Armed BLM Thugs Hospitalize Brave Man Who Stood Up To Them

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The “peaceful and tolerant Left” is at it again! Portland has been home to wanton destruction, burnings, violence, and more ever since BLM and Antifa started “fighting for justice” in the form of riots. Now, leftist mobs have hurt yet another innocent person.

Joseph Hall was headed home from a long work day, he found himself in a standoff with a violent mob that had closed down roads as part of their “protest”:

While he was driving home, Hall says a moped cut him off. A man with a handheld radio told him to stop. Hall says another vehicle blocked his path. “All of a sudden I have three or four people around me,” he claims, adding that some members of the group pointed rifles at him. . Hall told The Oregonian what happened:

Hall said he grabbed hold of a non-lethal handgun that can shoot hard pellets to try to get the people to clear the way and hadn’t realized there was a march until people circled his truck. He said he heard a woman outside on a megaphone yelling at the crowd to let him go, but the people continued to block his truck and call him a “Nazi.”

“They’re screaming and yelling at me, claiming I was out there trying to run people over. That’s when I discovered a march was going on,” he said. “I was trapped. A vehicle in front of me trapped me in. I couldn’t go forward or around.”

Hall is seen on video standing outside the driver’s seat of his red pickup, his door open, holding the firearm, while a man standing in the street points a rifle at him at North Alberta Street and Michigan Avenue. Hall can be heard yelling: “You have about five seconds to lower that weapon,” as others respond that his truck is a weapon.

Hall said he stepped out of his pickup and someone snatched the keys from the truck. When he went around to the back of the truck, he said several people in the crowd remained hostile and pointed handguns and rifles at him. He said he then pulled his .38-caliber pistol from his pants and headed into the fray.

“I’m trained in the military to walk towards the threat and fight your way through the threat,” said Hall. He said he served in the U.S. Marines and U.S. Army and has a concealed weapons permit out of Columbia County.

After Hall drew his weapon in self-defense, he was savagely beaten by the mob. You can see him shoved, tackled, kicked, punched, and more by the violent mob. His gun was stolen. Other firearms and tools were stolen from his truck. Here is video of the attack:

The Portland Police Bureau offered additional details on the attack:

“People in the crowd broke out their vehicle windows, damaged tires, and sprayed them with some kind of irritant near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street. Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street,” the Portland Police said, but did not report any arrests stemming from the incidents.”

Hall ended up hospitalized from this unprovoked attack with a collapsed lung, multiple fractured vertebrae, a broken collar bone, numerous broken ribs, and a head injury. Nevertheless, he says, “I stood my ground and I would do it all over again.”

“I’m done, I’m done working in Portland,” Hall says. “I’m shutting my business down and I’m probably not going to be coming back.”

This is the Left in their purest form. After all the beautiful words are spoken, the only thing they fall back on consistently is violence.

Samantha is a proud patriot living in central Pennsylvania. She is a mother of three, a lifelong Christian, and the wife of a soldier who is currently defending our country from evil.

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