supporter yet he praises the President’s efforts.  Tybring-Gjedde insists the committee will examine the facts and judge him on that specific information as opposed to the manner in which he behaves on Twitter.  Furthermore, it is quite interesting to point out the fact that those who have received the Prize in prior years have done significantly less than Trump.  As noted above, Barack Obama did very little to win the Prize.

Kamala Harris has not made as many media appearances as most political pundits expected after she was named as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential candidate.  It is quite clear that the Biden campaign is taking steps to minimize Harris’s exposure to the media s well as the public.  The question begs: why?  We have the answers.

Harris is not an Engaging Personality

Biden’s attempt to keep Harris concealed is clearly due to her lack of personality and charisma.  Furthermore, Harris has alienated middle-of-the-road voters.  In fact, some members of the black community view Harris as nothing more than a cop as she served as a District Attorney prior to becoming a Congresswoman. 

The Biden Campaign is not Telling the Truth

When questioned about Harris and Biden’s lack of public appearances, the Biden campaign has insisted it is due to a fear of the coronavirus.  However, President Trump has made numerous public appearances instead of hiding out in his basement as is the case with Biden.  Furthermore, there is a line of thought that if Harris were interviewed at the appropriate frequency, such exposure would overshadow Biden who rarely leaves his home. 

Harris’s Lack of Visibility is Becoming a Major Problem

If Harris remains somewhat secluded all the way up until the election, the voting public will begin to question whether she and Biden are worthy of a vote.  In short, the voting public does not know Harris very well.  Harris’s lack of speeches and interviews reveals there is no coherent campaign message.  Nor is there an organized and meaningful policy pertaining to the virus.  It appears as though the Biden campaign is simply hoping Trump makes enough mistakes in the next couple months to steer the public just far enough to the left for a democratic victory.

Harris is Struggling in her Home State of California

It is rare that a politician with the experience and stature of Harris struggles to win favor amongst voters in her home state.  However, this appears to be the case as Harris lacks popularity with California voters.  Harris was polling under 10% in California when she exited the presidential primary earlier this year.

In other words, hardly anyone is passionate about Harris’s character or plans for the country’s future.  This does not bode well for basement-dwelling Joe as we are less than two months away from the Presidential election.  If Harris does not ramp up her appearances, interviews and speeches, she just might help President Trump win re-election.

Starting in 2024, movies must adhere to quotas pertaining to racial diversity in order to prove eligible for the Best Picture Oscar.  This is nothing short of ridiculous.  As an example, consider a film set in a Nordic country such as Finland where there are few racial minorities.  If such a film did not meet the new criteria for racial diversity, it would not be considered for an Oscar.  Thankfully, the new rule will not be implemented for another four years so there is still time to reverse it.

About the Quotas

The quotas for racial diversity set standards that each film must meet in order to receive consideration for the Best Picture Oscar.  Two of the four categories must be adhered to in order for eligibility for the coveted award.  These categories are as follows: Audience Development, Industry Access and Opportunities, Creative leadership and Project Team and Onscreen Representation, Themes and Narratives.  This is concerning as recent Best Picture Oscar nominees such as the Irishman and 1917 would not have met the new racial diversity standards. 

The quota criteria states a minimum of one lead actor or significant supporting actor be from an ethnic group or racial group that is underrepresented.  Furthermore, 30% of the actors in secondary and comparably minor roles must be from specific underrepresented groups.  Alternatively, the primary storyline, narrative or theme must highlight an underrepresented group.

Industry Access and Opportunities

This standard mandates the major studios and distributors have significant ongoing paid apprenticeships or internships that include underrepresented racial groups. 

Audience Development

This benchmark mandates the studio has several in-house senior executives.  These executives must be from specific underrepresented racial groups. 

Creative Leadership and Project Team

This standard requires that a minimum of two creative leadership positions along with the heads of department are filled by individuals in underrepresented racial groups.  Furthermore at least half a dozen additional crew positions are to be filled by individuals who belong to underrepresented racial groups.  Examples of such positions include script supervisor, gaffer and AD. 

Additional Information

The standards for racial inclusion as detailed above are not applicable to other Oscar categories.  Furthermore, the standards will not be implemented until 2024.  Filmmakers must submit inclusion standards in 2022 and 2023 yet will not be forced to meet the standards until ’24.  The purpose of these new standards is to boost the representation of racial minorities with the hope of better reflecting the racial makeup of the viewing audience.

In reality, these racial quotas are nothing but a push for political correctness that will reduce the quality of entertainment on the silver screen.  It will be interesting to see if casting directors and studio heads throughout Hollywood adhere to the quotas defined above or if they simply bypass them, squaring their focus on making the best movies possible regardless of whether racial diversity standards are met.

President Trump is making waves for his comments insinuating China will emerge victorious if Joe Biden were to win the Presidency.  After all, President Trump has not won favor with the Chinese in recent years.  It has been reported Chinese influencers and secret agents are manipulating social media and other media content to help Joe Biden beat President Trump in the November election.

Trump’s Statement

President Trump recently stated a Biden win is a China win – it is as simple as that.  The President went on to state a Biden win would essentially surrender the future of American children to nations like China.  The statements were made during a Winston-Salem, North Carolina campaign rally earlier this week.  Trump even went as far as stating China “badly” wants Joe Biden to win the Presidency.

Biden has a Questionable Track Record

President Trump tore into Biden throughout the remainder of the campaign rally in Winston-Salem, insisting Biden has a track record of passing policies that empower businesses to offshore jobs, many of which pay a living wage along with benefits.  Furthermore, Biden has loosened restrictions on the country’s borders, sending that many more Americans to fight in pointless wars.  It is important to note President Trump is the only President in the past four decades not to start a foreign war.

President Trump went on to contrast his record with that of Biden’s, stating he is running for re-election in an effort to keep American jobs right here at home rather than outsource them to third world nations where laborers are paid mere pennies. 

The President also went on to explain how he plans on putting more violent criminals in jail.  In short, President Trump’s goal is to guarantee the future is bright for America rather than China and other totalitarian countries that do not value democracy.

The Free Trade Issue is Particularly Important

Perhaps the highlight of Trumps’ campaign rally was when he spoke of Biden’s support for trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that exported American jobs to those willing to work for a fraction of the typical American’s wage.  Furthermore, Biden also supported permitting China’s entry into  the World Trade Organization or WTO for short.  In other words, Biden claims to be an ally of the workingman yet has sabotaged America’s hard workers for decades.